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Starting Up The Tronic 3000C Pro; Sink; Adjusting The Flow - Bosch US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Electric water heaters
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14 | Starting up the Tronic 3000C Pro

Starting up the Tronic 3000C Pro
B Do not use the unit if you think it may be
frozen, as this could result in serious
damage to the unit. Wait until you are
sure it has completely thawed out before
you switch it on.


Before turning on power:
B Open cold water shutoff valve to the unit
and turn on all hot water taps supplied by
the unit. Flow water out the tap(s) until
all air has purged from the unit and
B Check that the power is switched on at the circuit
breaker panel.
B Turn on the hot tap FULLY.
If you do not turn the tap full on, you will find that the
temperature of the water may vary. The hot water
temperature can then be set by adjusting the flow.
If the unit has been used recently:
B run the water through for a few seconds to let the
temperature settle down.
If the unit has been used recently, You may initially get
a short burst of very hot water from the unit.
If a second tap connected to the unit is also turned on,
the hot water will be shared between the two, therefore
the flow and/or the temperature of the water will

Adjusting the flow

Checking for leaks
B Ensure the service valves are open and check that no
pipe joints leak.
B Turn on the hot tap fully at the sink.
B Adjust the outlet service valve until the water comes
out of the tap at the required temperature, (increase
flow for cooler, decrease for hotter). Refer to Table 4,
page 7 for expected temperature rise at given flow
B Check that the unit works correctly when the sink tap
is closed and then opened again; if not adjust the
service valve slightly.
6 720 647 005 (2011/09)
B The inlet service valve should not be used to regulate
When using the hot water at a fixture, open
tap fully. To regulate hot water temperature,
adjust water flow accordingly as directed in
Section 5.2.
If the unit is servicing a single lever faucet
you may need to restrict the cold water
supply to the faucet to balance water
pressure and improve performance.
B Before leaving the site, the installer
should demonstrate the unit to the user
and give him/her this guide.


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