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Ford FUSION HYBRID 2015 Owner's Manual

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May 2014
First Printing
Owner's Manual
Fusion Hybrid | Energi
Litho in U.S.A.
FE5J 19A321 DA



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  • Page 1 2015 FUSION HYBRID | FUSION ENERGI Owner’s Manual May 2014 First Printing Owner’s Manual Fusion Hybrid | Energi Litho in U.S.A. FE5J 19A321 DA...
  • Page 2 No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language in any form by any means without our written permission. Errors and omissions excepted. © Ford Motor Company 2014 All rights reserved. Part Number: 20140428212931...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Crash Sensors and Airbag Indicator..43 Symbols Glossary..........7 Airbag Disposal..........44 Data Recording..........9 California Proposition 65......11 Keys and Remote Controls Perchlorate............11 General Information on Radio Ford Credit............11 Frequencies..........45 Replacement Parts Remote Control..........45 Recommendation........11 Replacing a Lost Key or Remote Special Notices..........12 Control............50 Mobile Communications Equipment.............12...
  • Page 5 Table of Contents Automatic Climate Control.......122 Wipers and Washers Hints on Controlling the Interior Windshield Wipers..........71 Climate............124 Autowipers............71 Heated Windows and Mirrors....125 Windshield Washers........72 Cabin Air Filter..........125 Remote Start..........125 Lighting General Information........74 Seats Lighting Control..........74 Sitting in the Correct Position....127 Autolamps............75 Head Restraints..........127 Instrument Lighting Dimmer......76...
  • Page 6 Table of Contents Using Adaptive Cruise Control....196 Fuel and Refueling Safety Precautions........156 Driving Aids Fuel Quality.............157 Driver Alert.............202 Running Out of Fuel........158 Lane Keeping System........203 Refueling............161 Blind Spot Information System....207 Fuel Consumption........165 Steering.............211 Emission Control System......166 Collision Warning System......212 High Voltage Battery Load Carrying General Information........169 Load Limit............215...
  • Page 7 Table of Contents Getting Assistance Outside the U.S. and Waxing..............272 Canada............238 Cleaning the Engine........272 Ordering Additional Owner's Cleaning the Windows and Wiper Literature............239 Blades............273 Reporting Safety Defects (U.S. Cleaning the Interior........273 Only).............239 Cleaning the Instrument Panel and Reporting Safety Defects (Canada Instrument Cluster Lens......273 Only)............240 Cleaning Leather Seats......274...
  • Page 8 Table of Contents SYNC General Information........332 Using Voice Recognition......334 Using SYNC With Your Phone....336 SYNC Applications and Services..347 Using SYNC With Your Media Player............354 SYNC Troubleshooting......362 MyFord Touch General Information........371 Settings............380 Entertainment..........390 Phone...............407 Electric Vehicle Information.....413 Information............423 Climate............432 Navigation............436 Accessories Accessories............446 Appendices End User License Agreement....448...
  • Page 9 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 10: Introduction

    ABOUT THIS MANUAL component as left-hand side or right-hand side. The side is determined when facing Thank you for choosing Ford. We forward in the seat. recommend that you take some time to get to know your vehicle by reading this manual.
  • Page 11 Introduction Avoid smoking, flames or sparks Engine coolant temperature Engine oil Battery Explosive gas Battery acid Fan warning Brake fluid - non petroleum based Fasten safety belt Brake system Front airbag Cabin air filter Front fog lamps Check fuel cap Fuel pump reset Child safety door lock or unlock Fuse compartment...
  • Page 12: Data Recording

    In order to properly diagnose and Parking aid service your vehicle, Ford Motor Company, Ford of Canada, and service and repair facilities may access or share among them E139213 vehicle diagnostic information received...
  • Page 13 • How various systems in your vehicle authority. Other parties may seek to were operating; access the information independently of Ford Motor Company and Ford of • Whether or not the driver and Canada. passenger safety belts were buckled/fastened;...
  • Page 14: California Proposition 65

    (U.S. Only) and dent resistance. During vehicle development we validate these parts Ford Credit offers a full range of financing deliver the intended level of protection as and lease plans to help you acquire your a whole system. A great way to know for vehicle.
  • Page 15: Special Notices

    Mobile failure of non-Ford parts may not be communication equipment includes, but covered by the Ford Warranty. For is not limited to, cellular phones, pagers,...
  • Page 16: Child Safety

    Child Safety GENERAL INFORMATION WARNINGS requirements of law. Ford recommends See the following sections for directions checking with a NHTSA Certified Child on how to properly use safety restraints Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and for children. consult your pediatrician to make sure your...
  • Page 17: Installing Child Seats

    Child Safety Recommendations for Safety Restraints for Children Child Child size, height, weight, or age Recommended restraint type Infants or Children weighing 40 lb (18 kg) or less Use a child safety seat toddlers (generally age four or younger). (sometimes called an infant carrier, convertible seat, or toddler seat).
  • Page 18: Child Safety

    Child Safety Use a child safety seat (sometimes called • Place the vehicle seat upon which the an infant carrier, convertible seat, or child seat will be installed in the upright toddler seat) for infants, toddlers, or position. children weighing 40 pounds (18 •...
  • Page 19 Child Safety 2. After positioning the child safety seat in the proper seating position, pull down on the shoulder belt and then grasp the shoulder belt and lap belt together behind the belt tongue. E142875 5. To put the retractor in the automatic locking mode, grasp the shoulder portion of the belt and pull downward until all of the belt is pulled out.
  • Page 20 There should be no more than 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) of movement for proper installation. Ford recommends checking with a NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician to make certain the child restraint is properly installed. In Canada, check with your local St.
  • Page 21 Child Safety 3. While holding the shoulder and lap belt Note: Unlike the standard safety belt, the portions together, route the tongue inflatable safety belt's unique lap portion through the child seat according to the locks the child seat for installation. The child seat manufacturer's instructions.
  • Page 22 This type of attachment method eliminates the need Ford recommends checking with a NHTSA to use safety belts to attach the child seat, Certified Child Passenger Safety however the safety belt can still be used Technician to make certain the child to attach the child seat.
  • Page 23 Child Safety Use of Inboard Lower Anchors from the Outboard Seating Positions (Center Seating Use) WARNING The standardized spacing for LATCH lower anchors is 11 inches (28 centimeters) center to center. Do not use LATCH lower anchors for the center seating position unless the child seat manufacturer's instructions permit and E142535...
  • Page 24: Using Tether Straps

    Child Safety Combining Safety Belt and LATCH Perform the following steps to install a Lower Anchors for Attaching Child child safety seat with tether anchors: Safety Seats Note: If you install a child seat with rigid LATCH attachments, do not tighten the When used in combination, either the tether strap enough to lift the child seat off safety belt or the LATCH lower anchors...
  • Page 25: Booster Seats

    4. Tighten the child safety seat tether strap according to the manufacturer's instructions. If your child restraint system is equipped with a tether strap, and the child restraint manufacturer recommends its use, Ford also recommends its use. BOOSTER SEATS WARNING E142595 •...
  • Page 26 Child Safety If your backless booster seat has a • High back booster seats removable shield, remove the shield. If a If, with a backless booster seat, you cannot vehicle seating position has a low seat find a seating position that adequately back or no head restraint, a backless supports your child's head, a high back booster seat may place your child's head...
  • Page 27: Child Seat Positioning

    Child Safety E142597 WARNINGS If the booster seat slides on the vehicle warnings provided by your vehicle seat upon which it is being used, placing a manufacturer. A safety seat that is rubberized mesh sold as shelf or carpet improperly installed or utilized, is liner under the booster seat may improve inappropriate for your child's height, age, this condition.
  • Page 28: Child Safety Locks

    Child Safety Recommendations for attaching child safety restraints for children Restraint Combined Use any attachment method as indicated below by X Type weight of LATCH LATCH Safety belt Safety belt Safety belt child and (lower (lower and top and LATCH only child seat anchors...
  • Page 29 Child Safety Left-Hand Side Turn counterclockwise to lock and clockwise to unlock. Right-Hand Side Turn clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to unlock. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 30: Safety Belts

    Safety Belts PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION WARNINGS When possible, all children 12 years old and under should be properly WARNINGS restrained in a rear seating position. Always drive and ride with your seat Failure to follow this could seriously back upright and the lap belt snug increase the risk of injury or death.
  • Page 31: Fastening The Safety Belts

    Safety Belts • Crash sensors and monitoring system with readiness indicator. The safety belt pretensioners at the front seating positions are designed to tighten the safety belts when activated. In frontal and near-frontal crashes, the safety belt pretensioners may be activated alone or, if the crash is of sufficient severity, together with the front airbags.
  • Page 32: Safety Belts

    Safety Belts Pregnant women should always wear their Vehicle Sensitive Mode safety belt. The lap belt portion of a This is the normal retractor mode, which combination lap and shoulder belt should allows free shoulder belt length be positioned low across the hips below adjustment to your movements and the belly and worn as tight as comfort will locking in response to vehicle movement.
  • Page 33 Safety Belts How to Disengage the Automatic Locking Mode Unbuckle the combination lap and shoulder belt and allow it to retract completely to disengage the automatic locking mode and activate the vehicle sensitive (emergency) locking mode. Rear Inflatable Safety Belt Equipped) E142591 WARNING...
  • Page 34: Safety Belt Extension Assembly

    Safety Belts How does the rear inflatable safety belt WARNING system work? If the rear inflatable safety belt has The rear inflatable safety belts will deployed, it will not function again. function like standard restraints in The rear inflatable safety belt system everyday usage.
  • Page 35: Safety Belt Height Adjustment

    Safety Belts To adjust the shoulder belt height: SAFETY BELT HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Pull the button and slide the height adjuster up or down. WARNING 2. Release the button and pull down on the height adjuster to make sure it is Position the safety belt height locked in place.
  • Page 36: Safety Belt Minder

    Safety Belts The system uses information from the SAFETY BELT MINDER front passenger sensing system to determine if a front seat passenger is Belt-Minder present and therefore potentially in need This feature supplements the safety belt of a warning. To avoid the system turning warning function by providing additional on the Belt-Minder feature for objects you reminders that intermittently sound a tone...
  • Page 37: Child Restraint And Safety Belt Maintenance

    Switch the ignition on. Do not start the Ford Motor Company recommends that vehicle. all safety belt assemblies in use in vehicles 2. Wait until the safety belt warning light involved in a crash be replaced.
  • Page 38: Personal Safety System

    Personal Safety System How Does the Personal Safety The Personal Safety System provides an System Work? improved overall level of frontal crash protection to front seat occupants and is The Personal Safety System can adapt the designed to help further reduce the risk of deployment strategy of the safety devices airbag-related injuries.
  • Page 39: Supplementary Restraints System

    Supplementary Restraints System The airbags are a supplemental restraint PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION system and are designed to work with the safety belts to help protect the driver and WARNINGS right front passenger from certain upper Airbags do not inflate slowly or body injuries.
  • Page 40: Driver And Passenger Airbags

    Supplementary Restraints System Proper Driver and Front Passenger DRIVER AND PASSENGER Seating Adjustment AIRBAGS WARNING WARNINGS National Highway Traffic Safety Never place your arm or any objects Administration (NHTSA) over an airbag module. Placing your recommends a minimum distance arm over a deploying airbag can of at least 10 inches (25 centimeters) result in serious arm fractures or other between an occupant’s chest and the...
  • Page 41: Front Passenger Sensing System

    Supplementary Restraints System WARNINGS and the center console. Check the passenger airbag off or pass airbag off indicator lamp for proper airbag status. Failure to follow these instructions may interfere with the front passenger seat sensing system. Any alteration or modification to the front passenger seat may affect the performance of the front passenger sensing system.
  • Page 42: Supplementary Restraints System

    Supplementary Restraints System parents are STRONGLY encouraged to • When the front passenger sensing always properly restrain children in the rear system enables the front passenger seat. The sensor also turns off the frontal airbag (may inflate), the passenger front airbag and seat-mounted indicator lamp will be unlit and stay side airbag when the passenger seat is unlit.
  • Page 43: Side Airbags

    If it is necessary to modify an advanced front airbag system to accommodate a • Rear passenger feet and knees resting person with disabilities, contact the Ford or pushing on the seat Customer Relationship Center. See The conditions listed above may cause the...
  • Page 44: Driver And Passenger Knee Airbags

    Supplementary Restraints System The design and development of the side WARNINGS airbag system included recommended If the side airbag has deployed, the testing procedures that were developed airbag will not function again. The by a group of automotive safety experts side airbag system (including the known as the Side Airbag Technical seat) must be inspected and serviced by...
  • Page 45 Supplementary Restraints System WARNINGS Do not lean your head on the door. The side curtain airbag could injure you as it deploys from the headliner. Do not attempt to service, repair, or modify the side curtain airbags, its fuses, the A, B, or C pillar trim, or the headliner on a vehicle containing side curtain airbags.
  • Page 46: Crash Sensors And Airbag Indicator

    Supplementary Restraints System If any of these things happen, even CRASH SENSORS AND intermittently, have the supplemental AIRBAG INDICATOR restraint system serviced at an authorized dealer immediately. Unless serviced, the WARNING system may not function properly in the event of a crash. Modifying or adding equipment to the front end of the vehicle (including The safety belt pretensioners and the front...
  • Page 47: Airbag Disposal

    Supplementary Restraints System AIRBAG DISPOSAL Contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible. Airbags must be disposed of by qualified personnel. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 48: Keys And Remote Controls

    Keys and Remote Controls Intelligent Access GENERAL INFORMATION ON (If Equipped) RADIO FREQUENCIES The system uses a radio frequency signal to communicate with your vehicle and This device complies with Part 15 of the authorize your vehicle to unlock when one FCC Rules and with Industry Canada of the following conditions are met: license-exempt RSS standard(s).
  • Page 49: Keys And Remote Controls

    Keys and Remote Controls E151795 Note: The keys that came with your vehicle have a security tag that provides important E151796 vehicle key cut information. Keep the tag in a safe place for future reference. Slide the release on the back of the remote control and pivot the cover off to access Intelligent Access Key (If Equipped)
  • Page 50: Replacing The Battery

    Keys and Remote Controls Insert the key blade into the slot on the Integrated Keyhead Transmitter bottom of the handle and press up. The remote control uses one coin-type 2. Applying upward pressure, move the three-volt lithium battery CR2032 or cap rearward to release it.
  • Page 51 Keys and Remote Controls E151796 Note: Do not touch the battery contacts or Slide the release on the back of the the printed circuit board with the remote control and pivot the cover off. screwdriver. 4. Insert a screwdriver as shown to release the battery.
  • Page 52: Car Finder

    Keys and Remote Controls 5. Reinstall the housing and cover. Many states and provinces have restrictions for the use of remote start. Car Finder Check your local and state or provincial laws for specific requirements regarding Press the button twice within remote start systems.
  • Page 53: Replacing A Lost Key Or Remote Control

    Keys and Remote Controls Extending the Vehicle Run Time Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the vehicle still running to extend the run time for another remote start duration. If you programmed the duration to last 10 minutes, the second 10 minutes will begin after what is left of the first activation time.
  • Page 54 Keys and Remote Controls To re-program the passive anti-theft system see an authorized dealer. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 55: Mykey

    MyKey • Belt-Minder. You cannot disable this PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION feature. The audio system will mute when the front seat occupants’ safety MyKey allows you to program keys with belts are not fastened. restricted driving modes to promote good driving habits. All but one of the keys •...
  • Page 56: Creating A Mykey

    MyKey Programming/Changing CREATING A MYKEY Configurable Settings Use the information display to create a Use the information display to access your MyKey: configurable MyKey settings. 1. Insert the key you want to program into Switch the ignition on using an admin the ignition.
  • Page 57 MyKey Message Action and Description All MyKeys Cleared Note: When you clear your MyKeys, you remove all restrictions and return all MyKeys to their original admin key status. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 58: Checking Mykey System Status

    MyKey You can find information on programmed CHECKING MYKEY SYSTEM MyKey(s) using the information display STATUS control on the steering wheel. See Information Displays (page 94). To find information on a programed MyKey(s), press the left arrow button to access the main menu and scroll to: Message Description Settings...
  • Page 59: Using Mykey With Remote Start Systems

    Ford-approved, aftermarket remote start USING MYKEY WITH REMOTE systems. If you choose to install a remote START SYSTEMS start system, see an authorized dealer for a Ford-approved remote start system. MyKey is not compatible with non MYKEY TROUBLESHOOTING Condition Potential Causes I cannot create a MyKey.
  • Page 60: Locks

    Locks Remote Control LOCKING AND UNLOCKING You can use the remote control at any You can use the power door lock control time. The luggage compartment release or the remote control to lock and unlock button will only work when the vehicle the vehicle.
  • Page 61 Locks Activating Intelligent Access If the lock feature fails to operate, you can individually lock the doors using the remote Equipped) control key blade in the position shown. See Remote Control (page 45). On the You must have the intelligent access key left-hand side, turn the key clockwise to within 3 feet (1 meter) of your vehicle.
  • Page 62: Auto Relock

