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Troubleshooting - Bosch Art 23 LI Original Instructions Manual

Bosch cordless trimmer original instructions
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Cutting Around Trees and Bushes
(see figure L)
Carefully cut around trees and bushes so
that they do not come into contact with the
blade. Plants can die if you damage the bark.
For better control, use the plant protector 19
(accessory) as a guide. (see figure K)
Battery Duration
The battery duration is dependent on the work-
ing conditions:
Light conditions:
up to 800 metres (ART 23 LI)
up to 1000 metres (ART 26 LI)
Medium conditions:
up to 350 metres (ART 23 LI)
up to 440 metres (ART 26 LI)
Tough conditions:
up to 60 metres (ART 23 LI)
up to 75 metres (ART 26 LI)


The following chart lists problem symptoms, possible causes and corrective action, if your garden
product does not operate properly. If these do not identify and correct the problem, contact your
service agent.
Warning: Switch off and remove the battery prior to any troubleshooting.
Blade guard can not be mount-
ed over cutting disc
Trimmer fails to operate
Trimmer runs intermittently
Excessive vibrations/noise
Bosch Power Tools
Changing the Blade (see figure D)
Warning: Before any work on the machine
itself, remove the battery from the ma-
To remove the worn blade 10, push it inward un-
til it snaps off of the pin 18.
Clean the pin 18 of any residual plastic/debris
with a sharp knife.
To mount a new blade 10, place the blade 10 on-
to the pin 18, push it down and pull it outward
until it engages.
Note: Only use Bosch replacement blades. They
have been developed specially for improved cut-
ting and feed performance. The use of other
blades will lead to a deterioration in perform-
Possible Cause
Incorrect assembly
Battery discharged
Battery too hot/cold
Internal wiring of garden prod-
uct damaged
On/Off switch defective
Garden product defective
Blade broken
English | 25
Corrective Action
Remove cutting disc and mount
blade guard again; also see "As-
Recharge battery; also see "Bat-
tery Charging"
Allow to cool/warm
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Contact Service Agent
Replace the blade
F 016 L70 778 | (27.10.10)

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