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Trouble Shooting; Troubleshooting - Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual

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Spare parts
Reliable long-term operation, as well as the safety of your chain saw, depend among other things on the quality of the spare parts
used. Use only original MAKITA parts, marked
Only original spare parts and accessories guarantee the highest quality in material, dimensions, function and safety.
Original spare parts and accessories can be obtained from your local dealer. He will also have the spare part lists to determine the
required spare part numbers, and will be constantly informed about the latest improvements and spare part innovations.
Please bear in mind that if parts other than original MAKITA spare parts are used, this will automatically invalidate the MAKITA
product guarantee.
MAKITA guarantees the highest quality and will therefore reimburse all costs for repair by replacement of damaged parts resulting
from material or production faults occurring within the guarantee period after purchase. Please note that in some countries particular
guarantee conditions may exist. If you have any questions, please contact your salesman, who is responsible for the guarantee of
the product.
Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused by:
Disregard of the instruction manual.
Non-performance of the required maintenance and cleaning.
Incorrect carburetor adjustment.
Normal wear and tear.
Obvious overloading due to permanent exceeding of the upper performance limits.
Use of guide bars and chains which have not been approved.
Use of guide bar and chain lengths which have not been approved.
Use of force, improper use, misuse or accidents.
Damage from overheating due to dirt on the fan housing.
Work on the chain saw by unskilled persons or inappropriate repairs.
Use of unsuitable spare parts or parts which are not original MAKITA parts, insofar as they have caused the damage.
Use of unsuitable or old oil.
Damage related to conditions arising from lease or rent contracts.
Damages caused by disregarding loose outer bolted connections.
Cleaning, servicing and adjustment work is not covered by the guarantee. All repairs covered by the guarantee must be performed
by a MAKITA service centre.

Trouble shooting

Chain does not run
Engine does not start or
only with difÞ culty
Warm start difÞ culties
Engine starts, but
dies immediately
InsufÞ cient power
No chain lubrication
Chain brake
Engine runs
Ignition system
Ignition spark
No ignition spark
Fuel supply
Fuel tank is Þ lled
Starter does not engage
Fuel tank is Þ lled
Ignition spark
Fuel supply
Fuel tank is Þ lled
Several systems
Engine is idling
may be involved
Oil tank/pump
No oil on the chain
Chain brake actuated.
Malfunction in fuel supply system, com-
pression system, mechanical malfunction.
Switch on STOP, fault or short-circuit in the
wiring, plug cap or spark plug defective.
Choke in wrong position, carburetor defective,
suction head dirty, fuel line bent or interrupted.
Cylinder base packing ring defective, radial
shaft packings defective, cylinder or piston rings
Spark plug does not seal.
Spring in starter broken, broken parts
inside the engine.
Wrong carburetor adjustment.
Wrong idling adjustment, suction head or
carburetor dirty. Tank venting defective, fuel
line interrupted, cable defective, STOP switch
defective. Starting valve dirty
Air Þ lter dirty, wrong carburetor adjust-
ment, mufß er clogged, exhaust channel in cylin-
der clogged, spark arrester screen clogged.
Oil tank empty.
Oil guide groove dirty.
Oil-pump adjusting screw incorrectly adjusted.



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