    Locks Smart Unlocks For Integrated You can override the smart unlock feature Keyhead Transmitter and intentionally lock the intelligent access key inside your vehicle. To do this, lock your This feature helps to prevent you from vehicle after you have closed all the doors locking yourself out of your vehicle if your key is still in the ignition.
  • Page 63: Illuminated Exit

    Locks Illuminated Exit Autounlock Feature The autounlock feature will unlock all the The interior lamps and select exterior doors when: lamps will illuminate when all doors are closed, you switch the ignition off and you • the ignition is on, all the doors are remove the key from the ignition closed, and your vehicle has been in (integrated keyhead transmitter only).
  • Page 64: Keyless Entry

    Locks From Outside Your Vehicle E144402 Press the release button above the license plate to unlatch the trunk. Your vehicle E138637 must be unlocked or have an intelligent You can use the keypad to: access transmitter within 3 feet (1 meter) of the trunk.
  • Page 65 Locks The doors will lock then unlock to confirm Anti-Scan Feature that programming was successful. The keypad will go into an anti-scan mode To program additional personal entry if you enter the wrong code seven times codes, repeat Steps 1-3, then for Step 4: (35 consecutive button presses).
  • Page 66: Interior Luggage Compartment Release

    Locks To display the factory-set code in the The factory-set code will appear in the information display: information display for a few seconds. Insert a key into the ignition and switch Note: The code may not display until after the ignition on for a few seconds. any other warning messages first display.
  • Page 67 Locks E144403 The handle is located inside the luggage compartment either on the luggage compartment door (lid) or near the tail lamps. It is composed of a material that will glow for hours in darkness following brief exposure to ambient light. Pull the handle and push up on the luggage compartment door (lid) to open from within the luggage compartment.
  • Page 68: Security

    Note: Your vehicle comes equipped with two integrated keyhead transmitters or two Note: The system is not compatible with intelligent access keys. non-Ford aftermarket remote start systems. The integrated keyhead transmitter Use of these systems may result in vehicle functions as a programmed ignition key...
  • Page 69 Security You must have two previously Programming a Spare Intelligent programmed coded keys and the new Access Key unprogrammed key readily accessible. If Note: You can program a maximum of four two previously programmed coded keys intelligent access keys to your vehicle. are not available, have an authorized dealer program the new key.
  • Page 70: Anti-Theft Alarm

    Security 4. Within 10 seconds, place a second • Unlock the doors or luggage programmed intelligent access key in compartment with the remote control the backup slot and press the push or keyless entry keypad. button ignition switch. • Switch the ignition on or start the 5.
  • Page 71: Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel ADJUSTING THE STEERING WHEEL WARNING Do not adjust the steering wheel when your vehicle is moving. Note: Make sure that you are sitting in the correct position. See Sitting in the Correct Position (page 127). E168191 Volume up Volume down Mute Media...
  • Page 72: Voice Control

    Steering Wheel Type 2 VOICE CONTROL (If Equipped) E144501 E168194 See Cruise Control (page 195). End a call INFORMATION DISPLAY Answer a call CONTROL Voice recognition See SYNC (page 332). See MyFord Touch (page 371). CRUISE CONTROL Type 1 E144636 See Information Displays (page 94).
  • Page 73: Heated Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel Cluster Display Control Features E144811 If equipped with: MyFord system: This control functions the same as the center control on the faceplate. See (page 316). MyFord Touch: Use this control to adjust the right side of the cluster display. Navigate through the screen and press OK to select.
  • Page 74: Wipers And Washers

    Wipers and Washers Intermittent Wipe WINDSHIELD WIPERS Note: Fully defrost the windshield before switching on the windshield wipers. Note: Make sure you switch off the windshield wipers before entering a car wash. Note: Clean the windshield and wiper blades if they begin to leave streaks or smears.
  • Page 75: Windshield Washers

    Wipers and Washers Note: Wet or winter driving conditions with Use the rotary control to adjust the ice, snow or salty road mist can cause sensitivity of the rain sensor. Set the inconsistent and unexpected wiping or control to low sensitivity, and the wipers smearing.
  • Page 76 Wipers and Washers A wipe will occur a few seconds after washing to clear any remaining washer fluid. This feature can be switched on or off in the information display. See General Information (page 104). Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 77: Lighting

    Lighting GENERAL INFORMATION LIGHTING CONTROL Condensation in Lamp Assemblies Exterior lamps have vents to accommodate normal changes in air pressure. Condensation can be a natural by-product of this design. When moist air enters the lamp assembly through the vents, there is a possibility that condensation can occur when the temperature is cold.
  • Page 78: Autolamps

    Lighting Headlamp Flasher When the lighting control is in the autolamps position, the headlamps automatically turn on in low light situations or when the wipers activate. If equipped, the following also activate when the lighting control is in the autolamps position and you switch them on in the information display: •...
  • Page 79: Instrument Lighting Dimmer

    Lighting Vehicles Without Front Fog Lamps INSTRUMENT LIGHTING DIMMER Note: If you disconnect the battery or it becomes discharged, the illuminated components will switch to the maximum setting. Vehicles With Front Fog Lamps Press repeatedly or press and hold to dim. Press repeatedly or press and hold to brighten.
  • Page 80: Daytime Running Lamps

    Lighting DAYTIME RUNNING LAMPS AUTOMATIC HIGH BEAM CONTROL (If Equipped) Equipped) The system will automatically turn on your WARNING high beams if it is dark enough and no other The daytime running lamps system traffic is present. When it detects the does not activate the tail lamps and headlights of an approaching vehicle, the may not provide adequate lighting...
  • Page 81: Front Fog Lamps

    Lighting Manually Overriding the System Once the system is active, the high beams will switch on if: • the ambient light level is low enough • there is no traffic in front of the vehicle • the vehicle speed is greater than 25 mph (40 km/h) The high beams will switch off if: •...
  • Page 82: Direction Indicators

    Lighting Note: Press button B to switch the door DIRECTION INDICATORS function off when you open any door. The indicator lamp will light amber when the door function is off. When the door function is off and you open a door, the courtesy and door lamps will stay off.
  • Page 83: Ambient Lighting

    Lighting You can switch dome lamps on by pressing the button. AMBIENT LIGHTING (If Equipped) The ambient lighting system is adjusted with the MyFord Touch. See MyFord Touch (page 371). Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 84: Windows And Mirrors

    Windows and Mirrors Bounce-Back POWER WINDOWS The window will stop automatically while WARNINGS closing. It will reverse some distance if Do not leave children unattended in there is an obstacle in the way. your vehicle and do not let them play Overriding the Bounce-Back Feature with the power windows.
  • Page 85: Global Opening And Closing

    Windows and Mirrors GLOBAL OPENING AND CLOSING You can use the remote control to operate the windows with the ignition off. Note: You can enable or disable this feature in the information display or see an authorized dealer. See General Information (page 94).
  • Page 86: Interior Mirror

    Windows and Mirrors Signal Indicator Mirrors (If Equipped) The outer portion of the appropriate mirror housing will blink when you switch on the turn signal. Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors Equipped) WARNING Objects in the blind spot mirror are closer than they appear. Blind spot mirrors have an integrated convex mirror built into the upper outboard corner of the exterior mirrors.
  • Page 87: Sun Visors

    Windows and Mirrors Illuminated Vanity Mirror Note: Do not clean the housing or glass of any mirror with harsh abrasives, fuel or other petroleum or ammonia-based cleaning products. You can adjust the interior mirror to your preference. Some mirrors also have a second pivot point.
  • Page 88: Windows And Mirrors

    Windows and Mirrors E144499 Open Vent Close Opening and Closing the Moonroof Touch (A) to open the moonroof. It will stop short of the fully opened position. Note: This position helps to reduce wind noise or rumbling which may happen with the moonroof fully open.
  • Page 89: Instrument Cluster

    Instrument Cluster GAUGES E151261 Left-hand Information Display. Speedometer. Right-hand Information Display. Battery Gauge: Left-hand Information Display Note: For Energi vehicles there are two Odometer versions of the battery gauge. When your vehicle is in hybrid mode, a simple battery Located in the bottom of the information graphic displays your battery information.
  • Page 90: Instrument Cluster

    Instrument Cluster Charge Fill (Hybrid Mode) You can switch this feature on or off in the information displays settings menu. See The fill level, or State of Charge indicates General Information (page 94). the amount of energy stored in the high voltage battery as a percent of total energy Fuel Gauge: capacity.
  • Page 91 Instrument Cluster Vehicle Settings and Personalization • Distance - Displays the total distance traveled, distance traveled on battery Display/Trip power only (EV distance) and Regen distance. Regen distance is the See General Information (page 94). estimated range gained from energy recaptured through regenerative Information braking.
  • Page 92: Warning Lamps And Indicators

    Instrument Cluster • For Energi vehicles the range is the On (white light): Lights when you turn the total of the range available in Hybrid adaptive cruise control system on. Turns Mode fueled by gasoline, plus the off when you turn the speed control electric range available in Plug-in system off.
  • Page 93: Engine Oil

    Instrument Cluster Engine Oil WARNING Driving your vehicle with the warning If it lights with the engine running lamp on is dangerous. A significant or when you are driving, this decrease in braking performance indicates a malfunction. Stop may occur. It will take you longer to stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so your vehicle.
  • Page 94: Parking Lamps

    Instrument Cluster Grade Assist To confirm the lamp is working, it will also (If Equipped) light momentarily when you switch on the Lights when you switch on the ignition. If it does not light when you switch grade assist function. on the ignition, or it begins to flash at any E144523 time, have an authorized dealer check the...
  • Page 95: Audible Warnings And Indicators

    Instrument Cluster Service Engine Soon Stability Control Off If the service engine soon Lights when you switch the indicator light stays lit after the system off. It will go out when you start the engine, it indicates you switch the system back on that the On Board Diagnostics system or when you switch off the ignition.
  • Page 96 Instrument Cluster Headlamps On Warning Chime Sounds when you remove the key from the ignition and open the driver's door and you have left the headlamps or parking lamps Parking Brake On Warning Chime Sounds when you have left the parking brake on and drive your vehicle.
  • Page 97: Information Displays

    Information Displays • Press the up and down arrow buttons GENERAL INFORMATION to scroll through and highlight the options within a menu. WARNING • Press the right arrow button to enter a Driving while distracted can result in sub-menu. loss of vehicle control, crash and •...
  • Page 98: Information Displays

    Information Displays Display/Trip Menu level 2 Menu level 3 Menu level 4 Menu level 5 Engage Help — — (Split Power + Avg Fuel Economy + Battery Gauge + Fuel Gauge) Empower Help — — (Power (with engine on/off threshold) + Avg Fuel Economy + Battery Gauge + Fuel Gauge)
  • Page 99 Information Displays Display/Trip Help — — Energy Use (Energi Help — — only) Auto EV (EV range + energy use gauge + climate power gauge + battery gauge + fuel gauge) EV Now (EV range + energy use gauge with budget cup + climate power gauge + engine enable + battery gauge + fuel...
  • Page 100 Information Displays Note: You can reset your average fuel Unique content available in MyView: economy by pressing and holding the OK • Vehicle Range (Energi vehicles only) – button on the left hand steering wheel Indicates the estimated distance your controls.
  • Page 101 Information Displays • Tach rpm x 1000 — When the gasoline Note: It is normal for your electric range engine is running, the tachometer estimate to vary from charge to charge due gauge displays the engine speed in to changes in average energy usage. revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • Page 102 Information Displays Information In this mode, you can view different vehicle system E144642 information and perform a system check. Information Warnings Tutorial Displays a number of different system tutorials. Use the up or down arrows to scroll through the tutorials. Then press OK to view.
  • Page 103 Information Displays Settings Lane keeping Mode Alert only, Aid only or Alert + Aid Intensity High, Normal or Low Pre-Collision Alert Sensitivity High, Normal or Low EV + Mode On or Off — Front Park Aid On or Off — Rear Park Aid On or Off —...
  • Page 104 Information Displays Settings System Enable or Disable Switch Inhibit On or Off Tire Mobility Select number of years Windows Remote Open On or Off Remote Close On or Off Wipers Courtesy Wipe On or Off Rain Sensing On or Off MyKey Create MyKey Hold OK to Create MyKey...
  • Page 105 Information Displays Right-hand Information Display Main menu Controls From the main menu bar on the right side of the information display, you can choose from the following categories: Entertainment See General Information (page 390). Phone See General Information (page 390). Navigation or Compass See General Information (page 390).
  • Page 106 Information Displays Efficiency Leaves Note: Fuel economy is not always a measure of appropriate driving behavior. For Efficiency leaves indicate short term driving example, when driving uphill and efficiency measured over the last few maintaining an appropriate speed, your minutes. The more leaves and vines that instant fuel economy may not be good appear on the display, the better your fuel (losing leaves) but the Coach may show a...
  • Page 107: Information Messages

    Information Displays INFORMATION MESSAGES Note: Depending on the vehicle options equipped with your vehicle, not all of the messages will display or be available. Certain messages may be abbreviated or shortened depending upon which cluster type you have. E144636 Press the OK button to acknowledge and remove some messages from the information display.
  • Page 108 Information Displays Message Action Cruise Control Auto- The system has disabled the automatic braking. matic Braking Turned Front Sensor Not Aligned A radar malfunction is preventing the adaptive cruise control from engaging. Adaptive Cruise - Driver The adaptive cruise has reinstated controls to the driver. Resume Control Adaptive Cruise Speed The vehicle speed is too slow to activate the adaptive cruise.
  • Page 109 Information Displays Automatic Engine Shutdown Message Action Engine Shuts Off in XX The engine is getting ready to shut off. Seconds Engine Shut Off for Fuel The engine has shut off to help increase fuel economy. Economy Engine Shuts Off in XX The engine is getting ready to shut off.
  • Page 110 Information Displays Battery and Charging System (High Voltage) Message Action Is Vehicle Plugged-In? Your vehicle needs confirmation it is unplugged before allowing a start. You must make sure your vehicle is unplugged and you respond to the message prompt before starting your vehicle.
  • Page 111 Information Displays Blind Spot Information and Cross Traffic Alert System Message Action Blindspot System Fault A fault with the system has occurred. Contact an authorized dealer as soon as possible. Blindspot Not Available The system sensors are blocked. See Blind Spot Informa- Sensor Blocked See tion System (page 207).
  • Page 112 Information Displays Driver Alert Message Action Driver Alert Warning Rest Stop and rest as soon as it is safe to do so. Driver Alert Warning Rest Take a rest break soon. Suggested Fuel Message Action Fuel Level Low An early reminder of a low fuel condition. Check Fuel Fill Inlet The fuel fill inlet may not be properly closed.
  • Page 113: Keys And Intelligent Access

    Information Displays Keys and Intelligent Access Message Action Press Brake to START A reminder to press the brake while starting your vehicle. No Key Detected The system does not detect a key in your vehicle. See Keyless Starting (page 143). Restart Now or Key is You pressed the start/stop button to switch off the engine Needed...
  • Page 114 Information Displays Lane Keeping System Message Action Lane Keeping Sys. The system has malfunctioned. Contact an authorized dealer Malfunction Service as soon as possible. Required Front Camera Tempor- The system has detected a condition that has caused the arily Not Available system to be temporarily unavailable.
  • Page 115 Information Displays Message Action Service Tire Mobility Kit The kit needs service. See an authorized dealer. Transport / Factory Your vehicle is still in Transport or Factory mode. This may Mode not allow some features to operate properly. See an author- ized dealer.
  • Page 116: Park Aid

    Information Displays Park Aid Message Action Check Front Park Aid The system has detected a condition that requires service. Contact an authorized dealer. See Parking Aid (page 186). Check Rear Park Aid The system has detected a condition that requires service. Contact an authorized dealer.
  • Page 117 Information Displays Power Steering Message Action Steering Fault Service The power steering system has detected a condition that requires service. See an authorized dealer. Steering Loss Stop The power steering system is not working. Stop your vehicle Safely in a safe place. Contact an authorized dealer. Steering Assist Fault The power steering system has detected a condition within Service Required...
  • Page 118 Information Displays Starting System Message Action Press Brake to Start A reminder to apply the brake when starting your vehicle. Cranking Time Exceeded The starter has exceeded its cranking time in attempting to start your vehicle. Engine Start Pending The starter is attempting to start your vehicle. Please Wait Pending Start Cancelled The system has cancelled the pending start.
  • Page 119 Information Displays Transmission Message Action Transmission Malfunc- See an authorized dealer. tion Service Now Transmission Overtem- The transmission is overheating and needs to cool. Stop in a perature Stop Safely safe place as soon as possible. Transmission Over- The transmission has overheated and needs to cool. Stop in heating Stop Safely a safe place as soon as possible.
  • Page 120: Climate Control

    Climate Control MANUAL CLIMATE CONTROL (If Equipped) E144491 Fan speed control: Controls the volume of air circulated in your vehicle. Adjust to select the desired fan speed. A/C: Press the button to turn air conditioning compressor on or off. Use air conditioning with recirculated air to improve cooling performance and efficiency.
  • Page 121: Automatic Climate Control

