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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Instruction Manual Page 5

85x series.
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Installing the Rear Wheels
Please use the following component sequence that
indicates how all the parts for the rear wheel assembly
are installed.
• Turn stroller upside down, on a clean surface, so
that it rests on the handlebar.
• Insert one end of the rear wheel axle through a rear
axle hole in the plastic bracket under the stand-on
• Push the axle across and into the axle hole on the
other side of the stroller.
NOTE: You may need to guide the axle into this
• Slide one small washer over one end of the axle.
• Next place a rear wheel over the small washer.
NOTE: The brake teeth on the wheel should be
facing inward toward the red brake lever AND the
arrow shapes on the tire tread should point toward
the handlebar.
• Then place one large washer over the axle.
• Next slide a spring washer over the end of the axle.
• Take another large washer and slide it over the axle.
• Then take one snap pin and insert the straight leg
into the small hole in the axle. Push it firmly into this
hole until the round portion of the other leg snaps
completely around the outside of the axle.
NOTE: The snap pin is curved (concave) to make
insertion easier.
• Push the axle as far as it will go toward the opposite
side of the stroller.
• Next place the red plastic cap on the floor with the
solid surface facing up.
• Next turn the stroller onto its side, with the already
assembled wheel toward the floor. Place the axle
onto the center of the solid surface of the red
plastic cap so that the axle is pushing upwards for
easier installation. See Figure 4.
• Keeping the axle on the red plastic cap, repeat the
SAME installation sequence of washers, wheel,
snap pin and hubcap for the remaining wheel.
• Install a hubcap onto each wheel by aligning the 5
tabs on the hubcap with the 5 slots in the wheel,
and then pushing it into place. Ensure that ALL
5 snaps have engaged securely and the hubcap
cannot be pulled off.
Caboose Ultralight Instruction Manual
ReAR WheeL SeqUeNCe
Step 1
Small Washer
Step 2
Rear Wheel
Step 3
Large Washer
Step 4
Spring Washer
Step 5
Large Washer
Step 6
Figure 4
Snap Pin
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