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Care Before Washing - LG WD-12270BD Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
are before washing
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the
IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance.
1. Fabric Care Labels
Look for a care label on your clothes. This will tell you about the fabric content of your
garment and how it should be washed.
2. Sorting
To get the best results, sort clothes into loads that can be washed with the same wash
Different fabrics need to be washed in different ways.
Always sort dark colors from pale colors and whites. Wash separately as dye and lint
transfer can occur causing discoloration of white clothing. If possible, do not wash
heavily soiled items with lightly soiled ones.
Soil (Heavy, Normal, Light)
Color (White, Lights, Darks)
Lint (Lint Producers, Collectors)
3. Check before loading
Combine large and small items in a load. Load large items first.
Large items should not be more than half the total wash load.
Do not wash single items. This may cause an out-of-balance load. Add one or two similar
NOTE: Do not wash or spin water-proof clothes.
Separate clothes according to amount of soil.
Separate white fabrics from colored fabrics.
Wash lint producers and lint collectors separately.
• Check all the pockets to make sure that they
are empty. Things such as clip, matches,
pens, coins, and keys can damage both your
washer and your clothes.
• Close zippers, hooks, and strings to make
sure that these items do not snag on other
• Pretreat dirt and stains by brushing a little
detergent dissolved in water onto stains like
collars and cuffs to help lift dirt.


Table of Contents

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