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Operation; Working Advice - Bosch Art 23 LI Original Instructions Manual

Bosch cordless trimmer original instructions
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Mounting the Cutting Disc/Blade
Press the cutting disc 17 onto the drive shaft
(click). (see figure C)
Position the blade 10 onto the pin 18, push it
down and pull it outward until it engages.
(see figure D)


Remove stones, loose pieces of wood and
other objects from the cutting area.
The blade continues to rotate for a few sec-
onds after the cordless trimmer is switched
off. Allow the motor/blade to stop rotating
before switching "on" again.
Do not rapidly switch off and on.
Inserting the Battery
Insert the battery into the machine as shown.
The battery must be felt to engage.
Switching On
Press the lock-off button 2 and hold while actu-
ating the On/Off switch 1.
Release the lock-off button 2 again.
Switching Off
Release the On/Off switch 1.
Note: There is a short delay in the motor starting
after engaging the on/off switch 1.
Using the Adjustable Handle (see figure E)
The adjustable handle 5 can be set in various po-
To change the position, loosen the handle
screw 4 and move the adjustable handle 5.
Tighten the handle screw 4 securely to fix
the adjustable handle 5 in the adjusted posi-
F 016 L70 778 | (27.10.10)
Adjusting the Trimmer Length (see figure F)
Turn the adjusting collar 6 by 90°.
Pull the shaft out to increase the height, or
push the shaft in to decrease the height. Re-
tighten the adjusting collar 6.
Adjusting the Trimmer-head Angle
(see figure G)
To change the cutting angle, press the foot ped-
al 12 down and move the shaft 7 to the request-
ed position.
Release the foot pedal 12.
Adjusting for Edging Mode (see figures H–I)
Adjusting the trimmer-head angle:
Press the foot pedal 12 down.
Move the shaft 7 to the lowest position. Re-
lease the foot pedal 12 again.
Moving the trimmer head:
Loosen the adjusting collar 6.
Turn the shaft 7 by 90° to adjust the trim-
mer head 9 for trimming/edging as shown.
Re-tighten the adjusting collar 6.

Working Advice

Protect the battery from heat, for ex-
ample continuous exposure to sun ra-
diation and fire.
Product will not function if tempera-
ture is below 0 °C or above 45 °C!
Cutting Grass (see figure J)
Move the cordless trimmer left and right, keep-
ing it well away from the body.
The trimmer can efficiently cut grass up to a
height of 15 cm. Cut higher grass in stages.
Trimming Edges
Guide the cordless trimmer along the edge of
the lawn. Avoid contact with paved surfaces,
stones or garden walls, as this will wear the
blade rapidly.
For better control, use the plant protector 19
(accessory) as a guide. (see figure K)
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