    Climate Control MAX A/C: Turn the temperature control dial all the way past the full cool position to maximize cooling. Recirculated air flows through the instrument panel vents, air conditioning automatically turns on, the fan automatically adjusts to the highest speed and the temperature dial returns to the full cool position.
  • Page 122 Climate Control Driver temperature control: Turn to increase or decrease the air temperature for the driver side of the vehicle. This control also adjusts the passenger side temperature when not in dual zone mode. Recirculated air: Press the button to switch between outside air and recirculated air.
  • Page 123: Fusion/Mondeo (Cc7), Enusa

    Climate Control Power: Press the button to turn the system on and off. Switching off the climate control system prevents outside air from entering the vehicle. Heated seat (if equipped): Turn the driver or passenger heated seats on and off. See Heated Seats (page 134). MAX A/C: Press the button to maximize cooling.
  • Page 124: Fusion/Mondeo (Cc7), Enusa

    Climate Control Driver heated seat control (if equipped): Turn the driver heated seat off and on. See Heated Seats (page 134). Driver temperature control: Press + or - to increase or decrease the air temperature for the driver side of the vehicle. This control also adjusts the passenger side temperature when not in dual zone mode.
  • Page 125: Automatic Climate Control

    Climate Control MAX Defrost: Press the button to maximize defrosting. Outside air flows through the windshield vents, fan automatically adjusts to the highest speed and the temperature dial returns to the full heat position. You can use this setting to defog or clear a thin covering of ice from the windshield. The heated rear window also automatically turns on when you select MAX Defrost.
  • Page 126 Climate Control MAX A/C: Press the button to maximize cooling. Recirculated air flows through the instrument panel vents, air conditioning automatically turns on, and the fan automatically adjusts to the highest speed. A/C: Press the button to turn air conditioning compressor on or off. Use air conditioning with recirculated air to improve cooling performance and efficiency.
  • Page 127: Hints On Controlling The Interior Climate

    Climate Control Note: If you select AUTO during hot outside HINTS ON CONTROLLING THE temperatures, or when the inside of the INTERIOR CLIMATE vehicle is hot, the system automatically uses recirculated air to maximize interior cooling. General Hints When the interior reaches the selected temperature, the system automatically Note: Prolonged use of recirculated air may switches to using outside air.
  • Page 128: Heated Windows And Mirrors

    Climate Control Note: Make sure you have a cabin air filter HEATED WINDOWS AND installed at all times. This prevents foreign MIRRORS (If Equipped) objects from entering the system. Running the system without a filter in place could Heated Rear Window result in degradation or damage to the system.
  • Page 129: Seats

    Climate Control You can adjust the default remote start settings using the information display controls. See Information Displays (page 94). Automatic Settings In hot weather, the system is set to 72°F (22°C). The cooled seats are set to high (if available, and selected to AUTO in the information display).
  • Page 130: Seats

    Seats We recommend that you follow these SITTING IN THE CORRECT guidelines: POSITION • Sit in an upright position with the base of your spine as far back as possible. WARNINGS • Do not recline the seat back more than Sitting improperly, out of position or 30 degrees.
  • Page 131: Adjusting The Head Restraint

    Seats The head restraints consist of: WARNINGS Install the head restraint properly to An energy absorbing head help minimize the risk of neck injury restraint in the event of a collision. Two steel stems Guide sleeve adjust and unlock Note: Adjust the seat back to an upright button driving position before adjusting the head restraint.
  • Page 132: Manual Seats

    Seats The driver and passenger manual seats may consist of: A B C D E144631 E144727 A bar to move the seat backward Adjust the seat back to an upright and forward. driving or riding position. A control to adjust the lumbar of 2.
  • Page 133 Seats 6-way power seat E176793 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 134: Memory Function

    Seats 10-way power seat E144632 Power Lumbar MEMORY FUNCTION (If Equipped) (If Equipped) WARNINGS Before activating the seat memory, make sure that the area immediately surrounding the seat is clear of obstructions and that all occupants are clear of moving parts. Do not use the memory function when your vehicle is moving.
  • Page 135: Saving A Preset Position

    Seats Note: Using a linked key fob to recall your memory position when the ignition is off will move the seat to the Easy Entry position. Note: Pressing any seat or mirror adjustment control (or any memory button) during a memory recall cancels the operation.
  • Page 136: Rear Seats

    Seats You can enable or disable this feature in the information display. See Information Displays (page 94). REAR SEATS Note: Your vehicle may have split seatbacks that you must fold individually. Note: Make sure the center safety belt is unbuckled before folding the seatback. To lower the seat back(s) from inside the vehicle, do the following: E164098...
  • Page 137: Heated Seats

    Seats HEATED SEATS CLIMATE CONTROLLED SEATS (If Equipped) (If Equipped) WARNING Heated Seats People who are unable to feel pain to their skin because of advanced WARNING age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal Persons who are unable to feel pain cord injury, medication, alcohol use, to the skin because of advanced age, exhaustion or other physical conditions, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord...
  • Page 138: Rear Seat Armrest

    Seats Press the heated seat symbol to cycle REAR SEAT ARMREST (If Equipped) through the various heat settings and off. Warmer settings are indicated by more indicator lights. Cooled Seats (If Equipped) The cooled seats will only function when the engine is running. E144635 Fold the armrest down to use the armrest and cupholder.
  • Page 139: Universal Garage Door Opener

    Universal Garage Door Opener HomeLink Wireless Control The universal garage door opener replaces System the common hand-held garage door (If Equipped) opener with a three-button transmitter that is integrated into the driver’s sun visor. WARNING The system includes two primary features, Do not use the system with any a garage door opener and a platform for garage door opener that does not...
  • Page 140 Universal Garage Door Opener 3. Using both hands, simultaneously, press and hold the desired HomeLink button and the hand-held transmitter button. DO NOT release either one until the HomeLink indicator light flashes slowly and then rapidly. When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both buttons may be released.
  • Page 141 Universal Garage Door Opener E142661 E142660 Press and hold the outer two function Red indicator light buttons simultaneously for Green indicator light approximately 20 seconds until the indicator lights above the buttons flash Press and hold one of the buttons on rapidly.
  • Page 142 Universal Garage Door Opener Press and hold the previously 5. Press and hold the previously programmed Genie button on the programmed button on the visor for 2 hand-held transmitter for 10 seconds. seconds. Repeat this step up to 3 times The indicator light will change from red until the garage door moves.
  • Page 143: Auxiliary Power Points

    Auxiliary Power Points 12 Volt DC Power Point • in the front of the center console • inside the center console storage bin WARNING • on the rear of the center console. Do not plug optional electrical accessories into the cigar lighter 110 Volt AC Power Point (If Equipped) socket (if equipped).
  • Page 144 Auxiliary Power Points The power point temporarily turns off power if it exceeds the 150 watt limit. It can also switch to a fault mode if it detects overloading, overheating, or shorting conditions. For overloading and shorting conditions, unplug your device and switch the ignition off then on.
  • Page 145: Storage Compartments

    Storage Compartments CENTER CONSOLE Stow items in the cupholder carefully as items may become loose during hard braking, acceleration or collisions, including hot drinks which may spill. Available console features include: E143942 Cupholder Storage compartment with auxiliary power point, auxiliary input jack, USB port and media Auxiliary power point OVERHEAD CONSOLE...
  • Page 146: Starting And Stopping The Engine

    Starting and Stopping the Engine GENERAL INFORMATION IGNITION SWITCH WARNINGS Extended idling at high engine speeds can produce very high temperatures in the engine and exhaust system, creating the risk of fire or other damage. Do not park, idle or drive your vehicle on dry grass or other dry ground E72128 cover.
  • Page 147: Starting A Gasoline Engine

    Starting and Stopping the Engine Ignition Modes Note: You can crank the engine for a total of 60 seconds (without the engine starting) before the starting system temporarily disables. The 60 seconds does not have to be all at once. For example, if you crank the engine three times for 20 seconds each time, without the engine starting, you reached the 60-second time limit.
  • Page 148: Automatic Shutdown

    Starting and Stopping the Engine Note: You must have your intelligent access Within 20 seconds of switching the engine key in the vehicle in order to shift the off, press the brake pedal and press the transmission out of position P. button.
  • Page 149: Starting And Stopping The Engine

    Starting and Stopping the Engine Switching Off the Vehicle When It • You can reset the timer by interacting Is Moving with your vehicle (such as pressing the brake pedal or accelerator pedal). WARNING • You can temporarily switch off the shutdown feature any time the ignition Switching off the engine when the is on (for the current ignition cycle...
  • Page 150: Engine Block Heater

    Starting and Stopping the Engine Guarding Against Exhaust Fumes The heater acts as a starting aid by warming the engine coolant. This allows WARNING the climate control system to respond quickly. The equipment includes a heater If you smell exhaust fumes inside element (installed in the engine block) and your vehicle, have your vehicle a wire harness.
  • Page 151 Starting and Stopping the Engine Using the Engine Block Heater The engine block heater plug is located in a housing in the left fog lamp bezel. Open the hinged, circular door and make sure the receptacle terminals are clean and dry prior to use.
  • Page 152: Unique Driving Characteristics

    Unique Driving Characteristics Auto EV HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE This mode provides an Plug-in Power Mode and Hybrid automatic use of high voltage Mode (Fusion Energi Only) E155152 battery power during the drive, staying in electric mode when possible and You must plug in your Fusion Energi vehicle running the engine when needed.
  • Page 153: Unique Driving Characteristics

    Unique Driving Characteristics The vehicle may enter Enable Engine mode Note: You may notice higher engine speeds if the climate control is in a defrost mode upon start-up. This temporary condition is and the outside temperature is cold. A normal and necessary to heat up the cabin message Engine Enabled Due to Defrost and minimize emissions.
  • Page 154 Unique Driving Characteristics • Very high or low outside temperature Unique Hybrid Operating (to provide system cooling or heating) Characteristics For Fusion Energi vehicles, climate Your vehicle behaves differently compared control demands by passengers may to a non-hybrid. Here is a description of the not directly cause the engine to run.
  • Page 155 Unique Driving Characteristics During certain events (such as vehicle • Perform all scheduled maintenance. servicing) your low voltage 12-volt battery • There is no need to wait for your engine may become disconnected or disabled. to warm up. The vehicle is ready to Once the battery is reconnected and after drive immediately after starting.
  • Page 156 Unique Driving Characteristics Note: Cold temperatures will affect the Note: An oil change is not required but gives engine warm up time and the low engine you the option of not running a low engine use mode may operate more frequently. use cycle.
  • Page 157 Unique Driving Characteristics Question Answer Why does my engine rev up so high some- Your vehicle's engine and transmission are times when I accelerate? designed to deliver the power you need at the most efficient engine speed. This may be higher than expected during heavy accelerations, and may fluctuate during steady state driving.
  • Page 158 Unique Driving Characteristics Question Answer How long will my high voltage battery last? The high voltage battery system is designed Does it need maintenance? to last the life of the vehicle and requires no maintenance. Can you charge the battery with a plug into There are no provisions for charging the an A/C outlet? high voltage battery from a power supply...
  • Page 159: Fuel And Refueling

    Fuel and Refueling • Automotive fuels can be harmful or SAFETY PRECAUTIONS fatal if swallowed. Fuel such as gasoline is highly toxic and if WARNINGS swallowed can cause death or Do not overfill the fuel tank. The permanent injury. If fuel is swallowed, pressure in an overfilled tank may call a physician immediately, even if no cause leakage and lead to fuel spray...
  • Page 160: Fuel Quality

    Fuel and Refueling Octane Recommendations FUEL QUALITY Regular unleaded gasoline with a pump Note: Your warranty will not cover any (R+M)/2 octane rating of 87 is vehicle damage, powertrain damage, loss recommended. Some stations offer fuels of vehicle performance or repairs to your posted as regular with an octane rating vehicle, caused by the use of fuel not below 87, particularly in high altitude areas.
  • Page 161: Running Out Of Fuel

    Fuel and Refueling Refilling With a Portable Fuel Note: EV Now can resume if less than 1 gal Container (Except Energi (3.8 L) of fuel is left in the tank. Vehicles) Note: In most cases, when the fuel level is below one-quarter tank, refueling the WARNINGS vehicle will end fuel freshness mode and...
  • Page 162: Fuel And Refueling

    Fuel and Refueling E163066 The funnel is located in the rear of the vehicle, inside the load compartment, underneath the load floor carpet and is accessible from the trunk. Locate the portable funnel that comes with your vehicle. E157280 3. Fill your vehicle with fuel from the portable fuel container.
  • Page 163: Refilling With Portable Fuel Container

    Fuel and Refueling Refilling With a Portable Fuel WARNINGS Container (Energi Vehicles Only) Do not try to pry open or push open the capless fuel system with foreign WARNINGS objects. This could damage the fuel Do not insert the nozzle of portable system and its seal and cause injury to you fuel containers or aftermarket or others.
  • Page 164: Refueling

    Fuel and Refueling 2. Press the fuel button located on the REFUELING center console. Wait up to 15 seconds for the fuel door to open. A Ready to WARNINGS Fuel message will appear in the Fuel vapor burns violently and a fuel information display screen.
  • Page 165: Easy Fuel Capless Fuel System

    Fuel and Refueling Easy Fuel Capless Fuel System 3. Slowly insert the fuel filler nozzle fully (Non-Energi Vehicles) into the fuel system to open both doors. Leave the nozzle fully inserted WARNING until you have stopped pumping fuel. The fuel system may be under pressure.
  • Page 166: Energi Vehicles Only

    Fuel and Refueling 4. Insert the fuel fill nozzle, or the fuel fill 2. Press the button located on the center funnel provided with your vehicle, console to open the fuel filler door. It several times to allow the inlet to close could take up to 15 seconds for the fuel properly.
  • Page 167 Fuel and Refueling Note: A fuel spillage concern may occur if Using the manual override lever overfilling the fuel tank. Do not overfill the WARNING tank to the point that the fuel is able to bypass the fuel filler nozzle. The overfilled The fuel system may be under fuel may run down the drain located below pressure.
  • Page 168: Fuel Consumption

    Fuel and Refueling Note: A fuel spillage concern may occur if Empty reserve is the amount of fuel overfilling the fuel tank. Do not overfill the remaining in the tank after the fuel gauge tank to the point that the fuel is able to indicates empty.
  • Page 169: Emission Control System

    If you use anything other than Ford, In general, lower temperatures mean lower Motorcraft or Ford-authorized parts for fuel economy.
  • Page 170 Fuel and Refueling On-Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) If the service engine soon indicator remains on, have your vehicle serviced at the first Your vehicle has a computer known as the available opportunity. Although some on-board diagnostics system (OBD-II) that malfunctions detected by the OBD-II may monitors the engine’s emission control not have symptoms that are apparent, system.
  • Page 171 Fuel and Refueling The OBD-II system checks the emission control system during normal driving. A complete check may take several days. If the vehicle is not ready for I/M testing, you can perform the following driving cycle consisting of mixed city and highway driving: 15 minutes of steady driving on an expressway or highway followed by 20...
  • Page 172: High Voltage Battery

    High Voltage Battery HIGH-VOLTAGE SERVICE GENERAL INFORMATION DISCONNECT WARNING The high-voltage service disconnect turns off power from the high-voltage battery. Have the battery pack serviced only by an authorized electric vehicle Note: There is a disconnect circuit in your technician. Improper handling can vehicle.
  • Page 173: Charging The High Voltage Battery

    High Voltage Battery 4. Slide the handle on the service disconnect outboard to the right. For Energi vehicles slide the handle outboard and to the left. E162957 Service disconnect location for Energi vehicles. Disabling the High-Voltage Battery E146133 5. Pull the handle toward you and remove Fold down the rear seats.
  • Page 174: High Voltage Battery

    High Voltage Battery WARNINGS This equipment has arcing or sparking parts, do not expose to flammable vapors. Position this equipment at least 18 inches (80 millimeters) above the floor. The AC wall plug must fit firmly into the AC outlet. If the connection feels loose, worn or the AC outlet is damaged, please have a qualified electrician replace the AC outlet.
  • Page 175 High Voltage Battery Charge (green light) — indicates status The light ring located around the charge of charging: port indicates the charge status of the high voltage battery in your vehicle. Divided into • No light means you have not connected four quadrants, the charge port light ring the cord to the vehicle.
  • Page 176 High Voltage Battery Locking the Charging Coupler Note: You will need a padlock or a combination lock with a shackle diameter of 0.2 (5 mm) or less and the straight portion of the shackle of 1.0 (25.4 mm) of length or more. E144780 4.
  • Page 177: High Voltage Battery Cut-Off Switch

    High Voltage Battery • When both right side quadrant lights are on and the bottom left quadrant is off, the charge is between 50–75 percent. • When three quadrant lights are on and the top left quadrant is off, the charge is between 75–100 percent.
  • Page 178 High Voltage Battery Note: During this process, your vehicle will detect if the electrical system is safe and reactivate. Once your vehicle determines the electrical system safe, you can start your vehicle as you would normally by either turning the ignition key or by pressing the brake in combination with the START/STOP button.
  • Page 179: Transmission

