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Revo Remote - Revo Digital video recorder User Manual

16 channel digital video recorder
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REVO Remote allows you to access a remote DVR, monitor live video images and search recorded video using Internet
Explorer web browser anytime from virtually anywhere.
Computer system requirements for using the REVO Remote program are:
Operating System: Microsoft
(Service Pack 1), Microsoft
CPU: Intel Pentium III (Celeron) 600MHz or faster
RAM: 128MB or higher
VGA: 8MB or higher (1024x768, 24bpp or higher)
Internet Explorer: Version 6.0 or later
Start Internet Explorer on your local PC. You can run the REVO Remote program by entering the following information
in the address field.
"http://IP address:port number" (The DVR IP address and the REVO Remote port number (default: 12088) set in the
Network setup screen (General tab))
Or, " name" (The DVR name registered on the DVRNS server)
NOTE: You will need to get the appropriate IP address for the DVR you want to connect to and the REVO Remote
port number from your network administrator.
NOTE: REVO Remote only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and will NOT work with other browsers.
NOTE: Do NOT close the LOGIN window during the REVO Remote operation, otherwise, it will cause a script
error when switching between Web monitoring and Web search modes, and you will need to restart the REVO
Remote program.
NOTE: When running the updated REVO Remote for the first time, Internet Explorer might occasionally load
the information of the previous version. In this case, delete the temporary internet files by selecting Tools 
Internet Options  General tab, and then run REVO Remote again.
NOTE: There might be a problem that the bottom of REVO Remote page is cropped due to the address or status
bars in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0. In this situation, it is recommended that websites open windows without
address or status bars by changing the internet setting. (Go to the Tools  Internet Options  Security tab 
Click the Custom level... button  Select Enable for the Allow websites to open windows without address or
status bars option)
NOTE: When running REVO Remote in the Microsoft Windows Vista or higher operating system, it is recommended
to start Internet Explorer with elevated administrator permissions. Click the right mouse button on the Internet
Explorer icon and select the Run as administrator option from the context menu. Otherwise, some functions
of the REVO Remote might be limited.
XP x86 (32 Bit) (Service Pack 3), Microsoft
7 x86 (32 Bit)
Select between the REMOTE WATCH (Web monitoring) and REMOTE
SEARCH (Web search) modes. Entering ID (default: admin) and
PASSWORD, and clicking the [LOGIN] button logs in using the selected
You will need to enter the DVR IP address in the DVR ADDRESS field
when running the REVO Remote program by entering Selecting the Use DVRNS option allows you
to enter the DVR name registered on the DVRNS server instead of the IP
address. You must enter the DVRNS server address and port number in
the SETUP setting when selecting the Use DVRNS option.
16 Channel Digital Video Recorder
Vista x86 (32 Bit)

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Table of Contents

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