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18 activating the wheel brake / configuration of hotplates electrolux e:volution barbecue

Activating the wheel brake

For safety, the wheel brake should be activated to prevent
any movement of the barbecue.
There are 2 wheel brakes.
wheel brakes
To activate:
Push down until it locks.
Options for configuration of hotplates and
Ensure flame tamers are positioned under the grill panels
flame tamers
Grills can be placed together on one side and hotplate on
the other.
Grills can be placed either side of hotplate. This is the
preferred option for roasting.

Operating instructions

Control functions
Before lighting the barbecue:
Check that all hoses and gas fittings are tight.
Open the roasting hood or slimline lid
NOTE the slimline lid is designed as a cover for weather
protection. The lid is not designed to be used as a cooking
Check all control knobs are in the 'OFF' position
Ensure that the cooking surfaces are clean
Turn the gas isolation valve 'ON'
Lighting instructions
Do not attempt to light burners with cooking surfaces
Read instructions before lighting
To light a burner, depress the knob and rotate to 'HIGH'
A spark is generated to light the flame thrower along
side the burner. The flame thrower makes an audible
noise and only operates when the knob is depressed to
light the burner. Release the knob and check if burner
is lit. The audible noise from the flame thrower will stop
when knob released.
If the burner did not light, turn the knob to the 'OFF' position.
Allow gas to disperse, then repeat lighting procedure.
Manual lighting
If, in the event of the automatic ignition system not
working, the barbecue can be lit manually
A match holder with attached chain is fixed to the panel
behind top of door. For the 3 door model, it is near the
hinge of the centre door. For the 2 door model it is near
the hinge of the left door. It is accessible from inside the
match holder with
attaching chain located
inside channel formed
by this panel
To light manually, fit a 40mm match to the holder and
light. Pass match through viewing slots below the front
cooking plate down towards the burner, then rotate
knob to HIGH to ignite. If ignition fails, turn the control
valve OFF and allow several minutes for the gas to
disperse before attempting to light again.
pass match holder
through viewing slot
at front under cooking
Once alight, repeat for other burners as required.

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