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LG WD-12270BD Owner's Manual page 7

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Table of Contents
Installation clearances
The location must be large enough to fully open
the washer door.
Washer dimensions
• Most installations require a minimum
10 cm clearance behind the washer.
Minimum installation spacing for
recessed area installation.
The following dimensions shown are for
the minimum spacing allowed.
Additional spacing should be considered
for installation and servicing.
• Additional clearances might be required
for wall, door and floor moldings.
• Additional spacing of 2.5 cm on all
sides of the washer is recommended to
reduce noise transfer.
Companion appliance spacing should also be
98.3 cm
75.6 cm
[Vista lateral]
2.5 cm
68.6 cm
[Vista frontal]
Level floor
• Allowable slope under entire
washer is 1°.
• To minimize noise and vibration,
the washer MUST be installed
on a solidly constructed floor.
• Wood floors may need to be
reinforced to reduce noise and
• Carpeting and soft tile surfaces are
not recommended.
• Never install the washer on a
platform or weakly supported
Power outlet
Must be within 1.5 m of either side of
the washer. Do not overload the
outlet with more than one appliance.
2.5 cm


Table of Contents

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