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How To Use Washer; Delay Wash; Custom Program - LG WD-12270BD Owner's Manual

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Table of Contents
ow to use washer
1. Power (
• Use this button to turn the Power On/Off.
2. Cycles
• Rotate the Cycle selector knob to
select cycle designed for different types
of fabric and soil levels.
• Each cycle has a preset Water
Temperature, Spin Speed, Soil Level,
and Option.
See the page 13.
• The preset settings can be changed
anytime before Start.
3. Start/Pause (
• Use this button to start/stop the washer.

4. Delay Wash

• Allows the start of any cycle to be
delayed for 1~12 hours.
• Choose the wash cycle for your load,
and then press the Delay Wash button
once for one hour or press the button
again to increase the delay wash time up
to 12 hours in one hour increments.

5. Custom program

• Custom Program allows you to store a
customized wash cycle for future use.
• To make a Custom Program:
1. Select a cycle.
2. Select Wash/Rinse Temperature,
Spin Speed, and Soil Level.
3. Select other desired Options.
4. Press and hold Custom Program button
3 seconds (2 beep sounds).
5. Press Start/Pause (
The Custom program is now stored for
future use. To reuse the program,
select Custom Program and press
Start/Pause (


Table of Contents

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