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Maintenance Sharpening The Saw Chain - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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0.64 mm
3 mm (0.11")
Sharpening the saw chain
CAUTION: Before doing any work on the guide bar or chain,
always switch off the engine and pull the plug cap off the
spark plug (see „Replacing the spark plug"). Always wear
protective gloves!
The chain needs sharpening when:
The sawdust produced when sawing damp wood looks like
wood ß our.
The chain penetrates the wood only under great pressure.
The cutting edge is visibly damaged.
The saw is pulled to the left or right when sawing. This is caused
by uneven sharpening of the chain.
Important: Sharpen frequently, but without removing too
much metal!
Generally, 2 or 3 strokes of the Þ le will be enough.
Have the chain resharpened at a service centre when you have
already sharpened it yourself several times.
Proper sharpening:
CAUTION: Use only chains and guide bars designed for
0.64 mm
this saw (see the Extract from the spare-parts list)!
All cutters must be of the same length (dimension a). Cutters
with different lengths result in rough running of the chain and
can cause cracks in the chain.
The minimum cutter length: 3 mm. Do not resharpen the chain
when the minimum cutter length has been reached; at this point,
the chain must be replaced (see the Extract from the spare-parts
list and „Replacing the saw chain").
The depth of the cut is determined by the difference in height
between the depth limiter (round nose) and the cutting edge.
The best results are obtained with a depth-limiter depth of 0.64
mm (.025").
CAUTION: Excessive depth
increases the risk of kickback!
The sharpening angle of 25° must be identical for all cutters!
Different angles result in a roughly, irregularly running chain,
increase wear and tear and cause chain beakage.
The front rake 60° of the cutter results from the cut depth of
the round Þ le. If the proper Þ le is used in the right manner, the
correct front rake will be obtained automatically.



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