About The Eye Sensor Af - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 Owner's Manual

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Basic Operation
Setting the eye sensor sensitivity and the method for switching between the
monitor and viewfinder
[Custom] > [Eye Sensor]
This will set the sensitivity of the eye sensor.
This will set the method for switching between the monitor and viewfinder.
[LVF] (viewfinder)/[MON] (monitor)
If you press [LVF] to switch the display, the [LVF/Monitor Switch] setting will
also switch.
Diopter adjustment
Adjust the diopter to suit your vision so that you can see the viewfinder clearly.
Look at the display on the viewfinder and rotate the diopter
adjustment dial to where the screen is in focus.
A Diopter adjustment dial

About the Eye Sensor AF

If [Eye Sensor AF] in the [Custom] menu is set to [ON], the camera automatically adjusts
the focus as the eye sensor is activated.
The Eye Sensor AF sets focus only once when you look at the viewfinder. Focus is not adjusted
continuously while you are looking at the viewfinder.
Beep sounds are not emitted when the focus is achieved in [Eye Sensor AF].
Not available in these cases:
[Eye Sensor AF] may not work in dimly lit conditions.
] (automatic switching between the monitor and viewfinder)/

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents