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Fuels - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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This saw is powered by mineral-oil products (gasoline and
Be especially careful when handling gasoline .
Do not smoke. Keep tool well away from open ß ames, spark,
or Þ re (explosion hazard).
Fuel mixture
This tool is powered by a high-performance air-cooled two-stroke
engine. It runs on a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke engine
The engine is designed for unleaded regular gasoline with a
min. octane value of 91 ROZ. In case no such fuel is available,
you can use fuel with a higher octane value. This will not affect
the engine.
In order to obtain an optimum engine output and to protect
your health and the environment use unleaded fuel only.
To lubricate the engine, use a synthetic oil for two-stroke air-
cooled engines (quality grade JASO FC or ISO EGD), which
has to be added to the fuel. The engine has been designed for
use of MAKITA high-performance two-stroke engine oil and a
mixture ratio of only 50:1 to protect the environment. In addi-
tion, a long service life and reliable operation with a minimum
emission of exhaust gases are ensured.
MAKITA high-performance two-stroke engine oil is available in
the following sizes to suit your individual requirements:
order number 980 008 607
100 ml
order number 980 008 606
In case MAKITA high-performance two-stroke engine oil is not
available, it is urgently recommended to use a mixture ratio of
50:1 with other two-stroke engine oils, as otherwise optimum
operation of the engine cannot be guaranteed.
Caution: Do not use ready-mixed fuel from petrol
The correct mixture ratio:
when using MAKITA high-performance two-stroke engine
oil, i. e. mix 50 parts gasoline with 1 part oil.
when using other synthetic two-stroke engine oils
(quality grade JASO FC or ISO EGD), i. e. mix 50 parts
gasoline with 1 part oil.
For preparing the fuel-oil mixture Þ rst mix the entire oil quan-
tity with half of the fuel required, then add the remaining fuel.
Chain oil
Use an oil with adhesive additive for lubricating the chain and
guide bar. The adhesive additive prevents the oil from being
ß ung off the chain too quickly.
We recommend the use of chain oil which is bio-degradable in
order to protect the environment. The use of bio-degradable oil
may even be required by local regulations.
The chain oil BIOTOP sold by MAKITA is made of special
vegetable oils and is 100% bio-degradable. BIOTOP has been
granted the „blue angel" (Blauer Umweltschutz-Engel) for being
particularly environment-friendly (RAL UZ 48).
1000 cm
(1 litre)
5000 cm
(5 litres)
10000 cm
(10 litres)
Thoroughly shake the mixture before Þ lling it into the
chain saw tank.
It is not wise to add more engine oil than speciÞ ed
to ensure safe operation. This will only result in a
higher production of combus-tion residues which
will pollute the environment and clog the exhaust
channel in the cylinder as well as the mufß er. In
addition, fuel consumption will rise and perform-
ance will decrease.
The Storage of Fuel
Fuels have a limited storage life. Fuel and fuel mixtures
age through evaporation, especially at high tempera-
tures. Aged fuel and fuel mixtures can cause starting
problems and damage the engine.Purchase only that
amount of fuel, which will be consumed over the next
few months. At high temperatures, once fuel has been
mixed it should be used up in 6-8 weeks.
Store fuel only in proper containers, in dry, cool,
secure locations!
Mineral oil products degrease your skin. If your skin
comes in contact with these substances repeatedly
and for an extended period of time, it will desiccate.
Various skin deseases may result. In addition, allergic
reactions are known to occur.
Eyes can be irritated by contact with oil. If oil comes into
your eyes, immediately wash them with clear water.
If your eyes are still irritated, see a doctor immedi-
BIOTOP chain oil is available in the following sizes:
1 l
order number 980 008 610
5 l
order number 980 008 611
Bio-degradable oil is stable only for a limited period of
time. It should be used within 2 years from the date of
manufacture (printed on the container).
20 cm
20 cm
100 cm
100 cm
200 cm
200 cm



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