Sharpening Or Replacing The Shredder Blade; Storing Your Chipper Shredder - Craftsman 247.776360 Operator's Manual

7.5 horse power chipper shredder
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NOTE: Make certain blades are reassembled with the sharp edge
outward (toward the chipper chute). Torque hardware to between 20
ft.-lbs and 25 ft.-lbs.

Sharpening Or Replacing the Shredder Blade

WARNING: The shredder blade is sharp. Wear leather
work gloves to protect your hands.
1. Stop engine,disconnect spark plug, and make certain that all
moving parts have come to a complete stop.
2. Remove the two flange nuts (and hex bolts) which secure the hop-
per support bracket to the impeller housing. Retain the hardware.
See Figure 10.
3. Pivot the shredder screen upward as instructed under the heading
Cleaning the Reduction Chamber.
4. a. Remove six flange nuts which secure hopper inlet guide to
impeller housing. See Figure 11.
• Carefully separate the hopper assembly from the impeller
housing and set it aside.
• Insert a piece of wood into the chute deflector opening to
stabilize the impeller and prevent it from rotating when removing
the shredder blade.
b. Remove the two internal hex screws, hex lock nuts, and lock
washers which secure the shredder blade to the impeller. See
Figure 11.
NOTE: Use a 3/16" hex key (Allen) wrench on the outside of the
shredder blade and a 1/2" box (or socket) wrench on the inside of the
shredder blade. Hold the Allen wrench stationary and rotate the box
(or socket) wrench to loosen the nut.
c. Remove the hex bolt, lock washer, and flat washer to completely
free shredder blade. See Figure 11.
Flange Nut
IMPORTANT: If sharpening the blade for reuse, follow the original
angle of grind as a guide. Make certain each cutting edge receives an
equal amount of grinding to prevent an unbalanced blade. Remove
metal from the heavy side until it is balanced evenly.
IMPORTANT: When reassembling the blade, tighten center bolt to
between 45 ft.-lbs and 60 ft.-lbs and the two out bolts to between 20
ft.-lbs and 25 ft.-lbs.

Storing Your Chipper Shredder

1. Clean the equipment thoroughly.
2. Wipe equipment with an oiled rag to prevent rust.
3. Refer to engine manual for correct engine storage instructions
4. Store unit in a clean, dry area. Do not store next to corrosive
materials such as fertilizer.
Figure 10
Figure 11

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents