Lubrication - Hitachi C 10FSB Technical Data And Service Manual

Slide compound saw
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(3) Reassembly of the ball bushing
The Ball Bushing [106] and Holder (A) [115] are
maintained at a smooth fit. When placing the Ball
Bushing [106] into Holder (A) [115], gently hammer it
with a plastic hammer so that the Ball Bushing [106]
is seated into Holder (A) [115] in parallel. After
reassembly, lubricate around the steel balls inside
the Ball Bushing [106] with 2 grams of Nippeco SEP
3A grease. Apply machine oil to slide pipes (A) and
(B). When reassembling, put the Ball Bushing [106]
inside Holder (A) [115] as indicated in (A) of Fig. 75.
Visual observation will do for this insertion. Layout in
(A) offers about 30% higher rated load in (B).
(4) Reassembly of the bushing
"9-2. Looseness Adjustment of the Slide Section".
When inserting slide pipe (A) into Holder (A) [115],
keep the two Bushings [108] out of contact with slide
pipe (A). At this time, apply grease to the contact area
between the Hex. Socket Set Screw M8 x 16 [110]
and the Bushing [108] to prevent drop-off. After
reassembly, adjust the clearance at slide pipe (A) by
tightening the Hex. Socket Set Screw M8 x 16 [110].
After adjustment, check the slide load (1 to 2 kg), the
squareness (0.15/100 mm) between the saw blade
and the Turn Table Ass'y [26], the squareness (0.15/
100 mm) between the saw blade and the fence, and
the squareness (0.15/180 mm) between Fence (B)
[23] and the slide pipe.

11-8. Lubrication

Advise the customer to lubricate the machine as indicated below at least once a month. Also, prior to applying
lubricant, any sawdust, dirt or other foreign matter should be thoroughly wiped away with a soft cloth.
(1) Swiveling section of the gear case
Coat machine oil on the swiveling and sliding portions of the Gear Case [196] and Hinge (A) Ass'y [75].
(2) Vise section
Coat machine oil on the screw thread portion of the Knob Bolt M10 [14] of the Vise Ass'y [13].
(3) Holder (A)
Coat machine oil on the swiveling and sliding portions of Holder (A) [115] and Hinge Shaft (A) [11].
Lock Nut M8 [109]
Holder (A) [115]
Adjust the clearance after
inserting slide pipe (A)
(Hinge (A) Ass'y [75]).
--- 57 ---
Ball bushing
Steel balls
Slide pipe (B)
Fig. 75
Hex. Socket Set
Screw M8 x 16 [110]
Bushing [108]
Slide pipe (A)
Fig. 76

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Table of Contents

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