Gas And Oil Fill-Up; Starting Engine; Stopping Engine - Craftsman 247.776360 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power chipper shredder
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Available languages

Available languages

WARNING: The operation of any chipper shredder
can result in foreign objects being thrown into the
eyes, which can damage your eyes severely. Always
wear the safety glasses provided with this unit or
eye shields before chipping or shredding and while
performing any adjustments or repairs.

Gas and Oil Fill-Up

Service the engine with gasoline and oil as instructed in the separate
Briggs & Stratton engine manual packed with your chipper shredder.
Read instructions carefully.
WARNING: Never fill fuel tank indoors with engine
running or until the engine has been allowed to cool
for at least two minutes after running.

Starting Engine

1. Move choke control lever to CHOKE position. See Figure 5.
NOTE: A warm engine may not require choking.
2. Move throttle control lever to FAST (rabbit) position. See Figure 5.
3. Grasp starter handle and pull rope out slowly until engine reaches
start of compression cycle (rope will pull slightly harder at this
NOTE: A "clanking" noise may be heard when pulling the starter rope.
It is completely normal and does NOT indicate a malfunction of any
4. Pull rope with a rapid, continuous, full arm stroke. Keep a firm grip
on starter handle. Let rope rewind slowly.
5. Repeat the previous steps until engine starts. When engine starts,
move choke control gradually to RUN position until the engine is
running smoothly.
WARNING: Never run the engine indoors or in a
poorly ventilated area. Engine exhaust contains
carbon monoxide, an odorless and deadly gas.

Stopping Engine

1. Move throttle control lever to STOP position. See Figure 6.
NOTE: See your engine manual packed with your unit for more
detailed instructions.
CAUTION: Never stop the engine by moving the choke lever into the
CHOKE position. Backfire, fire or engine damage could


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents