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Spin Speed - LG WD-12270BD Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
ow to use washer
(1) Button : Power
(2) Dial : Program
(3) Button : Start/Pause
6. Wash/Rinse Temperature
• Select a water temperature based on the type
of load you are washing.
• Follow the fabric care label and chart below for
best results.
Suggested Wash Temp.
Extra Hot
167°F (75°C)
122°F (50°C)
104°F (40°C)
77°F (25°C)
• Warm rinses leave the loads dryer than cold
rinses. Warm rinses increase wrinkling.
• In cold climates, a warm rinse makes the load
more comfortable to handle.
• Cold rinses save energy.
• The Cold rinse temperatures depend on the
cold water at your faucet.
• Warm rinses are regulated at approximately
86°F (30°C).
• For the Tap Cold/Cold setting, both wash and
rinse temperatures depend on the cold water at
your faucet.
(4) Button : Delay Wash
(5) Button : Custom Program
(6) Button : Wash/Rinse Temp.
Kitchen towels, sheets,
and baby garments
Whites and Heavy
soiled color-fast items
Most loads
Brightly colored items,
washable woolens
(7) Button : Spin Speed
(8) Button : Soil Level
(9) Button : Beeper
(10) Option

7. Spin speed

• To change the spin speed, press the Spin
Speed button repeatedly to cycle through
available options.
• To start Drain/Spin cycle:
1. Press Power(
) button to turn on.
2. Press Spin Speed button only.
3. Press Start/Pause(
8. Soil Level
• To change the soil level, press the Soil
Level button repeatedly until the desired
setting is on.
9. Beeper
• Press repeatedly to adjust the volume of
the Beeper.
) button.


Table of Contents

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