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For Countries Outside The European Union - NEC Univerge SV8100 Quick Reference Manual

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In order to facilitate separate disposal and environmentally sound recycling arrangements have been made
for local collection and recycling. In case your electrical and electronic products need to be disposed of
please refer to your supplier or the contractual agreements that your company has made upon acquisition of
these products.
Battery information
Defect or exhausted batteries should never be disposed of as municipal waste. Return old batteries to the
battery supplier, a licensed battery dealer or a designated collection facility. Do not incinerate batteries. This
product uses Lithium batteries. Do not use any other type.
For an overview of the location of batteries used in this system, the battery replacement or removal
instructions, please refer to the SV8100 System Hardware Manual.

For countries outside the European Union

Disposal of electrical and electronic products in countries outside the European Union should be done in line with local
regulations. If no arrangement has been made with NEC Unified or your supplier, please contact the local authorities for further
you can find information about separate disposal and environmentally sound

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