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Answering Calls; Answering Outside Calls; Answering Intercom Calls - NEC Univerge SV8100 Quick Reference Manual

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Answering Calls

Answering Outside Calls...

Listen for phone
ringing and look for a
flashing line key:

Answering Intercom Calls...

Listen for your phone
Listen for a beep if
you have voice
announce set:
Picking up calls not ringing your phone...
When a call is ringing
a co-workers phone
within your group:
To pick up a call at a
specific co-workers
Have a telephone meeting (Conference)...
Use Conference to
have a telephone
or lift handset
or lift handset
2. Speak toward your phone
You can lift the handset for privacy.
You can set ringing at your phone with
+ 821.
or Lift handset.
2. + 8 6 7(
2. + 7 1 5 (
You can press a Group Call Pickup or Call Coverage function
key instead of step 2.
1. Place/answer call +
2. Place/answer next call +
Repeat this step to add more parties. You may be able to
have up to 32 callers.
3. After adding all parties, press
+ 823 or set voice announce with
8 2 6 (
again to begin the Conference.

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