    Transmission P (Park) AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION This position locks the transmission and WARNINGS prevents the front wheels from turning. Come to a complete stop before putting Always set the parking brake fully your vehicle into and out of P (Park) and make sure the gearshift is latched in P (Park).
  • Page 180: Brake-Shift Interlock

    Transmission Grade assist: WARNINGS If the parking brake is fully released, • Provides additional grade braking with but the brake warning lamp remains a combination of engine motoring and illuminated, the brakes may not be high-voltage battery charging to help working properly.
  • Page 181 Transmission 2. Locate the access hole. E155983 3. Insert the screwdriver (or similar tool) into the access hole and press the lever foreword while pulling the gearshift lever out of the P (Park) position and into the N (Neutral) position. 4.
  • Page 182: Brakes

    Brakes Brake Assist GENERAL INFORMATION Brake assist detects when you brake Note: Occasional brake noise is normal. If heavily by measuring the rate at which you a metal-to-metal, continuous grinding or press the brake pedal. It provides continuous squeal sound is present, the maximum braking efficiency as long as you brake linings may be worn-out.
  • Page 183: Hints On Driving With Anti-Lock Brakes

    Brakes When you release the accelerator pedal or WARNING press the brake pedal, the brake controller Always set the parking brake and automatically detects the amount of leave your vehicle with the deceleration requested and optimizes how transmission in park (P). much of the deceleration will be produced by regenerative braking.
  • Page 184 Brakes If your vehicle speed is above 4 mph (6 km/h), the braking force is applied ias long as the switch is applied. Releasing or pressing the switch or pressing the accelerator pedal will stop the braking force. Releasing the electric parking brake E147230 Pull the switch up to apply the electric...
  • Page 185: Hill Start Assist

    Brakes Automatic release - drive away release HILL START ASSIST Your vehicle will automatically release the WARNINGS parking brake if: The system does not replace the • The driver door is closed. parking brake. When you leave your • The driver safety belt is fastened. vehicle, always apply the parking brake and put the transmission in park (P).
  • Page 186 Brakes 3. When you remove your foot from the brake pedal, your vehicle will remain on the slope without rolling away for about two or three seconds. This hold time will automatically be extended if you are in the process of driving off. 4.
  • Page 187: Traction Control

    Traction Control System Indicator Lights and PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Messages The traction control system helps avoid WARNING drive wheel spin and loss of traction. If a failure has been detected within If your vehicle begins to slide, the system the AdvanceTrac system, the applies the brakes to individual wheels stability control light will illuminate and, when needed, reduces engine power...
  • Page 188: Stability Control

    Stability Control The AdvanceTrac Control system helps PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION you keep control of your vehicle when on a slippery surface. The electronic stability WARNINGS control portion of the system helps avoid Vehicle modifications involving skids and lateral slides. The traction braking system, aftermarket roof control system helps avoid drive wheel racks, suspension, steering system,...
  • Page 189: Parking Aids

    Parking Aids Note: If your vehicle is equipped with PARKING AID (If Equipped) MyKey®, it is possible to prevent turning the sensing system off. See MyKey (page WARNINGS 52). To help avoid personal injury, please The sensing system warns the driver of read and understand the limitations obstacles within a certain range of the of the system as contained in this...
  • Page 190: Front Sensing System

    Parking Aids E130382 E130178 Coverage area of up to 27 inches (70 centimeters) from the front Coverage area of up to 6 feet (2 of the vehicle and about 6–14 meters) from the rear bumper. inches (15–35 centimeters) to There is decreased coverage the side of the front end of the area at the outer corners of the vehicle.
  • Page 191: Active Park Assist

    Parking Aids For specific information on the reverse Note: The sensors may not detect objects sensing portion of the system, refer to that in heavy rain or other conditions that cause section. disruptive reflections. Note: The sensors may not detect objects ACTIVE PARK ASSIST with surfaces that absorb ultrasonic waves.
  • Page 192: Parking Aids

    Parking Aids When the system finds a suitable space, Note: If driven above approximately 20 the touchscreen displays a message and mph (35 km/h), the touchscreen shows a a tone sounds. Slow down, continue message to alert you to reduce your vehicle moving forward and stop when another speed.
  • Page 193: Deactivating The Park Assist Feature

    Parking Aids Deactivating the Park Assist Certain vehicle conditions can also Feature deactivate the system, such as: • Traction control has activated on a Manually deactivate the system by:: slippery or loose surface. • Pressing the active park assist button. •...
  • Page 194: Rear View Camera

    Parking Aids The system does not position the vehicle where I want in the space Your vehicle is rolling in the opposite direction of the transmission (rolling forward when Reverse [R] is selected) An irregular curb along the parking space prevents the system from aligning your vehicle properly Vehicles or objects bordering the space may not be positioned correctly You pulled your vehicle too far past the parking space.
  • Page 195: Using The Rear View Camera System

    Parking Aids During operation, lines appear in the Note: When towing, the camera only sees display which represent your vehicle’s path what you are towing behind your vehicle. and proximity to objects behind your This might not provide adequate coverage vehicle.
  • Page 196 Parking Aids Always use caution while reversing. Objects in the red zone are closest to your vehicle and objects in the green zone are farther away. Objects are getting closer to your vehicle as they move from the green zone to the yellow or red zones. Use the side view mirrors and rear view mirror to get better coverage on both sides and rear of the vehicle.
  • Page 197 Parking Aids This allows you to get a closer view of an object behind your vehicle. The zoomed image keeps the bumper in the image to provide a reference. The zoom is only active while the transmission is in reverse (R).
  • Page 198: Cruise Control

    Cruise Control The cruise controls are located on the PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION steering wheel. Cruise control lets you maintain a set Switching Cruise Control On speed without keeping your foot on the accelerator pedal. You can use cruise Press and release ON. control when your vehicle speed is greater The indicator will appear in the than 20 mph (30 km/h).
  • Page 199: Using Adaptive Cruise Control

    Cruise Control Switching Cruise Control Off WARNINGS Do not use the adaptive cruise Note: You will erase the set speed if you control when entering or leaving a switch the system off. highway, in heavy traffic or on roads Press and release OFF or switch the that are winding, slippery or unpaved.
  • Page 200: Setting A Speed

    Cruise Control The current gap setting and SET will also WARNINGS display. Adaptive cruise control only warns of vehicles detected by the radar Setting a Speed sensor. In some cases there may be no warning or a delayed warning. You Accelerate to the desired speed.
  • Page 201 Cruise Control Setting the Gap Distance You can decrease or increase the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in Note: It is your responsibility to select a gap front of you by pressing the gap control. appropriate to the driving conditions. E164805 The selected gap appears in the information display as shown by the bars...
  • Page 202: Low Speed Automatic Cancellation

    Cruise Control Hilly Condition Usage When you override the system, the green indicator light Note: An audible alarm sounds and the E144529 illuminates and the lead vehicle system shuts down when it applies brakes graphic does not show in the for an extended period of time.
  • Page 203: System Not Available

    Cruise Control If something hits the front end of your vehicle or damage occurs, the radar-sensing zone may change. This could cause missed or false vehicle detections. Contact an authorized dealer to check the radar for proper coverage and operation. System Not Available Conditions that can cause the system to turn off or prevent the system from turning...
  • Page 204: Switching To Normal Cruise Control

    Cruise Control A message displays if something obstructs will not function when something obstructs the radar signals from the sensor. The the radar signals. The following table lists sensor is located behind a fascia cover possible causes and actions for this near the driver side of the lower grille.
  • Page 205: Driving Aids

    Driving Aids Switch the system on or off using the DRIVER ALERT (If Equipped) information display. See General Information (page 94). PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION When activated, the system will monitor WARNING your alertness level based upon your driving behavior in relation to the lane The driver alert system is designed markings, and other factors.
  • Page 206: Lane Keeping System

    Driving Aids LANE KEEPING SYSTEM Equipped) WARNING The system is designed to aid the driver. It is not intended to replace E131359 your attention and judgment. You are The current assessment of your alertness still responsible to drive with due care and indicates that you should rest as soon as attention.
  • Page 207: Driving Aids

    Driving Aids Press the button located on the Aid only – Provides an assistance steering left steering wheel stalk to torque input toward the lane center when E144813 switch the system on or off. the system detects an unintended lane departure.
  • Page 208 Driving Aids System Display • Your vehicle is in a dynamic maneuver. • The road has no or poor lane markings in the camera field-of-view. • The camera is obscured or unable to detect the lane markings due to environmental conditions (significant sun angles, shadows, snow, heavy rain or fog), traffic conditions (following a large vehicle that is blocking or...
  • Page 209 Driving Aids Why is the feature not available (line markings are gray) when I can see the lane markings on the road? Driving at high speeds in curves Previous feature activation happened within the last one second Ambiguous lane markings (mainly in construction zones) Rapid transition from light to dark or vice versa Sudden offset in lane markings ABS or AdvanceTrac activation...
  • Page 210: Blind Spot Information System

    Driving Aids Note: The Blind Spot Information System BLIND SPOT INFORMATION does not prevent contact with other vehicles SYSTEM or objects; nor detect parked vehicles, people, animals or infrastructure (fences, Blind Spot Information System guardrails, trees, etc.). It only alerts you to (BLIS ) with Cross Traffic Alert vehicles in the blind zones.
  • Page 211 Driving Aids WARNING To help avoid personal injury, NEVER use the Cross Traffic Alert system as a replacement for using the interior and exterior mirrors and looking over your shoulder before backing out of a parking space. Cross Traffic Alert is not a replacement for careful driving.
  • Page 212 Driving Aids E142441 Cross Traffic Alert also sounds a series of Zone coverage also decreases when tones and a message appears in the parking at shallow angles. Here, the left information display indicating a vehicle is sensor is mostly obstructed; zone coverage coming from the right or left.
  • Page 213 Driving Aids Reasons for messages being displayed The radar Clean the fascia area in surface is front of the radar or remove dirty or the obstruction. obstructed The radar Drive normally in traffic for surface is a few minutes to allow the not dirty or radar to detect passing obstructed...
  • Page 214: Steering

    Driving Aids • Driving in reverse faster than 5 mph You can also have one or both systems (8 km/h). switched off permanently at an authorized dealer. Once switched off, the system can • Backing out of an angled parking spot. only be switched back on at an authorized dealer.
  • Page 215: Collision Warning System

    Driving Aids If your vehicle loses electrical power while COLLISION WARNING SYSTEM you are driving (or if you switch the ignition off), you can steer your vehicle manually, PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION but it takes more effort. Extreme Equipped) continuous steering may increase the effort it takes for you to steer.
  • Page 216 Driving Aids If it is, a red warning light illuminates and Note: If collision warnings are perceived as an audible warning chime sounds. being too frequent or disturbing then the warning sensitivity can be reduced, though The brake support system assists the driver the manufacturer recommends using the in reducing the collision speed by charging highest sensitivity setting where possible.
  • Page 217 Driving Aids Cause Action The surface of the radar in the grille is dirty Clean the grille surface in front of the radar or obstructed in some way or remove the object causing the obstruc- tion The surface of the radar in the grille is clean Wait a short time.
  • Page 218: Load Carrying

    Load Carrying the following terms for LOAD LIMIT determining your vehicle’s weight Vehicle Loading - with and ratings, with or without a trailer, without a Trailer from the vehicle’s Tire Label or Safety Compliance Certification This section will guide you in the Label: proper loading of your vehicle, Base Curb Weight - is the weight...
  • Page 219: Load Carrying

    Load Carrying WARNING The appropriate loading capacity of your vehicle can be limited either by volume capacity (how much space is available) or by payload capacity (how much weight the vehicle should carry). Once you have reached the maximum payload of your vehicle, do not add more cargo, even if there is space available.
  • Page 220: Towing

    Load Carrying E142517 CARGO E143817 GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Cargo Weight - includes all Rating) - is the maximum weight added to the Base Curb allowable weight that can be Weight, including cargo and carried by a single axle (front or optional equipment.
  • Page 221: Towing

    Load Carrying Note: For trailer towing information refer to the RV and Trailer Towing Guide available at an authorized dealer. E143818 Safety Compliance Certification GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) - Label. The label shall be affixed is the Vehicle Curb Weight, plus to either the door hinge pillar, cargo, plus passengers.
  • Page 222: Towing

    Load Carrying E142524 WARNING Exceeding the Safety Compliance Certification Label vehicle weight rating limits could result in substandard vehicle handling or performance, engine, transmission and/or structural damage, serious damage to the vehicle, loss of control and personal injury. E143819 GCWR (Gross Combined GCW (Gross Combined Weight) Weight Rating) - is the maximum - is the Gross Vehicle Weight plus...
  • Page 223: Towing

    Load Carrying for operation at Gross Vehicle Examples: For a 5000 pound Weight Rating, not at Gross (2268 kilogram) conventional Combined Weight Rating.) trailer, multiply 5000 by 0.10 and Separate functional brakes should 0.15 to obtain a proper tongue be used for safe control of towed load range of 500 to 750 pounds vehicles and for trailers where the (227 to 340 kilograms).
  • Page 224: Towing

    Load Carrying 2. Determine the combined *Suppose your vehicle has a weight of the driver and 1400-pound (635-kilogram) cargo passengers that will be riding and luggage capacity. You decide in your vehicle. to go golfing. Is there enough load capacity to carry you, four of your 3.
  • Page 225 Load Carrying be: 635 kilograms - (2 x 99 kilograms) - (12 x 45 kilograms) = 635 - 198 - 540 = -103 kilograms. You will need to reduce the load weight by at least 240 pounds (104 kilograms). If you remove three 100-pound (45-kilogram) cement bags, then the load calculation would be: 1400 - (2 x...
  • Page 226: Towing

    Towing We recommend the use of a wheel lift and TOWING A TRAILER dollies or flatbed equipment to tow your vehicle. Do not tow with a slingbelt. Ford WARNING Motor Company has not approved a slingbelt towing procedure. Vehicle Never tow a trailer with a damage may occur if towed incorrectly, or Fusion Hybrid.
  • Page 227: Recreational Towing

    Towing Recreational Towing 3. Turn the vehicle off by turning the ignition key past the accessory position. Note: Put your climate control system in The key position is between the recirculated air mode to prevent exhaust accessory and off positions. See fumes from entering the vehicle.
  • Page 228: Driving Hints

    Driving Hints There are also some things you may want BREAKING-IN to avoid doing because they reduce your fuel economy: You need to break in new tires for approximately 300 miles (480 • Avoid sudden or hard accelerations. kilometers). During this time, your vehicle •...
  • Page 229: Floor Mats

    Driving Hints WARNINGS Always make sure that the floor mats are properly attached to the retention posts in the carpet that are supplied with your vehicle. Floor mats must be properly secured to both retention posts to make sure mats do not shift out of position.
  • Page 230: Driving Hints

    Driving Hints E142666 To install floor mats, position the floor mat so that the eyelet is over the retention post and press down to lock in. To remove the floor mat, reverse the installation procedure. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 231: Roadside Emergencies

    Roadside Assistance Card included in your Owner's Manual portfolio. U.S. Ford vehicle customers who require Roadside Assistance, call 1-800-241-3673. Roadside assistance will cover: If you need to arrange roadside assistance •...
  • Page 232: Hazard Warning Flashers

    Ford Motor Company recommends that the fuel system be inspected by an Note: In the event that your vehicle does authorized dealer after any collision.
  • Page 233: Roadside Emergencies

    Roadside Emergencies Do not attempt to push-start your 2. Check all battery terminals and remove automatic transmission vehicle. Automatic any excessive corrosion before you transmissions do not have push-start attach the battery cables. Ensure that capability. Attempting to push-start a vent caps are tight and level.
  • Page 234 Roadside Emergencies Note: In the illustration, the vehicle on the Note: Do not attach the negative (-) cable bottom is used to designate the assisting to fuel lines, engine rocker covers, the intake (boosting) battery. manifold or electrical components as grounding points.
  • Page 235: Collision, Damage Or Fire Event

    Roadside Emergencies COLLISION, DAMAGE OR FIRE EVENT Guidance for Ford Motor Company Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles Equipped With High Voltage Batteries (Vehicle Owner/Operator/General Public) Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Considerations In the event of damage or fire involving an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV): •...
  • Page 236 • For vehicles in Canada, notify Ford • Avoid contact with leaking fluids and Motor Company 1-800-565-3673 gases, and remain out of the way of (then follow the prompts on the voice...
  • Page 237: Post-Crash Alert System

    Roadside Emergencies POST-CRASH ALERT SYSTEM The system flashes the turn signal lamps and sounds the horn (intermittently) in the event of a serious impact that deploys an airbag (front, side, side curtain or Safety Canopy) or the safety belt pretensioners. The horn and lamps will turn off when: •...
  • Page 238: Customer Assistance

    A reasonable time must be allowed to Oakville, Ontario L6K 0C8 perform a repair after taking your vehicle Telephone to the authorized dealer. Repairs will be made using Ford or Motorcraft® parts, or 1-800-565-3673 (FORD) remanufactured or other parts that are Online authorized by Ford.
  • Page 239: In California (U.s. Only)

