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Makita DCS6400 Instruction Manual page 21

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Files and how to work with them
Sharpen using a special Þ le holder with a saw chain round Þ le.
Normal round Þ les are not appropriate for this work. See „Ac-
cessories" for the order number.
File the Þ rst cutter half with a 5.5 mm dia. round saw-chain
Þ le, then switch to a 4.8 mm dia. Þ le.
The Þ le should cut only when pushed forwards (arrow). Lift the
Þ le when leading it backwards.
First sharpen the shortest cutter. The length of this cutter is then
the standerd for all other cutters of the chain.
New saw teeth must be Þ led to the exact same shape as the
used teeth, including on their running surfaces.
Always guide the Þ le horizontally (10
The Þ le holder makes Þ le guidance easier. It is marked for the
correct sharpening angle of 25° (keep the marks parallel with
the chain when Þ ling, see illustration) and limits the cut depth
to the correct 4/5 of the Þ le diameter. See „Accessories" for the
order number.
After having sharpened the chain, the height of the depth limiter
must be checked by means of a chain gauge. See „Accessories"
for the order number.
Correct even the smallest excess height with a special ß at
Þ le (1). See „Accessories" for the order number.
Round off the front of the depth limiter (2).
to the guide bar).



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