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Transport And Storage; Maintenance; First Aid - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Transport and storage

When changing your location during work switch off the chain
saw and actuate the chain brake in order to prevent an inad-
vertent start of the chain.
Never carry or transport the chain saw with the chain run-
When transporting the chain saw over long distances the guide
bar protection cover (delivered with the chain saw) must be
Carry the chain saw with the tubular handle. The guide bar
points backwards (20). Avoid coming in contact with the mufß er
(danger of burns).
Ensure safe positioning of the chain saw during car trans-
portation to avoid fuel or chain oil leakage.
Store the chain saw safely in a dry place. It must not be stored
outdoors. Keep the chain saw away from children.
Before storing the chain saw over a long period of time or ship-
ping it the fuel and oil tanks must be completely emptied.


Before performing maintenance work switch off the chain
saw (21) and pull out the plug cap.
Before starting work always check the operating safety of the
chain saw, in particular the function of the chain brake. Make
sure that the chain is always sharpened and tightened cor-
rectly (22).
Operate the chain saw only at a low noise and emission level.
For this ensure the carburetor is adjusted correctly.
Regularly clean the chain saw.
Regularly check the tank cap for tightness.
Observe the accident prevention instructions issued by
trade associations and insurance companies. Do not
perform any modiÞ cations on the chain saw. You will put
your safety at risk.
Perform only the maintenance and repair works described in
the instruction manual. All other work must be carried out by
MAKITA Service.
Use only original MAKITA spare parts and accessories.
Using spare parts other than original MAKITA parts or ac-
cesories and guide bar/chain combinations or lengths which
are not approved bring a high risk of accidents. We cannot
accept any responsibility for accidents and damage resulting
from using sawing devices or accesories which have not been

First aid

For the event of a possible accident, please make sure that a
Þ rst aid kit is always immediately available close by. Immediately
replace any items used from the Þ rst aid box.
When calling for help, give the following information:
- Place of the accident
- What happened
- Number of injured people
- Kind of injuries
- Your name!
Individuals with poor circulation who are exposed to excessive
vibration may experience injury to blood vessels or the nervous
Vibration may cause the following symptoms to occur in the Þ n-
gers, hands or wrists: "Falling asleep" (numbness), tingling, pain,
stabbing sensation, alteration of skin colour or of the skin. If any
of these symptoms occur, see a physician!



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