    2. Four or more repair attempts are made Ford in writing before pursuing remedies on the same nonconformity (a defect under your state’s warranty laws. Ford is or condition that substantially impairs also allowed a final repair attempt in some the use, value or safety of the vehicle) states.
  • Page 240: The Better Business Bureau (Bbb) Auto Line Program (U.s. Only)

    BBB. Canadian dealers. In those cases where You are not bound by the decision, and you continue to feel that the efforts by Ford may reject the decision and proceed to of Canada and the authorized dealer to...
  • Page 241: Getting Assistance Outside The U.s. And Canada

    CAMVAP decisions are fast, fair, FORD MOTOR COMPANY and final as the arbitrator’s award is Customer Relationship Center binding on both you and Ford of Canada. 1555 Fairlane Drive CAMVAP services are available in all Fairlane Business Park #3 Canadian territories and provinces.
  • Page 242: Ordering Additional Owner's Literature

    REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS identification number (VIN) and new address with Ford Motor Company Export (U.S. ONLY) Operations & Global Growth Initiatives by emailing If you are in another foreign country, contact the nearest authorized dealer.
  • Page 243: Reporting Safety Defects (Canada Only)

    Customer Assistance To contact NHTSA, you may call You can also obtain other the Vehicle Safety Hotline information about motor vehicle toll-free at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY: safety from 1-800-424-9153); go to; or write REPORTING SAFETY DEFECTS Administrator (CANADA ONLY) 1200 New Jersey Avenue, If you believe that your vehicle has Southeast...
  • Page 244: Fuses

    Fuses The power distribution box is located in FUSE SPECIFICATION CHART the engine compartment. It has high-current fuses that protect your Power Distribution Box vehicle's main electrical systems from overloads. WARNINGS Always disconnect the battery before If the battery has been disconnected and servicing high-current fuses.
  • Page 245 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components — Blower motor relay. Power point 3 - back of console. — Not used. Powertrain control module - vehicle power Powertrain control module - vehicle power — Powertrain control module relay. Power point 1 - driver front.
  • Page 246 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Run-start anti-lock brake system. Run-start powertrain control module. Fuel door solenoid (Fusion Energi). — Not used. Hybrid content vehicle power 5. — Not used. — Not used. — Not used. —...
  • Page 247 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Air flow monitor. — Not used. Hybrid content vehicle power 1. Hybrid content vehicle power 2. Power seats. Hybrid content vehicle power 3. Hybrid content vehicle power 4. Micro fuse. Dual micro fuse.
  • Page 248 Fuses Power Distribution Box - Bottom There are fuses located on the bottom of the fuse box. To access the bottom of the fuse box, do the following: Release the two latches, located on both sides of the fuse box. 2.
  • Page 249 Fuses E144949 Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Fuel pump feed. — Not used. — Not used. Vacuum pump relay. Electronic fan. Left-hand windshield defroster. Body control module 1. — Not used. PHEV charger. Front heated seat. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 250 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Right-hand windshield defroster. Body control module 2. Heated rear window. Anti-lock brake system valves. Passenger seat. — Not used. Moonroof. Rear heated seat. Driver seat module. — Not used. Transmission oil pump. Climate controlled seats.
  • Page 251 Fuses Passenger Compartment Fuse instrument panel to the left of the steering Panel column. Note: It may be easier to access the fuse The fuse panel is located under the panel if you remove the finish trim piece. E145984 Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Lighting (ambient, glove box, vanity, dome,...
  • Page 252 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Not used (spare). Not used (spare). Not used (spare). Keypad. Cell phone passport module (Fusion Energi). Power decklid module. Not used (spare). Climate control. 7.5A Gear shift. Steering wheel column. 7.5A Instrument cluster.
  • Page 253 Fuses Fuse or relay number Fuse amp rating Protected components Central lock unlock. Driver door (window, mirror). Front passenger door (window, mirror). Moonroof. Amplifier. Rear driver side door (window). Rear passenger side door (window). Moonroof. GPS. Voice control. Display. Adaptive cruise control. Radio frequency receiver.
  • Page 254: Changing A Fuse

    Fuses CHANGING A FUSE Fuses WARNING Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire. E142430 If electrical components in the vehicle are not working, a fuse may have blown.
  • Page 255: Maintenance

    Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help (Park). maintain its roadworthiness and resale 2. Turn off the engine and remove the key value. There is a large network of Ford (if equipped). authorized dealers that are there to help you with their professional servicing 3.
  • Page 256: Under Hood Overview

    Maintenance 2. Go to the front of the vehicle and 5. To close the hood, lift the hood slightly locate the secondary release lever, and separate the prop rod from the which is located under the front of the hood and secure the prop rod in the hood, to your right of the center of the clip.
  • Page 257 Maintenance E146046 Engine coolant reservoir cap Engine oil filler cap Engine air cleaner cover Brake fluid reservoir cap Power distribution box Inverter system controller Inverter system controller coolant reservoir cap Engine oil dipstick Windshield washer fluid reservoir cap Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 258: Engine Oil Dipstick

    Check the level before starting the engine and make sure that the level is between Remove the filler cap. the MIN and the MAX marks. 2. Add engine oil that meets the Ford Make sure that your vehicle is on level specifications. See Capacities and ground.
  • Page 259: Oil Change Indicator Reset

    Maintenance Selecting EV Now mode when your vehicle Note: If the level is at the MIN mark, below is in the engine management mode will the MIN mark, or empty, add prediluted suspend the engine management mode coolant immediately. See Adding Engine for as long as you continue driving your Coolant in this chapter.
  • Page 260 Do not use engine coolant Note: It is very important to use prediluted or antifreeze or windshield washer fluid coolant meeting the Ford specification in outside of its specified function and vehicle order to avoid plugging the small coolant location.
  • Page 261 Recycled Engine Coolant Adding Engine Coolant Ford Motor Company does not recommend Unscrew the engine coolant reservoir the use of recycled engine coolant since a cap slowly. Any pressure will escape Ford-approved recycling process is not yet as you unscrew the cap.
  • Page 262 Maintenance Vehicles driven year-round in non-extreme When Fail-Safe Mode Is Activated climates should use prediluted coolant WARNINGS meeting the Ford specification for optimum cooling system and engine Fail-safe mode is for use during protection. emergencies only. Operate the vehicle in fail-safe mode only as long...
  • Page 263: Automatic Transmission Fluid Check

    However, the fluid low. Only use a washer fluid that meets level should be checked if the transmission Ford specifications. See Capacities and is not working properly, (i.e., if the Specifications (page 310). transmission slips or shifts slowly) or if you notice some sign of fluid leakage.
  • Page 264 12V battery. When a battery replacement is required, Your vehicle is equipped with a Motorcraft then you should only replace it with a Ford maintenance-free battery which normally recommended replacement battery that does not require additional water during matches the electrical requirements of the its life of service.
  • Page 265: Checking The Wiper Blades

    Maintenance Because your vehicle’s engine is Note: If you do not allow the engine to electronically-controlled by a computer, relearn the idle and fuel trim strategy, the some engine control settings are idle quality of your vehicle may be adversely maintained by power from the low-voltage affected until the engine computer battery.
  • Page 266: Adjusting The Headlamps

    Maintenance Headlamp Aiming Target E129990 Pull the wiper blade and arm away E142592 from the glass. 8 feet (2.4 meters) 2. Press the locking buttons together. Center height of lamp to ground 3. Rotate and remove the wiper blade. 4. Install in the reverse order. 25 feet (7.6 meters) Note: Make sure that the wiper blade locks Horizontal reference line...
  • Page 267: Horizontal Aim Adjustment

    Maintenance E145594 E142465 4. On the wall or screen you will observe 5. Locate the vertical adjuster on each a flat zone of high intensity light headlamp. Using a Phillips #2 located at the top of the right hand screwdriver, turn the adjuster either portion of the beam pattern.
  • Page 268: Removing A Headlamp

    Maintenance REMOVING A HEADLAMP E159693 Make sure the headlamp control is in the off position and open the hood. 2. Remove the six fasteners securing the front fascia to the front trim cover. 3. Remove the three bumper cover upper screws.
  • Page 269: Changing A Bulb

    Maintenance Remove the three front bumper cover Carefully pull the headlamp assembly lower fasteners, only on the side of the outward to disengage it from the headlamp you are servicing. lower fixing point. Carefully lift the headlamp and remove it from the vehicle. Disconnect the electrical connector.
  • Page 270 Maintenance Replacing the Tail, Brake, High- Replacing the High Beam Headlamp Mount Brake Lamp, and Turn Bulb Signal Lamp Bulbs Remove the headlamp assembly. These lamps are designed with LED light 2. Remove the service cap. sources. For replacement, see your 3.
  • Page 271: Bulb Specification Chart

    Maintenance Remove the bulb from the bulb holder. Install the new bulb in reverse order. Replacing the License Plate Lamp Bulb E72789 Carefully release the spring clip. 2. Remove the lamp. 3. Remove the bulb. Install the new bulb in reverse order. E145779 BULB SPECIFICATION CHART 6.
  • Page 272 Maintenance Function Trade name *Park lamp - front *Turn lamp - front PWY24W *Fog lamp - front *Tail and brake lamp - high series *Tail and brake lamp - low series Reverse lamp *Turn lamp - rear - high series *Turn lamp - rear - low series *Side marker lamp - rear License plate lamp...
  • Page 273: Changing The Engine Air Filter

    Maintenance 5. Install the new engine air filter element CHANGING THE ENGINE AIR to the engine air cleaner assembly. FILTER 6. Install the air cleaner cover. Tighten the 5 bolts to the air cleaner WARNING cover. To reduce the risk of vehicle damage and/or personal burn injuries do not start your engine with the air cleaner removed and do not remove it while the...
  • Page 274: Vehicle Care

    Vehicle Care GENERAL INFORMATION CLEANING THE EXTERIOR Your Ford or Lincoln authorized dealer has Wash your vehicle regularly with cool or many quality products available to clean lukewarm water and a neutral pH your vehicle and protect its finishes. shampoo, such as Motorcraft Detail Wash.
  • Page 275: Waxing

    Vehicle Care • Wash your vehicle first, using cool or • Use a quality wax that does not contain lukewarm water and a neutral pH abrasives. shampoo, such as Motorcraft Detail • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions Wash. to apply and remove the wax. •...
  • Page 276: Cleaning The Windows And Wiper Blades

    Vehicle Care • Never wash or rinse any ignition coil, WARNINGS spark plug wire or spark plug well, or On vehicles equipped with the area in and around these locations. seat-mounted airbags, do not use • Cover the battery, power distribution chemical solvents or strong box, and air filter assembly to prevent detergents.
  • Page 277: Cleaning Leather Seats

    Vehicle Care Note: Follow the same procedure as 4. If necessary, apply more soap and cleaning leather seats for cleaning leather water solution or cleaning product to instrument panels and leather interior trim a clean, soft cloth and press it onto the surfaces.
  • Page 278: Repairing Minor Paint Damage

    Vehicle Care • Alcohol solutions. Alloy wheels and wheel covers are coated with a clear coat paint finish. To maintain • Solvents or cleaners intended their condition we recommend that you: specifically for rubber, vinyl and plastics. • Clean the wheels weekly using Motorcraft Wheel and Tire Cleaner.
  • Page 279: Cooling System

    Vehicle Care Body Cooling system • Wash your vehicle thoroughly to • Protect against freezing temperatures. remove dirt, grease, oil, tar or mud from • When removing your vehicle from exterior surfaces, rear-wheel housing storage, check coolant fluid level. and the underside of front fenders. Confirm that there are no cooling •...
  • Page 280: Vehicle Care

    Vehicle Care • Check under the hood for any foreign material that may have collected during storage such as mice or squirrel nests. • Check the exhaust for any foreign material that may have collected during storage. • Check tire pressures and set tire inflation per the Tire Label.
  • Page 281: Wheels And Tires

    TEMPORARY MOBILITY KIT Type 1 Note: The temporary mobility kit canister contains enough sealant compound for one tire repair only. See your authorized Ford dealer for additional replacement sealant canisters. The kit is located under the load floor of the trunk. The kit consists of an air...
  • Page 282: Wheels And Tires

    (200 km). Drive only to the closest • Only use the sealing compound before authorized Ford dealer or tire repair shop to the use by date. The use by date is on have your tire inspected. the lower right hand corner of the label •...
  • Page 283 Wheels and Tires What to do when a Tire Is 2. Unwrap the clear tube from the Punctured compressor housing. 3. Remove the tube cap and fasten the A tire puncture within the tire tread area metal connector of the tube to the tire can be repaired in two stages with the kit.
  • Page 284 Wheels and Tires Note: If you experience any unusual vibration, ride disturbance or noise while driving, reduce your speed until you can safely pull off to the side of the road to call for roadside assistance. Note: Do not proceed to the second stage of this operation.
  • Page 285 (hose). You can obtain and replace sealing compound and spare parts E144624 at an authorized Ford dealer or tire dealer. 2. Locate the yellow cap at the end of the Empty sealant bottles may be disposed of clear tube.
  • Page 286 Installation of the sealant canister to compressor housing. the kit Note: If you experience any difficulties with the removal or installation of the sealant canister, consult your Ford Motor Company authorized dealer for assistance. E144626 E144629 Align the sealant canister with the kit Be sure to check the sealant compound's housing.
  • Page 287 Note: Do not drive the vehicle above 50 mph (80 km/h). Note: Do not drive further than 120 mi (200 km). Drive only to the closest authorized Ford dealer or tire repair shop to have your tire inspected. • Drive carefully and avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.
  • Page 288: What To Do When A Tire Is Punctured

    • Before operating the kit, make sure stem on the wheel must be replaced your vehicle is safely off the road and by an authorized Ford dealer. away from moving traffic. Turn on the hazard lights. • Operating the kit could cause an electrical disturbance in radio, CD, and •...
  • Page 289 Wheels and Tires Preparation: Park the vehicle in a safe, level 4. Plug the power cable into the 12-volt and secure area, away from moving traffic. power point in the vehicle. 5. Remove the warning sticker found on Turn the hazard lights on. Apply the parking the casing/housing and place it on the brake and turn the engine off.
  • Page 290 Wheels and Tires pressure gauge reading will indicate Note: If you experience any unusual the tire inflation pressure after about vibration, ride disturbance or noise while 30 seconds of operation. The final tire driving, reduce your speed until you can pressure should be checked with the safely pull off to the side of the road to call compressor turned OFF in order to get...
  • Page 291 Empty sealant canisters may be disposed of at home. However, canisters still containing liquid sealant should be disposed of by your local authorized Ford dealer or tire dealer, or in accordance with local waste disposal regulation. Note: After the sealing compound has been...
  • Page 292 Note: If you experience any difficulties with the removal or installation of the sealant canister, consult your authorized Ford dealer for assistance. Be sure to check the sealant compound’s E175988 use-by date regularly.
  • Page 293: Tire Care

    U.S. Department of TIRE CARE Transportation Tire quality Information About Uniform grades: The U.S. Department of Tire Quality Grading Transportation requires Ford Motor Company to give you the following information about tire grades exactly as the government has written it. Treadwear...
  • Page 294 Wheels and Tires The traction grades, from highest Federal Motor Vehicle Safety to lowest are AA, A, B, and C. The Standard No. 139. Grades B and A grades represent the tire’s ability represent higher levels of to stop on wet pavement as performance on the laboratory measured under controlled test wheel than the minimum...
  • Page 295 Wheels and Tires *kPa: Kilopascal, a metric unit of Information Contained on the air pressure. Tire Sidewall *PSI: Pounds per square inch, a Both U.S. and Canada Federal standard unit of air pressure. regulations require tire manufacturers to place *Cold tire pressure: The tire standardized information on the pressure when the vehicle has sidewall of all tires.
  • Page 296 Wheels and Tires A. P: Indicates a tire, designated G. H: Indicates the tire's speed by the Tire and Rim Association, rating. The speed rating denotes that may be used for service on the speed at which a tire is cars, sport utility vehicles, designed to be driven for extended minivans and light trucks.
  • Page 297 Wheels and Tires J. Tire Ply Composition and Letter Speed rating Material Used: Indicates the rating number of plies or the number of 168 mph (270 km/h) layers of rubber-coated fabric in the tire tread and sidewall. Tire 186 mph (299 km/h) manufacturers also must indicate Note: For tires with a maximum the ply materials in the tire and the...
  • Page 298 Wheels and Tires *Traction: The traction grades, The tire suppliers may have from highest to lowest are AA, A, additional markings, notes or B, and C. The grades represent the warnings such as standard load tire's ability to stop on wet or radial tubeless.
  • Page 299 Wheels and Tires C. Maximum Load Dual lb (kg) at psi (kPa) cold: Indicates the maximum load and tire pressure when the tire is used as a dual; defined as four tires on the rear axle (a total of six or more tires on the vehicle).
  • Page 300 Numbers of 70 or automatic service station gauges lower indicate a short sidewall. may be inaccurate. Ford recommends the use of a digital D. D: Indicates a diagonal type tire. or dial-type tire pressure gauge R: Indicates a radial type tire.
  • Page 301 Wheels and Tires (affixed to either the door hinge When weather temperature pillar, door-latch post, or the door changes occur, tire inflation edge that meets the door-latch pressures also change. A 10°F post, next to the driver's seating (6°C) temperature drop can position), or Tire Label which is cause a corresponding drop of 1 located on the B-Pillar or the edge...
  • Page 302 Wheels and Tires 3. Add enough air to reach the Inspecting Your Tires and recommended air pressure. Wheel Valve Stems Note: If you overfill the tire, release Periodically inspect the tire treads air by pressing on the metal stem for uneven or excessive wear and in the center of the valve.
  • Page 303 Wheels and Tires Tire Wear or suspected have the tire inspected by a tire professional. Tires can be damaged during off-road use, so inspection after off-road use is also recommended. WARNING Tires degrade over time depending on many factors E142546 such as weather, storage When the tread is worn down to conditions, and conditions of use...
  • Page 304 Use of any tire or wheel four numbers represent the week not recommended by Ford can and year the tire was built. For affect the safety and performance example, the numbers 317 mean of your vehicle, which could result the 31st week of 1997.
  • Page 305 For a mounting pressure more WARNINGS than 20 psi (1.38 bar) greater than If your vehicle is stuck in the maximum pressure, a Ford snow, mud, sand, etc., do not dealer or other tire service rapidly spin the tires; spinning the...
  • Page 306 Wheels and Tires Driving habits have a great deal Tire and Wheel Alignment to do with your tire mileage and A bad jolt from hitting a curb or safety. pothole can cause the front end *Observe posted speed limits of your vehicle to become misaligned or cause damage to *Avoid fast starts, stops and turns your tires.
  • Page 307 Wheels and Tires Note: Your vehicle may be All vehicles with directional tires equipped with a dissimilar spare (front tires on the left side of the wheel and tire assembly. A diagram) dissimilar spare wheel and tire assembly is defined as a spare wheel and tire assembly that is different in brand, size or appearance from the road tires and...
  • Page 308: Using Snow Chains

