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Maintenance And Service; Maintenance And Cleaning - Bosch Art 23 LI Original Instructions Manual

Bosch cordless trimmer original instructions
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26 | English
Cutting time per battery charge
too low
Blade will not move
Garden product does not cut
Continuous lighting of the bat-
tery charge indicator 13
No charging procedure possible Battery contacts contaminated Clean the battery contacts (e.g.
Battery charge indicator 13
does not light up

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning

Warning: Before any work on the machine
itself, remove the battery from the ma-
Note: To ensure long and reliable service, carry
out the following maintenance regularly.
Regularly check for obvious defects such as
loose fixings, and worn or damaged compo-
Check that covers and guards are undamaged
and correctly fitted. Carry out necessary mainte-
nance or repairs before using.
F 016 L70 778 | (27.10.10)
Possible Cause
Battery has not been used for
long period or only for short
Grass too high
Battery dead or defective
Battery discharged
Garden product defective
Blade broken
Battery not fully charged
Grass entangled around cutting
Battery not (properly) inserted Properly insert battery into bat-
Battery defective
Mains plug of battery charger
not plugged in (properly)
Socket outlet, mains cable or
battery charger defective
If the garden product should happen to fail de-
spite the care taken in manufacture and testing,
repair should be carried out by an authorised
customer service agent for Bosch garden prod-
In all correspondence and spare parts orders,
please always include the 10-digit article
number given on the type plate of the garden
Corrective Action
Fully charge battery; also see
"Battery Charging"
Cut in stages
Replace the battery
Recharge battery; also see "Bat-
tery Charging"
Contact Service Agent
Replace the blade
Recharge battery; also see "Bat-
tery Charging"
Remove grass
tery charger
by inserting and removing the
battery several times) or re-
place the battery
Replace the battery
Insert mains plug (fully) into the
socket outlet
Check the mains voltage; have
the battery charger checked by
an authorised after-sales service
agent for Bosch power tools
Bosch Power Tools

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