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Replacing The Starter Cable / Replacing The Return Spring - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Replacing the starter cable /
Replacing the return spring
Unscrew three screws (1).
Remove fan housing (2).
NOTE: The screws (1) are secured against falling out of the
CAREFUL! Injury hazard! Do not unscrew screw (5) if the
return spring is under tension.
If the starter cable is to be replaced although it is not broken,
it will be necessary to Þ rst de-tension the cable drum return
spring (3).
To do this, use the grip to pull the cable all the way out of the
fan housing.
Hold the cable drum with one hand, and with the other push the
cable into the space (4).
Carefully let the drum turn until the return spring is no longer
under tension.
Unscrew screw (5) and remove washer (6). Carefully remove
the cable drum.
CAREFUL! Injury hazard! The return spring can pop out!
Remove any cable pieces.
Thread a new cable (dia. 3.5 mm, length 980 mm) as shown
in the illustration (don't forget the washer (8)) and knot both
ends as shown.
Pull knot (9) into the cable drum (3).
Pull knot (10) into the starter grip (7).
Put the drum on its spindle and turn it slightly until the return
spring engages.
Screw in and tighten screw (5) and washer (6).
Guide the cable into the space (4) on the drum and use the
cable to turn the drum two turns clockwise.
Hold the cable drum with your left hand and with your right hand
untwist the cable, pull it tight and hold it.
Carefully release the cable drum. The spring will wind the cable
around the drum.
Repeat three or four times. The starter grip should now be held
upright on the fan housing.
NOTE: With the cable pulled all the way out, it must still be
possible to turn the pulley another 1/4 turn against the return
CAUTION: Danger of injury! Secure the cable grip when
pulled out! It will whip back if the cable pulley is released
by accident.
Replacing the return spring
Disassemble the fan housing and cable drum (see above).
CAUTION: Danger of injury! If the spring is broken it may
pop out!
Replacement return springs are supplied pretensioned in the
cable drum. CAUTION – the spring can pop out. If it does, it
can be put back in as shown in the drawing.
Before installation in the fan housing, lightly grease the new
return spring (11) with multipurpose grease (order no. 944 360
Install the cable drum and fan housing (see above).



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