    Wheels and Tires Each tire, including the spare (if USING SNOW CHAINS provided), should be checked monthly when cold and inflated WARNING to the inflation pressure If you choose to install snow tires on recommended by the vehicle manufacturer your vehicle, they must be the same on the vehicle placard or tire inflation size, construction, and load range as pressure label.
  • Page 309 Wheels and Tires When the malfunction indicator is You should always have your tires serviced illuminated, the system may not be able by an authorized dealer. to detect or signal low tire pressure as Check the tire pressure periodically (at intended.
  • Page 310 Wheels and Tires Low tire pressure Possible cause Customer action required warning light Solid warning light Tire(s) under-inflated Make sure tires are at the proper pres- sure. See Inflating your tires in this chapter. After inflating your tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure as shown on the Tire Label (located on the edge of driver’s door or the B-Pillar),...
  • Page 311: Technical Specifications

    Ib-ft (Nm) M12 x 1.5 100 (135) Torque specifications are for nut and bolt threads free of dirt and rust. Use only Ford recommended replacement fasteners. Retighten the lug nuts to the specified torque within 100 miles (160 kilometers) after any wheel disturbance (such as tire rotation, changing a flat tire, wheel removal).
  • Page 312 Wheels and Tires E145950 Wheel pilot bore Inspect the wheel pilot bore and mounting surface prior to installation. Remove any visible corrosion or loose particles. Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 313: Capacities And Specifications

    Capacities and Specifications ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Engine 2.0L ATK iVCT Engine Cubic inches Required fuel Minimum 87 octane Firing order 1-3-4-2 Ignition system Coil on plug (COP) Compression 12.3:1 ratio Spark plug gap 0.051 in. ± 0.002 in. (1.3 mm ± 0.05 mm) Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 314: Motorcraft Parts

    WW-2700 (passenger side) We recommend Motorcraft replacement parts available at your Ford dealer or at for scheduled maintenance. These parts meet or exceed Ford Motor Company’s specifications and are engineered for your vehicle. Use of other parts may impact vehicle performance, emissions and durability.
  • Page 315: Vehicle Identification Number

    Capacities and Specifications VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION Make, vehicle line, series, body NUMBER type Engine type The vehicle identification number is Check digit located on the left-hand side of the instrument panel. Model year Assembly plant Production sequence number VEHICLE CERTIFICATION LABEL E142476 Please note that in the graphic, XXXX is representative of your vehicle identification...
  • Page 316: Transmission Code Designation

    Capacities and Specifications The transmission code is on the Safety TRANSMISSION CODE Compliance Certification Label. The DESIGNATION following table shows the transmission code along with the transmission description. E167814 Description Code Electronic continuously variable transmission (ECVT), automatic and power split Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 317: Technical Specifications

    The air conditioning refrigerant system contains refrigerant R-134a under high pressure. Opening the air conditioning refrigerant system can cause personal injury. Have the air conditioning refrigerant system serviced only by qualified personnel. Item Capacity Ford part name or Ford part number / equivalent Ford specification Between MIN and...
  • Page 318: Capacities And Specifications

    Your engine has been designed to use Motorcraft engine oils or equivalent oils that meet Ford's oil specification. It is also acceptable to use an engine oil of recommended viscosity grade that meets API SN requirements and displays the API certification mark for gasoline engines.
  • Page 319: Audio System

    Audio systems capable of recognizing and compact discs may not function correctly playing MP3 and WMA individual tracks when used in Ford CD players. and folder structures work as follows: • There are two different modes for MP3...
  • Page 320: Audio Unit - Vehicles With: Am/Fm/Cd/Sync/Satellite Radio

    Audio System • MP3 and WMA folder mode represents AUDIO UNIT - VEHICLES WITH: a folder structure consisting of one AM/FM/CD/SYNC/SATELLITE level of folders. The CD player numbers RADIO all MP3 and WMA tracks on the disc (noted by the MP3 or WMA file extension) and all folders containing WARNING MP3 and WMA files, from F001 (folder)
  • Page 321: Audio System

    Audio System E144488 CD: Press this button to listen to a CD. Press the function buttons below the radio screen to select on-screen options of Repeat or Shuffle. SOUND: Press this button to access settings for Treble, Midrange, Bass, Fade and Balance.
  • Page 322 Audio System Cursor arrows and OK: Use the up and down arrow buttons to select the various settings. When you make your selection, press the left and right arrow buttons to change the settings. Press OK to set or press MENU to exit. CD slot: Insert a CD.
  • Page 323: Audio Unit - Vehicles With: Premium Am/Fm/Cd

    Audio System Note: The MyFord Touch system controls AUDIO UNIT - VEHICLES WITH: most of the audio features. See MyFord PREMIUM AM/FM/CD Touch (page 371). WARNING Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and injury. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road.
  • Page 324: Audio Unit - Vehicles With: Sony Am/Fm/Cd

    Audio System Seek and Fast Forward: In radio mode, select a frequency band and press this button. The system stops at the first station up the band. Press and hold the button to move quickly to the next strong radio station or memory preset. In CD mode, press this button to select the next track.
  • Page 325: Menu Structure

    Audio System E144490 Power: Press this button to turn the system off and on. CD slot: Insert a CD. Eject: Press this button to eject a CD. TUNE + and TUNE -: Press these buttons to search the frequency bands in individual increments.
  • Page 326 Audio System Radio Manual tune Use the left and right arrows to go up or down the frequency band. Scan Select for a brief sampling of all available channels. Select to store the six strongest local stations on the AM- AST and FM-AST frequency bands.
  • Page 327 Audio System Audio Settings Speed Compensated Automatically adjusts the volume to compensate for Volume speed and wind noise. You can set the system between 0 and +7. Sound Select to adjust settings for Treble, Midrange, Bass, Fade and Balance. Occupancy Mode Select to optimize sound quality for the chosen seating position.
  • Page 328: Digital Radio

    Audio System When HD Radio broadcasts are active, you DIGITAL RADIO can access the following functions: Note: HD Radio broadcasts are not When HD Radio broadcasts are active, you available in all markets. can access the following functions: HD Radio technology is the digital •...
  • Page 329 Audio System HD Radio Reception and Station Troubleshooting Potential reception issues Reception area If you are listening to a multicast station and you are on the fringe of the reception area, the station may mute due to weak signal strength. If you are listening to HD1, the system switches back to the analog broadcast until the digital broadcast is available again.
  • Page 330: Satellite Radio

    SIRIUS® broadcasts a variety of music, HD Radio logos are proprietary trademarks news, sports, weather, traffic and of iBiquity Digital Corp. Ford Motor entertainment satellite radio channels. For Company and iBiquity Digital Corp. are not more information and a complete list of...
  • Page 331 Ford Motor Company shall not be of your vehicle. See an authorized dealer responsible for any such programming for availability.
  • Page 332 Audio System Troubleshooting Message Condition Action Acquiring… Radio requires more than No action required. This two seconds to produce message should disappear audio for the selected shortly. channel. Satellite antenna fault There is an internal module If this message does not or system failure present.
  • Page 333: Audio Input Jack

    Audio System The auxiliary input jack allows you to AUDIO INPUT JACK connect and play music from your portable music player through your vehicle speakers. WARNINGS You can use any portable music player Driving while distracted can result in designed for use with headphones. Your loss of vehicle control, crash and audio extension cable must have male injury.
  • Page 334: Usb Port

    Audio System USB PORT (If Equipped) E149148 The USB port allows you to plug in media playing devices, memory sticks and charge devices (if supported). MEDIA HUB (If Equipped) The media hub is located in the center console and has the following features: E142605 A/V inputs SD card slot...
  • Page 335: Sync

    SYNC GENERAL INFORMATION • Use the advanced voice recognition SYNC is an in-vehicle communications system system that works with your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone and • Charge your USB device (if your device portable media player. This allows you to: supports this). •...
  • Page 336 SYNC Times are subject to change due to When using SYNC: holidays. • Do not operate playing devices if the power cords or cables are broken, split SYNC Owner Account or damaged. Place cords and cables out of the way, so they do not interfere Why do I need a SYNC owner account? with the operation of pedals, seats, •...
  • Page 337: Using Voice Recognition

    SYNC module. Ford Motor This system helps you control many Company and Ford of Canada will not features using voice commands. This access the system data for any purpose allows you to keep your hands on the other than as described absent consent, a wheel and focus on what is in front of you.
  • Page 338: System Interaction And Feedback

    SYNC System Interaction and Feedback The default setting is to a higher level of interaction in order to help you learn to use The system provides feedback through the system. You can change these settings audible tones, prompts, questions and at any time.
  • Page 339: Using Sync With Your Phone

    SYNC When you say: The system: "Media candidate lists off" Makes a best guess from the media candidate list. You may still occasionally be asked questions. "Media candidate lists on" Clarifies your voice command for media candidates. "Phone candidate lists off" Makes a best guess from the phone candidate list.
  • Page 340 SYNC Pairing a Phone for the First Time Press the phone button, and then scroll to System Settings. Press OK. Note: SYNC can support downloading up 2. Scroll to Bluetooth Devices. Press OK. to approximately 1000 entries per Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone. 3.
  • Page 341 SYNC "PHONE" "DIAL" "Connections" "411 (four-one-one)", "911" (nine-one- one) "Dial" "700" (seven hundred) "Go to privacy" "800" (eight hundred) "Hold" "900" (nine hundred) "Join" "Pound" (#) "Menu" "Number <0-9>" "Phone book <name>" "Asterisk" (*) "Phone book <name> at home" "Clear" (deletes all entered digits) "Delete"...
  • Page 342 SYNC Receiving Calls "MENU" When receiving a call, you can: "Signal" • Answer the call by pressing the phone "Text message inbox" button. • Reject the call by pressing and holding Words in ( ) are optional and do not have the phone button.
  • Page 343 SYNC When you select: You can: 2. Access the desired contact through SYNC or use voice commands to place the second call. Once actively in the second call, press MENU. 3. Scroll to Join Calls, and press OK. Press OK again when Join Calls? appears.
  • Page 344 SYNC When you select: You can: Note: The system attempts to automatically re-download your phonebook and call history each time your phone connects to SYNC (if the auto download feature is on and your Bluetooth-enabled cellular phone supports this feature). Access and call any contacts in your previously down- Phonebook loaded phonebook.
  • Page 345 SYNC Text Messaging Sending, Downloading and Deleting Your Text Messages Note: This is a phone-dependent feature. Note: Forwarding a text message is a SYNC allows you to receive, send, speed-dependent feature and is only download and delete text messages. The available when your vehicle is traveling at 3 system can also read incoming text mph (5 km/h) or less.
  • Page 346: Accessing Your Phone Settings

    Can't wait to see you each text message with the following I'm stuck in traffic signature: "This message was sent from my <Ford or Lincoln>". Accessing Your Phone Settings Pre-defined text message options These are phone-dependent features. Your phone settings allow you to access and...
  • Page 347 SYNC When you select: You can: If your phone supports in-band ringing, your phone's ring tone plays when you choose Phone Ringer. Message Notification Have the option of hearing an audible tone to notify you when a text message arrives. 1.
  • Page 348 SYNC Press the phone button to enter the 3. Scroll to Bluetooth Devices. Press OK. phone menu 4. Scroll to select from the following 2. Scroll to System Settings. Press OK. options: If You Select You Can See Using SYNC With Your Phone (page 336).
  • Page 349 SYNC Advanced Press the phone button to enter the phone menu The Advanced menu allows you to access 2. Scroll to System Settings. Press OK. and set prompts, languages, defaults, perform a master reset, install an 3. Scroll to Advanced. Press OK. application and view system information.
  • Page 350: Sync Applications And Services

    SYNC If you select: You can: System Info Access the Auto Version number as well as the FDN number. Press OK to select. MAP Profile This is a Bluetooth component, which can further help your phone with the exchange of text messages. Return Exit the current menu.
  • Page 351 SYNC Note: Every phone operates differently. To make sure that 911 Assist works While SYNC 911 Assist works with most properly: cellular phones, some may have trouble • SYNC must be powered and working using this feature. properly at the time of the incident and throughout feature activation and use.
  • Page 352: Vehicle Health Report

    SYNC Vehicle Health Report If you do not cancel the call, and SYNC makes a successful call, a pre-recorded WARNING message plays for the 911 operator, and then the occupant(s) in your vehicle is able Always follow scheduled to talk with the operator. Be prepared to maintenance instructions, regularly provide your name, phone number and inspect your vehicle, and seek repair...
  • Page 353 Return: Press OK to exit the menu. Run Report? Press OK for SYNC to run a health report of your vehicle's diagnostic systems and send the results to Ford where it combines with scheduled maintenance information, open recalls and other field service actions and vehicle inspec- tion items that still need servicing from an authorized dealer.
  • Page 354 Message and data rates may apply. Ford If you do not want Motor Company reserves the right to change Ford or its service providers to collect your or discontinue this product service at any vehicle travel information or other...
  • Page 355 SYNC 2. When prompted, say "Services". This assistance in finding a location you can initiates an outgoing call to SYNC say "Operator" at any time within a Services using your paired and Directions or Business search to speak connected Bluetooth-enabled cellular with a live operator.
  • Page 356: Sync Applink

    SYNC SYNC Services quick tips Personalizing You can personalize your Services feature to provide quicker access to your most used or favorite information. You can save address points such as work or home. You can also save favorite information like sports teams or a news category.
  • Page 357: Using Sync With Your Media Player

    SYNC To Access Using the Media Menu USING SYNC WITH YOUR MEDIA PLAYER Press the AUX button on the center console. You can access and play music from your 2. Press MENU to access the SYNC digital music player over your vehicle's menu.
  • Page 358: What's Playing

    SYNC Press OK and scroll through selections of: "USB" • Play All "Play playlist <name>" • Albums • Genres "Play previous folder" • Playlists "Play previous track" • Tracks • Explore USB "Play song <name>" • Similar Music "Play track <name>" •...
  • Page 359 SYNC <name> is a dynamic listing, meaning that "USB" it could be the name of anything, such as "Similar music" a group, artist or song. This voice command is not available until "What's playing?" indexing is complete. This voice command is only available in folder mode.
  • Page 360: Media Menu Features

    SYNC Media Menu Features and also to add, connect or delete devices. Press AUX and then MENU to enter The media menu allows you to select your the media menu. media source, how to play your music (such as by artist, genre, shuffle or repeat), 2.
  • Page 361 SYNC When you select: You can: System Settings Access Bluetooth Device menu listings (Add, Connect, Set as Primary, On and Off, Delete) as well as Advanced menu listings (prompts, languages, defaults, master reset, install application and system information). Exit Media Menu Press OK to exit the media menu.
  • Page 362 SYNC When you select: You can: 1. Press OK to select. You can select to play All Artists or any indexed artist. 2. Scroll to choose the desired artist. Press OK. Albums Sort all indexed media by albums. If there are fewer than 255 indexed albums, the system lists them alphabetically in flat file mode.
  • Page 363: System Settings

