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Fuels / Refuelling; Putting Into Operation - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Fuels / Refuelling

Stop the engine before refuelling the chain saw.
Do not smoke or work near open Þ res (5).
Let the engine cool down before refuelling.
Fuels can contain substances similar to solvents. Eyes and skin
should not come in contact with mineral oil products. Always wear
protective gloves when refuelling. Frequently clean and change
protective clothes. Do not breathe in fuel vapors. Inhalation of
fuel vapours can be hazardous to your health.
Do not spill fuel or chain oil. When you have spilt fuel or oil im-
mediately clean the chain saw. Fuel should not come in contact
with clothes. If your clothes have come in contact with fuel,
change them ot once.
Ensure that no fuel or chain oil oozes into the soil (environmental
protection). Use an appropriate base.
Refuelling is not allowed in closed rooms. Fuel vapors will ac-
cumulate near the ß oor (explosion hazard).
Ensure to Þ rmly tighten the screw plugs of the fuel and oil
Change the place before starting the engine (at least 3 m from
the place of refuelling) (6).
Fuel cannot be stored for an unlimited period of time. Buy only
as much as will be consumed in the near future.
Use only approved and marked containers for the transport and
storage of fuel and chain oil. Ensure children have no access to
fuel or chain oil.

Putting into operation

Do not work on your own. Another person must be nearby
in case of emergencies (within shouting distance).
Ensure that there are no children or other people within the
working area. Pay attention to any animals in the working area,
as well (7).
Before starting work the chain saw must be checked for
perfect function and operating safety according to the pre-
Check especially the function of the chain brake, the correct
mounting of the guide bar, the correct sharpening and tighten-
ing of the chain, the Þ rm mounting of the sprocket guard, the
easy motion of the throttle lever and the function of the throttle
lever lock, the cleanliness and dryness of the handles, and the
function of the ON/OFF switch.
Put the chain saw only into operation if it is completely assembled.
Never use the chain saw when it is not completely assembled.
Before starting the chain saw ensure that you have a safe foot-
Put the chain saw into operation only as described in this instruc-
tion manual (8). Other starting methods are not allowed.
When starting the chain saw it must be well supported and
securely held. The guide bar and chain must not be in contact
with any object.
When working with the chain saw always hold it with both
hands. Take the back handle with the right hand and the tubu-
lar handle with the left hand. Hold the handles tightly with your
thumbs facing your Þ ngers.
CAUTION: When releasing the throttle lever the chain will
keep on running for a short period of time (free-wheeling).
Continuously ensure that you have a safe footing.
Hold the chain saw such that you will not breathe in the exhaust
gas. Do not work in closed rooms (danger of poisoning).
Switch off the chain saw immediately if you observe any
changes in its operating behavior.
The engine must be switched off before checking the chain
tension, tightening the chain, replacing it or clearing mal-
functions (9).
When the sawing device is hit by stones, nails or other hard
objects, switch off the engine immediately and check the
sawing device.
When stopping work or leaving the working place switch off
the chain saw (9) and put it down such that nobody is endan-
Do not put the overheated power chain saw in dry grass or on any
inß ammable objects. The mufß er is very hot (danger of Þ re).
CAUTION: Oil dropping from the chain or guide bar after hav-
ing stopped the saw chain will pollute the soil. Always use an
appropriate base.
● Maintenance
● Refuelling
● Sharpening the chain
3 meters
● Stopping work
● Transport
● Putting out of function



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