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Starting The Engine; Cold Start; Warm Start; Stopping The Engine - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Starting the engine

Start the chain saw only after having assembled it com-
pletely and inspected.
Move at least 3m away from the place where you fuelled the
Make sure you have a good footing, and place the saw on the
ground in such a way that the chain is not touching anything.
Engage the chain brake (lock).
Hold the tubular handle tightly with one hand and press the
chain saw to the ground.
Steady the right foot by standing in the rear handle.
Pull the choke (1) out until it audibly clicks. This simultaneously
actuates the half-throttle lock.
Move the I/STOP ignition switch (3) as shown by the arrow.
Slowly pull out the starter cable until you notice resistance (the
piston is positioned before the top dead centre).
Push the starting valve (2) (option).
Now pull the starter cable with a fast and forceful movement
until you hear the Þ rst ignition.
CAUTION: Do not pull out the starter cable more than approx.
50 cm, and lead it back by hand.
Push the starting valve (2) (option).
Depress the choke (1) and pull the starter cable again. As
soon as the engine is running, grasp the rear handle (this actu-
ates the grip safety (5)) and tap the throttle (6). This will release
the half-throttle lock and the engine will run in idle.
CAUTION: As soon as the engine is started it must be put
in idle to prevent the chain brake from being damaged.
Now release the chain brake.
Warm starting:
As described for cold starting, except before starting pull the
choke (1) all the way out and back in one time, in order to ac-
tivate the half-throttle lock.

Stopping the engine

Move the I/STOP ignition switch to
the "STOP" position.

Checking the chain brake

Do not work with the chain saw without Þ rst checking the
chain brake!
Start the engine as described (make sure you have a good
footing, and place the chain saw on the ground in such a way
that the guide bar is free of contact).
Grasp the tubular handle Þ rmly with one hand and hold the grip
with the other.
With the engine running at moderate speed, press the
hand guard (7) in the direction of the arrow with the back of
your hand until the chain brake engages. The chain should
stop immediately.
Immediately release the throttle and release the chain brake.
IMPORTANT: If the chain does not stop immediately when
you test the chain brake, do NOT use the chain saw. Take
the chain saw to a MAKITA service center.



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