    SYNC When you select: You can: Press OK to select. The system creates a new list of similar songs and begins playing. This feature does not include tracks with incomplete metadata information. Return Exit the current menu. With certain playing devices, if your metadata tags are not populated, the tracks are not available in voice recognition, play menu or similar music.
  • Page 364 SYNC When you select: You can: Press OK to select. Return Exit the current menu. This is a speed-dependent feature. Setting Bluetooth to off disconnects all Bluetooth devices and turns off all Bluetooth features. Press AUX and then MENU to enter Advanced the media menu.
  • Page 365: Sync Troubleshooting

    SYNC When you select: You can: Master Reset Completely erase all information stored on SYNC (all phonebook, call history, text messages and all paired devices) and return to the factory default settings. Application Download new software applications (if available) and then load the desired applications through your USB port.
  • Page 366 SYNC Phone issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) The system says Phonebook This may be a limitation on Try pushing your phonebook Downloaded but the your phone's capability. contacts to SYNC by using phonebook in SYNC is the Add Contacts feature. empty or missing contacts.
  • Page 367 SYNC Phone issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) This may be a possible Try turning off the device, phone malfunction. resetting the device or removing the device's battery, then trying again. USB and media issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) I am having trouble This may be a possible Try turning off the device,...
  • Page 368 SYNC USB and media issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) The file may be corrupted. Some devices require you to The song may have copy- change the USB settings right protection, which does from mass storage to MTP not allow it to play. class.
  • Page 369 SYNC Vehicle Health Report and Services (Traffic, Directions and Information) issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) Turn off ID blocker on your phone as the system recog- nizes you by your phone number. Make sure the currently connected phone is the same one that is registered on your SYNCMyRide account.
  • Page 370 SYNC Voice command issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) If the song titles are in all CAPS, you have to spell them. LOLA requires you to say "L-O-L-A". Do not use special charac- ters in the title. The system does not recognize them. SYNC does not understand You may be using the wrong Review the Phone voice...
  • Page 371 AppLink. Also, some may have a "Ford SYNC" setting, so check the app's settings menu on the phone. My phone is connected, my Sometime apps do not...
  • Page 372 SYNC AppLink issues Issue Possible cause(s) Possible solution(s) menu, selecting 'Apps.' then finding the particular app and choosing 'Force stop.' Don't forget to restart the app afterwards, then select "Find New Apps" on SYNC. On an iPhone with iOS7+, to force close an app, double tab the home button then swipe up on the app to close...
  • Page 373 SYNC phone listed in SYNC's bluetooth ports apps can to find. If the app has a "Ford Mobile Apps Menu. use to connect. If you have SYNC" setting, disable that more AppLink apps on your...
  • Page 374: Myford Touch

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) GENERAL INFORMATION WARNING Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and injury. We strongly recommend that you use extreme caution when using any device that may take your focus off the road. Your primary responsibility is the safe operation of your vehicle.
  • Page 375: Myford Touch

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) This system uses a four-corner strategy to Press to select any of the following: provide quick access to several vehicle • Driver Settings features and settings. The touchscreen • Recirculated Air provides easy interaction with your cellular •...
  • Page 376 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) • Calendar • Seek and Tune: Use as you normally would in media modes. • Apps • Eject: Eject a CD from the ENTERTAINMENT entertainment system. Press to select any of the following: • SOURCE: Touch the word repeatedly •...
  • Page 377 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Safety Information • SEEK and PHONE ACCEPT: • While in radio mode, press to seek WARNING between memory presets or press and hold to seek between stations. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, crash and •...
  • Page 378 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Speed-restricted Features • Any action that requires you to use a keyboard is restricted, such as entering Some features of this system may be too a navigation destination or editing difficult to use while your vehicle is moving information.
  • Page 379 SYNC module. Ford Motor connected to the system. In addition, if you Company and Ford of Canada do not connect a media device, the system access the system data for any purpose...
  • Page 380 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) The display is located on the right side of Note: If your vehicle is not equipped with your instrument cluster (A). You can use Navigation, Compass appears in the display your steering wheel controls to view and instead of Navigation.
  • Page 381 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Accessing a List of Available Commands These commands can be said at any time during a voice session • If you use the touchscreen, press the Settings icon > Help > Voice "List of commands" Command List. "Main menu"...
  • Page 382 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Voice Settings To access these settings using voice commands: Voice settings allow you to customize the Press the voice icon. Wait for the level of system interaction, help and prompt "Please say a command". feedback. The system defaults to standard Another tone sounds to let you know interaction that uses candidate lists and the system is listening.
  • Page 383: Settings

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) SETTINGS E161968 Clock Display Sound Vehicle Settings Help Under this menu, you can set your clock, access and adjust the E142607 E142607 display, sound and vehicle settings as well as access settings for Press the Settings icon > Clock. specific modes or the help feature.
  • Page 384 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) The system automatically saves any Note: Photographs with extremely large updates you make to the settings. dimensions (such as 2048 x 1536) may not be compatible and appear as a blank Display (black) image on the display. Your system allows you to upload and view You can adjust the touchscreen display up to 32 photos.
  • Page 385 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Vehicle Camera Settings This menu allows you to access settings Press the Settings icon > for your rear view camera. Vehicle, then select from the E142607 following: Press the Settings icon > Vehicle > Camera Settings, •...
  • Page 386 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Charge point light ring Illuminates when plugging in, opening doors, pressing the unlock button on your remote, and while charging. Does not illuminate. Limited Cord Acknowledgement: Illuminates when plugging in. Charge Status: Illuminates when opening doors or pressing the unlock button on your remote.
  • Page 387 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Voice Control Press the Settings icon > Settings > Voice Control, then E142607 select from the following: Voice control Interaction Mode Standard interaction mode provides more detailed inter- action and guidance. Advanced mode has less audible interaction and more tone prompts.
  • Page 388 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Media player Gracenote Database Info This allows you to view the version level of the Gracenote Database. Gracenote Management With this feature on, the Gracenote Database supplies metadata information for your music files. This overrides information from your device. This feature defaults to off. Cover Art Priority With this feature on, the Gracenote Database supplied cover art for your music files.
  • Page 389 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Navigation Have the system automatically fill-in State/Province information. Traffic Preferences Have the system display areas where roadwork occurs. Have the system display incident icons. Have the system display areas where difficult driving conditions may occur. Have the system display areas where snow and ice on the road may occur.
  • Page 390 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Phone Bluetooth Devices Connect, disconnect, add or delete a device, as well as save it as a favorite. Bluetooth Turn Bluetooth on and off. Do Not Disturb Have all calls go directly to your voice mail and not ring inside your vehicle.
  • Page 391 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Wi-fi Wi-Fi Settings Wi-Fi Network (Client) Mode turns the Wi-Fi feature on and off in your vehicle. Make sure you turn it on for connectivity purposes. Choose a Wireless Network allows you to use a previ- ously stored wireless network.
  • Page 392 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) CERTIFIED Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi the Wi-Fi Alliance. Help Press the Settings icon > Help, then select from the following: E142607 E142626 Help Where Am I? View your vehicle's current location, if your vehicle is equipped with navigation.
  • Page 393: Entertainment

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) ENTERTAINMENT E161892 AM 1 and AM AST FM 1, FM 2 and FM AST SIRIUS Touch this button to scroll down for more options, such as SD Card, BT Stereo and A/V In These buttons change with the media mode you are in. Radio memory presets and CD controls.
  • Page 394 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Your voice system allows you to change audio sources with a simple voice "BROWSE" within devices command. For example, if you are listening to music on a USB device, then want to "Browse" switch to a satellite radio channel, simply press the voice button on the steering "Browse <league>...
  • Page 395 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Options Sample commands Sound Settings "Sirius <0-223>" Touch this button to adjust settings for: "Sports games" • Bass • Midrange This command is only usable if you have • Treble an active subscription to SIRIUS satellite radio.
  • Page 396 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Direct Tune The multicast indicator appears in FM mode (only) if the current station is Touch this button to manually enter the broadcasting multiple digital broadcasts. desired station number. Touch Enter when The highlighted numbers signify available you are done.
  • Page 397 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) When HD Radio broadcasts are active, you • Memory presets allow you to save an can access the following functions: active channel as a memory preset. Touch and hold a memory preset slot • Scan allows you to hear a brief until the sound returns.
  • Page 398 HD Radio logos are proprietary trademarks E142599 steering wheel controls. When of iBiquity Digital Corp. Ford Motor prompted, say any of the following Company and iBiquity Digital Corp. are not commands. responsible for the content sent using HD Radio technology.
  • Page 399 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) "RADIO" "RADIO" "Tune" "<87.9-107.9>" "Help" "<87.9-107.9> HD" If available. "<530-1710>" If you have said "Browse", see the "AM" "Browse" chart later in this section. "AM <530-1710>" If you have said "Tune", see the following "Tune" chart. "AM autoset"...
  • Page 400 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Scan "TUNE" Touch this button to hear a brief sampling "HD <#>" of channels. "Preset <#>" Options "Help" Touch this button to view and adjust various media settings. If available. Sound Settings SIRIUS® Satellite Radio (If Touch this button to adjust settings for: Activated) •...
  • Page 401 E142593 Note: SIRIUS does not support the Alert SIRIUS satellite radio is a feature on all channels. Ford Motor subscription-based satellite radio service Company shall not be responsible for Alert that broadcasts a variety of music, sports, feature variation.
  • Page 402 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) SIRIUS Satellite Radio Reception Factors and Troubleshooting Potential reception issues Antenna obstructions For optimal reception performance, keep the antenna clear of snow and ice build-up and keep luggage and other materials as far away from the antenna as possible. Terrain Hills, mountains, tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, freeway overpasses, parking garages, dense tree foliage and...
  • Page 403 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Troubleshooting tips Radio display Cause Action Updating. Update of channel No action required. The programming in progress. process may take up to three minutes. Call SIRIUS Your satellite service is no Contact SIRIUS at 1-888- 1-888-539-7474. longer available.
  • Page 404 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Shuffle "SPORTS GAME" Touch this button to play the tracks or entire albums in random order, or turn the "Tune to the <college name> game" feature off if already on. "Tune to the <team city> game" Scan "Tune to the <team city>...
  • Page 405: Sd Card Slot And Usb Port

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) "CD" "Pause" "Play" "Play next track" "Play previous track" "Play track <1-512>" E142619 "Repeat" The SD card slot is located either in the center console or behind a small access "Repeat folder" door in the instrument panel. To access and play music from your device, press the "Repeat off"...
  • Page 406 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) This feature allows you to plug in media Sound Settings allows you to adjust playing devices, memory sticks, flash drives settings for: or thumb drives, and charge devices if they • Bass support this feature. • Midrange In order to playback video from your iPod •...
  • Page 407 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Playing Video from Your Device "USB" or "SD CARD" To access and play video from your device, "Play podcast <name>" your vehicle's transmission must be in position P with the ignition in accessory "Play podcast episode <name>" mode.
  • Page 408 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) "BROWSE" "BROWSE" "TV show <name>" "Album <name>" "Video <name>" "All albums" "All artists" "Video playlist <name>" "All audiobooks" "Video podcast <name>" "All authors" "Help" "All composers" This command is only available in USB "All folders" mode and is device-dependent. "All genres"...
  • Page 409 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) To access, press the lower left corner on the touchscreen, then E142611 select the BT Stereo tab. Bluetooth Audio Voice Commands If you are listening to a Bluetooth audio device, press the voice E142599 button on the steering wheel control.
  • Page 410: Phone

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) 3. Press the lower left corner on the Troubleshooting touchscreen. Select either a tuned FM • Do not connect the audio input jack to station or a CD (if there is a CD already a line level output. The jack only works loaded into the system).
  • Page 411 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Phone Quick Dial Phonebook History Messaging Settings Pairing Your Phone for the First Hands-free calling is one of the main Time features of SYNC. Once you pair your phone, you can access many options using WARNING the touchscreen or voice commands.
  • Page 412: Pairing Subsequent Phones

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Note: Select SYNC, and a six-digit PIN SYNC may prompt you with more phone appears on your device. options. For more information on your phone's capability, see your phone's 3. If prompted to enter a PIN on your manual and visit the website.
  • Page 413 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Text Messaging • Join two calls. • End the call. Note: Downloading and sending text messages using Bluetooth are Quick Dial phone-dependent features. Set up favorite contacts from your Note: Certain features in text messaging phonebook or history folder. are speed-dependent and not available when your vehicle is traveling at speeds over Phonebook...
  • Page 414: Phone Settings

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) • Send, which sends the message as it When a new message arrives, an audible tone sounds and the screen displays a pop-up with the caller name and ID, if • Edit Text, which allows you to supported by your phone.
  • Page 415 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Text Message Notification "PHONE" Select a text message notification, if "Call <name> on other" supported by your phone. Choose from possible system alert tones, "Call voicemail" text-to-speech or silent. "Dial" Internet Data Connection "Do not disturb off" If your phone is compatible, use this screen "Do not disturb on"...
  • Page 416: Electric Vehicle Information

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) "PHONE" "MESSAGES" "Listen to text messages" "Unmute call" "Reply to text messages" "Help" "Help" This command is only available during an active call. ELECTRIC VEHICLE If you say "Messages", see the following INFORMATION "Messages" chart for additional commands.
  • Page 417 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Note: You can also set up the charging Note: Remember, you must plug in your convenience features using MyFord Mobile vehicle for My GO Time to work. over the internet or smartphone application. • Cabin Conditioning: Get the most For more information on MyFord Mobile, and miles out of every charge by to set up your MyFord Mobile account, visit...
  • Page 418 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) My GO Time summary displays the next GO Time and cabin temperature setting. Estimated charge time limits displays the estimated minimum and maximum times to fully charge the high-voltage battery and the battery’s present state of charge as a percentage of total capacity. Charge profile and mode displays the charging profile and charging mode for the vehicle's present location.
  • Page 419 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) To fully charge chooses the closest. When the vehicle is not at a defined profile, it uses the Default 240V is the estimated minimum charging Value charge profile. The system normally time from the present high-voltage battery displays Default Profile while you are level to full charge (100%).
  • Page 420 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Charging Complete This means the high-voltage battery is This is the estimated time of charge charging. completion. • Charge Now Duration: When the Charged vehicle is in Charge Now mode, and unplugged, the system displays the This informs you that the high-voltage charging duration in hours.
  • Page 421 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) GO Time 1 and GO Time 2 Note: Cabin conditioning can perform differently depending on if you plug into a This displays the GO Time day-of-week 120V convenience cord or 240V charging and time. The blue highlighted GO Time is station.
  • Page 422 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Default Default Value Charge Profile This displays the charging mode and Weekday and Weekend off-peak times for your Default Value Touch the Edit button to set the off-peak Charge profile. The system displays charge times. Set the Weekday times and off-peak times for weekdays;...
  • Page 423 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Power E161967 Motor-to-wheel flow shows the direction of power flow between the wheels and the electric motor. Electric Motor represents the hybrid electric motor. The higher the motor power is, the larger the circle around this node. Any time the vehicle is ready to be driven, the motor node illuminates.
  • Page 424 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) High voltage battery power represents your high-voltage battery. A circle illuminates around the node when the high-voltage battery is receiving power from regenerative braking, engine charging or external charging (when you plug it in). The higher the power going into the high-voltage battery, the larger the circle around this node.
  • Page 425 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Engine On due to Heater Setting The engine is on because of the heater setting. Reduce or turn off the heater setting to return to electric mode. High Speed The engine is on because the vehicle speed exceeds the level for electric mode opera- tion.
  • Page 426: Information

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Charging HV Battery Privacy Notice for GPS Mapping with MyFord® Mobile in the United States The hybrid system is storing power in the and Canada high-voltage battery. MyFord Mobile allows for GPS mapping Idle when a vehicle is registered to a MyFord Mobile account.
  • Page 427 Standard phone If you do not want and message rates may apply. Subscription Ford or its service providers to collect your may be required. You must also have the vehicle travel information or other active SYNC Services Bluetooth-enabled...
  • Page 428 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) SYNC Services uses advanced vehicle 2. Once connected, follow the voice sensors, integrated GPS technology and prompts to request your desired comprehensive map and traffic data, to Service, such as "Traffic" or give you personalized traffic reports, "Directions".
  • Page 429 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) If your vehicle is not equipped with If you miss a turn, SYNC automatically asks Navigation: if you want the route updated. Just say, "Yes" when prompted and the system • Turn-by-turn directions appear in the delivers a new route to your vehicle.
  • Page 430 10 favorite teams for easier by Sirius Travel Link. access. The score automatically refreshes Note: Neither Sirius nor Ford is responsible when a game is in progress. for any errors or inaccuracies in the Sirius Travel Link services or its use in vehicles.
  • Page 431 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Ski Conditions Sports-related commands Touch this button to view ski conditions "My teams" for a specific area. "NBA" Sirius Travel Link Voice Commands "NFL" Press the voice button on the steering wheel controls. When "NHL" E142599 prompted, say any of the "WNBA"...
  • Page 432 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Note: The system alerts you to any Additional sports-related voice messages by turning the information icon commands yellow. After you read or delete the messages, the icon returns to white. "My teams schedule" "My teams scores" Calendar "NBA headlines"...
  • Page 433 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Note: Before setting this feature on, make You can also access 911 Assist sure that you read the 911 Assist Privacy E142607 Notice later in this section for important information. • Pressing the Settings icon > Settings >...
  • Page 434 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Vehicle Health Report (If Before making the call: Equipped, United States Only) • SYNC provides a short window of time (approximately 10 seconds) to cancel WARNING the call. If you fail to cancel the call, SYNC attempts to dial 911. Always follow scheduled maintenance instructions, regularly •...
  • Page 435: Climate

