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Safety Precautions; General Precautions; Protective Equipment - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Intended use
Power chain saws
This power chain saw may be used only for sawing wood out of doors.
It is intended for the followung uses depending on its class:
Professional and mid-class: Use on small, medium and large
trees: felling, limb removal, cutting to length, thinning.
Hobbyklasse: Occasional use on small trees, fruit-tree care,
felling, limb removal, cutting to length.
Unauthorised users:
Persons who are not familiar with the Instruction Manual, children,
young people, and persons under the inß uence of drugs, alcohol
or medication must not use this saw.

General precautions

To ensure correct operation the user has to read this instruc-
tion manual to make himself familiar with the charac teristics
of the chain saw. Users insufÞ ciently informed will endanger
themselves as well as others due to improper handling.
It is recommended to lend the chain saw only to people who
are experienced in working with chain saws. Always hand over
the instruction manual.
First users should ask the dealer for basic instructions to become
familiarized with the characteristics of engine powered sawing
or even attend a recognized course of instruction.
Children and young persons aged under 18 years must not be
allowed to operate the chain saw. Persons over the age of 16
years may, however, use the chain saw for the purpose of being
trained as long as they are under the supervision of a qualiÞ ed
Use chain saws always with the utmost care and attention.
Operate the chain saw only if you are in good physical condition.
If you are tired, your attention will be reduced. Be especially
careful at the end of a working day. Perform all work calmly and
carefully. The user has to accept liability for others.
Never use the chain saw after having consumed alcohol, drugs
or medication.
A Þ re extinguisher must be available in the immediate vicinity
when working in easily inß ammable vegetation or when it has
not rained for a long time (danger of Þ re).

Protective equipment

In order to avoid head, eye, hand or foot injuries as well as
to protect your hearing the following protective equipment
must be used during operation of the chain saw:
The kind of clothing should be appropriate, i. e. it should be
tight-Þ tting but not be a hindrance. Do not wear jewellery
or clothing which could become entangled with bushes or
shrubs. If you have long hair, always wear a hairnet!
It is necessary to wear a protective helmet whenever working
with the chain saw. The protective helmet (1) is to be checked
in regular intervals for damage and is to be replaced after 5
years at the latest. Use only approved protective helmets.
The face shield (2) of the protective helmet (or the goggles)
protects against sawdust and wood chips. During operation of
the chain saw always wear a goggle or a face shield to prevent
eye injuries.
Wear adequate noise protection equipment (ear muffs (3),
ear plugs, etc.). Octave brand analysis upon request.
The safety jacket (4) is provided with special signal-coloured
shoulder straps and is comfortable and easy to care for.
The protective brace and bib overall (5) is made of a nylon
fabric with 22 layers and protects against cuts. We strongly
recommend its use.
Protective gloves (6) made of thick leather are part of the
prescribed equipment and must always be worn during
operation of the chain saw.
During operation of the chain saw safety shoes or safety
boots (7) Þ tted with anti skid sole, steel toe caps and pro-
tection for the leg must always to be worn. Safety shoes
equipped with a protective layer provide protection against
cuts and ensure a secure footing.



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