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Level Adjustment - LG WD-12270BD Owner's Manual

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Level adjustment

1. Adjusting the washing machine level
properly prevents excessive noise and
Install the appliance on a solid and level
floor surface, preferably in a corner of
the room.
2. If the floor is uneven, adjust the
adjustable feet as required. (Do not
insert pieces of wood etc. under the feet)
Make sure that all four feet are stable
and resting on the floor and then check
that the appliance is perfectly level.
(Use a spirit level)
❊ After the washer is level, tighten the lock
nuts up towards of the base of the
washer. All lock nuts must be tightened.
Diagonal Check
When pushing down the edges of the
washing machine top plate diagonally, the
machine should not move up and down at
all. (Please, check both of two directions)
If machine rocks when pushing the machine
top plate diagonally, adjust the feet again.


Table of Contents

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