    Vehicle Health Report Privacy Notice your report preferences at When you create a Vehicle Health Report, After registering, Ford Motor Company may collect your you can request a Vehicle Health Report cellular phone number (to process your (inside your vehicle). Return to your report request) and diagnostic information account at to view...
  • Page 436 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) E148839 Power: Touch the button to turn the system on and off. Switching off the climate control system prevents outside air from entering the vehicle. Passenger settings: Touch the + or – to increase or decrease the air temperature on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Page 437 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Recirculated air: Touch the button to switch between outside air and recirculated air. When you select recirculated air, the air currently in the passenger compartment recirculates. This may reduce the time needed to cool the interior (when used with A/C) and may reduce unwanted odors from entering your vehicle.
  • Page 438: Climate Control Voice Commands

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Touch MyTemp to select your preset temperature setpoint. Touch and hold MyTemp to save a new preset temperature setpoint. Touch the heated steering wheel icon to turn the heated steering wheel on and off (if equipped). Note: If your vehicle is equipped with a Climate Control Voice Commands wood-trimmed steering wheel, it does not...
  • Page 439: Navigation

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) There are additional climate control "CLIMATE" commands but in order to access them, you have to say "Climate" first. When the "Temperature <60-85> degrees" system is ready to listen, you may say any "Temperature decrease" of the following commands: "Temperature high"...
  • Page 440 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) To set a destination, press the green corner 2. Select Set as Dest to make this your of your touchscreen, then the Dest button destination. You can also choose to set when it appears. See Setting a this as a waypoint (have the system destination later in this chapter.
  • Page 441 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Point of Interest (POI) Categories Subcategories Main categories Restaurant Food/Drink & Dining Golf Travel & Transportation Parking Financial Home & Garden Emergency Personal Care Services Community Auto Dealership Health & Medicine Govt Office Automotive Public Transit Shopping Education Entertainment &...
  • Page 442 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Shaded rings appear on the map when you When you have selected a point of interest, are driving in EV Now mode. The inner ring the location and information appear, such with no shading indicates a safe range you as address and phone number.
  • Page 443: Setting Your Navigation Preferences

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Parking POI Notification • Handicap facilities. • Laundry. Set the automatic parking point of interest notification. Turn this feature ON or OFF. • Refrigerator. When parking point of interest notification • 24 hour room service. is on, the icons display on the map when •...
  • Page 444: Map Mode

    MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Navigation Preferences Press Add to program an entry. Once you make a selection, the system tries to avoid Guidance Prompts the area(s) if possible for all routes. To delete a selection, choose the listing on Have the system use Voice & Tones or the screen.
  • Page 445 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Heading up (2D map) always scale. The map zoom level then shows the direction of forward synchronizes with vehicle speed. The travel to be upward on the screen. slower your vehicle is traveling, the farther E142642 This view is available for map in the map zooms in;...
  • Page 446 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Home indicates the location on Set as Dest the map currently stored as the Touch this button to select a scrolled home position. You can only save location on the map as your destination. E142649 one address from the Address You may scroll the map by pressing your Book as your Home entry.
  • Page 447 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Nokia is the digital map provider for the Navigation system voice commands navigation application. If you find map data errors, you may report them directly to "Destination POI" Nokia by going to "Destination POI category" Nokia evaluates all reported map errors and "Destination previous destination"...
  • Page 448 MyFord Touch (If Equipped) Navigation system voice commands "NAVIGATION" "Zoom out" "Zoom maximum" "Help" "Zoom province" "Zoom state" These commands are only available when a navigation route is active. "Zoom street" If you say "Destination", you can then say "Zoom to <distance>" any command in the following "Destination"...
  • Page 449: Accessories

    (U.S. only). • Cargo area protectors. Ford Custom Accessories are available for • Cargo net. your vehicle through your local Ford or Ford • Cargo organizers. of Canada authorized dealer. Ford Motor • Interior light kit. Company will repair or replace any properly authorized dealer-installed Ford Custom •...
  • Page 450 • Any non-Ford electrical or electronic accessories or components that are added to the vehicle by the authorized dealer or the owner, may adversely...
  • Page 451: Appendices

    The • You have acquired a device ("DEVICE") additional software and services of that includes software licensed by Ford third party origin, as well as associated Motor Company and its affiliates media, printed materials, and "online"...
  • Page 452 Certificate(s) of Authenticity), and the the process. Neither FORD MOTOR recipient agrees to the terms of this COMPANY nor its suppliers shall be EULA. If the SOFTWARE is an upgrade,...
  • Page 453 SOFTWARE ("Supplemental may collect and use technical Components"). information gathered in any manner as If FORD MOTOR COMPANY or third party part of product support services related software and services suppliers provide or to the SOFTWARE or related services. make available to you Supplemental...
  • Page 454 DEVICE. electronic form, you may print one copy of UPGRADES AND RECOVERY MEDIA: such electronic documentation. If the SOFTWARE is provided by FORD EXPORT RESTRICTIONS: You MOTOR COMPANY separate from the acknowledge that the SOFTWARE is DEVICE on media such as a ROM chip, CD subject to U.S.
  • Page 455 Adobe TRADEMARKS: This EULA does not grant you any rights in connection with any Contains Adobe® [Flash® Player] or trademarks or service marks of FORD [AIR®] technology by Adobe Systems MOTOR COMPANY, MS, Microsoft Incorporated. This [Licensee Product] Corporation, third party software or service contains [Adobe®...
  • Page 456 Appendices Use of Speech Recognition Functions: WARNING Speech recognition software is inherently Operating certain parts of this a statistical process which is subject to system while driving can distract errors. It is your responsibility to monitor your attention away from the road, any speech recognition functions included and possibly cause an accident or other in the system and address any errors.
  • Page 457 Appendices Potential Map Inaccuracy: Maps used Telenav may revise this Agreement and by this system may be inaccurate because the privacy policy at any time, with or of changes in roads, traffic controls or without notice to you. You agree to visit driving conditions.
  • Page 458 Appendices 2. Account Information or proprietary rights, rights of publicity or privacy or other rights of any party, (ii) You agree: (a) when registering the violates any law, statute, ordinance or Telenav Software, to provide Telenav with regulation, including but not limited to laws true, accurate, current, and complete and regulations related to spamming, information about yourself, and (b) to...
  • Page 460 Appendices the terms and conditions of this Notices by posting them on Telenav’s Agreement. Any such sale, assignment or Website or by downloading such Notices transfer that is not expressly permitted to your wireless device. If you desire to under this paragraph will result in withdraw your consent to receive Notices immediate termination of this Agreement, electronically, you must discontinue your...
  • Page 461 Appendices Agreement), and thus your use of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS Telenav Software is also subject to such License Limitations on Use: terms. You agree to comply with the following additional terms and conditions, You agree that your license to use this Data which are applicable to Telenav’s third is limited to and conditioned on use for party vendor licensors:...
  • Page 462 Appendices Disclaimer of Liability: real time route guidance, fleet management or similar applications; or (b) HERE AND ITS LICENSORS (INCLUDING with, or in communication with, including THEIR LICENSORS AND SUPPLIERS) without limitation, cellular phones, SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU IN palmtop and handheld computers, pagers, RESPECT OF ANY CLAIM, DEMAND OR and personal digital -assistants or PDAs.
  • Page 463 Appendices Entire Agreement: Government End Users: These terms and conditions constitute the If the Data is being acquired by or on behalf entire agreement between HERE (and its of the United States government or any licensors, including their licensors and other entity seeking or applying rights suppliers) and you pertaining to the subject similar to those customarily claimed by the...
  • Page 464 Appendices Gracenote® Copyright You agree that you will use the content from Gracenote ("Gracenote Content") , CD and music-related data from Gracenote Data, the Gracenote Software, Gracenote, Inc., copyright© 2000-2007 and Gracenote Servers for your own Gracenote. Gracenote Software, copyright personal, non-commercial use only.
  • Page 466: Extended Service Plan (Esp)

    3. BaseCARE - Covers 84 components. Transferable Coverage 4. PowertrainCARE - Covers 29 critical If you sell your vehicle before your Ford components. Extended Service Plan coverage expires, Ford Extended Service Plan is honored by you can transfer any remaining coverage all authorized Ford dealers in the U.S.
  • Page 467: Scheduled Maintenance

    Premium Maintenance Plan that covers all Service Plan. Ford Extended Service Plan scheduled maintenance, and selected is the only service contract backed by Ford wear items. The coverage is prepaid, so Motor Company of Canada, Limited. you never have to worry about affording Depending on the plan you purchase, Ford your vehicle’s maintenance.
  • Page 468: Scheduled Maintenance

    If you do not use Ford authorized parts they you sell or trade it. Keep all receipts for may not meet our specifications and completed maintenance with your vehicle.
  • Page 469 (800 kilometers) of the ENGINE OIL Additives and Chemicals CHANGE DUE or OIL CHANGE REQUIRED message appearing. Make This owner's manual and the Ford sure you reset the Intelligent Oil-Life Workshop Manual list the recommended Monitor after each oil change. See Engine additives and chemicals for your vehicle.
  • Page 470 Ford-approved flushing that also show signs of overheating or chemical. foreign material contamination immediately.
  • Page 471 Scheduled Maintenance Multi-point Inspection Check Every 12 Months (Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid Only) In order to keep your vehicle running right, Inspect the engine oil filter for signs of it is important to have the systems on your damage such as rust, paint blistering, vehicle checked regularly.
  • Page 472: Normal Scheduled Maintenance

    Scheduled Maintenance waste at the same time. NORMAL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE This means you do not have to remember to change the oil on a mileage-based schedule. Your vehicle lets you know when Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor® an oil change is due by displaying ENGINE (Fusion Energi Plug-in Hybrid OIL CHANGE DUE or OIL CHANGE Only)
  • Page 473 Scheduled Maintenance Normal Maintenance Intervals Fusion Full Hybrid 1, 2 Normal scheduled maintenance Every 12 months or 10000 Change engine oil and filter. miles (16000 km). The oil monitoring system displays Rotate tires, inspect tire wear and measure tread depth. a message in the informa- Inspect automatic transmission fluid level.
  • Page 474 Scheduled Maintenance Other maintenance items Every 100000 miles Replace spark plugs. (160000 km) Every 150000 miles Change automatic transmission fluid. (240000 km) Perform these maintenance items within 3000 miles (4800 kilometers) of the last engine oil and filter change. Do not exceed the designated distance for the interval. Initial replacement at six years or 100000 miles (160000 kilometers), then every three years or 50000 miles (80000 kilometers).
  • Page 475: Special Operating Conditions Scheduled Maintenance

    Scheduled Maintenance Other maintenance items Rotate tires, inspect tire wear and measure tread depth. Every 10000 miles (16000 Inspect engine oil filter for corrosion. Perform multi-point inspection (recommended). Every 20000 miles (32000 Replace cabin air filter. Every 30000 miles (48000 Replace engine air filter.
  • Page 476 Scheduled Maintenance Perform the services shown in the • Example 2: The OIL CHANGE following tables when specified or within REQUIRED message has not come 3000 miles (4800 kilometers) of the OIL on, but the odometer reads 30000 CHANGE REQUIRED message appearing miles (48000 kilometers) (for in the information display.
  • Page 477 The life of the engine air filter and cabin air useful life. Ford Motor Company, however, filter is dependent on exposure to dusty urges you to have all recommended and dirty conditions.
  • Page 478: Scheduled Maintenance Record

    Scheduled Maintenance SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE RECORD Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 479 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 480 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 481 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 482 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 483 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 484 Scheduled Maintenance Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Dealer stamp Repair Order #: Distance: Engine hours (optional): Multi-point inspection (recommended): Signature: E146852 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 485 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 486 Index Audio Control..........68 MEDIA...............68 Seek, Next or Previous........68 Audio Input Jack..........330 See: Climate Control...........117 Audio System..........316 About This Manual...........7 General Information..........316 Protecting the Environment........7 Audio Unit - Vehicles With: AM/FM/CD/ SYNC/Satellite Radio.......317 See: Brakes............179 Audio Unit - Vehicles With: Premium ABS driving hints AM/FM/CD..........320 See: Hints on Driving With Anti-Lock...
  • Page 487 Climate Controlled Seats......134 Technical Specifications........314 Cooled Seats............135 Car Wash Collision, Damage or Fire Event....232 See: Cleaning the Exterior........271 Guidance for Ford Motor Company Electric Center Console..........142 and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles Equipped Changing a Bulb..........266 With High Voltage Batteries......232 Replacing a Reverse Lamp Bulb....267 Collision Warning System......212...
  • Page 488 Severe Climates..........258 Fog Lamps - Front What You Should Know About Fail-Safe Cooling..............259 See: Front Fog Lamps.........78 Engine Immobilizer Ford Credit............11 See: Passive Anti-Theft System.....65 (U.S. Only)..............11 Engine Oil Check..........255 Front Fog Lamps..........78 Front Passenger Sensing System....38 Adding Engine Oil..........255 Fuel and Refueling........156...
  • Page 489 Index Fuel Consumption........165 Heated Seats..........134 Heated Steering Wheel........70 Calculating Fuel Economy......165 Heated Windows and Mirrors....125 Filling the Tank............165 Fuel Filter............260 Heated Exterior Mirror........125 Fuel Quality.............157 Heated Rear Window........125 Heating Choosing the Right Fuel........157 Fuel Freshness Mode (Energi Vehicles See: Climate Control...........117 Only)..............157 Octane Recommendations......157 See: Hybrid Electric Vehicle......149...
  • Page 490 Index Information............423 Instrument Lighting Dimmer......76 911 Assist...............429 Vehicles With Front Fog Lamps......76 Alerts..............429 Vehicles Without Front Fog Lamps....76 Interior Lamps..........79 Calendar...............429 Sirius Travel Link..........427 Front Interior Lamp..........79 SYNC Services (If Equipped, United States Rear Interior Lamp..........79 Interior Luggage Compartment Only)..............424 Release............63 Vehicle Health Report (If Equipped, United Interior Mirror...........83...
  • Page 491 Index Locking and Unlocking.........57 Activating Intelligent Access ......58 Autolock Feature ..........59 Navigation............436 Auto Relock............59 cityseekr..............439 Battery Saver............60 Map Mode.............441 Illuminated Entry..........60 Navigation Map Updates.......444 Illuminated Exit.............60 Navigation Voice Commands.......444 Luggage Compartment........60 Point of Interest (POI) Categories....438 Power Door Locks..........57 Quick-touch Buttons........443 Remote Control.............57 Setting a Destination........437 Smart Unlocks For Integrated Keyhead...
  • Page 492 Index Phone...............407 Removing a Headlamp......265 Repairing Minor Paint Damage....275 Making Calls............409 Replacement Parts Pairing Subsequent Phones......409 Recommendation.........11 Pairing Your Phone for the First Time..............408 Collision Repairs.............11 Phone Menu Options........409 Scheduled Maintenance and Mechanical Phone Settings.............411 Repairs..............11 Phone Voice Commands.........412 Warranty on Replacement Parts.....12 Replacing a Lost Key or Remote Receiving Calls...........409 Control............50...
  • Page 493 Index Satellite Radio..........327 Steering Wheel..........68 Storage Compartments......142 Satellite Radio Electronic Serial Number Sunroof (ESN)..............328 Satellite Radio Reception Factors....328 See: Moonroof............84 Sun Visors............84 SIRIUS® Satellite Radio Service....328 Troubleshooting..........329 Illuminated Vanity Mirror........84 Scheduled Maintenance Record....475 Supplementary Restraints System..36 Scheduled Maintenance......465 Principle of Operation........36 Seats..............127 Symbols Glossary..........7 Security..............65...
  • Page 494 Index Tire Inflation When Punctured Using Adaptive Cruise Control....196 See: Temporary Mobility Kit......278 Blocked Sensor..........200 Tire Pressure Monitoring System..305 Changing the Set Speed.........199 Changing Tires With a Tire Pressure Detection Issues..........199 Monitoring System........306 Disengaging the System........198 Understanding Your Tire Pressure ECO Cruise Control..........201 Monitoring System ........306 Following a Vehicle..........197...
  • Page 495 Index Using Traction Control.......184 Switching the System Off Using a Switch..............184 Warning Lamps and Indicators....89 Switching the System Off Using the Adaptive Cruise Control........89 Information Display Controls....184 Anti-Lock Braking System........89 System Indicator Lights and Battery..............89 Messages............184 Blind Spot Monitor..........89 Using Voice Recognition......334 Brake System............89 Initiating a Voice Session........334 Cruise Control............90...
  • Page 496 Index Wipers and Washers........71 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...
  • Page 497 Fusion/Mondeo (CC7), enUSA...

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