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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Instruction Manual Page 9

85x series.
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Securing the Front Seated Child
• Ensure that both shoulder straps are attached to
the waist strap buckles. See Figure 17.
• Unlatch the waist/shoulder buckle by squeezing
the latch releases on both sides of the buckle
and removing the male ends of each buckle.
• Carefully place the child in the seat with the
shoulder straps over their shoulders and chest.
Then place the crotch strap between the child's
NOTE: There are three height adjustment
positions for the shoulder harness straps. For
a younger child, the shoulder straps should be
positioned through the lower sewn-in loops on
the seatback. For a young child that is tall, the
shoulder straps may be positioned through the
upper sewn-in loops on the seatback. For a
taller child, use the shoulder straps WITHOUT
positioning them through these sewn-in loops. To
re-position the shoulder straps, unbuckle them
from the harness buckle and feed these straps
through the sewn-in loops, ensuring that they are
not twisted. Re-buckle the shoulder straps onto
the harness buckle to secure them.
• Bring the seat belt around the child's waist and
insert the male ends of the waist/shoulder buckle
into the female buckle. Ensure that they snap into
place. See Figure 18. Tighten the waist belt to be
snug around the child's waist.
• Both the shoulder straps and the waist/crotch
straps may be adjusted using the sliding buckles
on these straps. See Figures 19 and 20.
Avoid serious injury from falling
or sliding out. Always use the seat
belt and harness. The forward
facing seat is not suitable for
children under 6 months.
Caboose Ultralight Instruction Manual
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