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Bosch US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions page 11

Electric water heaters
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Connecting the unit to power
B Strip back the insulation on the power wires about
3/8". Any insulation on the ground should be stripped
back about 3/4".
B Feed the cable through the cover bottom or backplate
rear entry grommets, as appropriate.
B Connect the cables to the terminal block and ground
stud (Fig. 4):
Fig. 4
Cable termination
B Make sure that all the terminal block screws are
tightened securely. Loose connections can cause
wires to heat up.
B Make sure that the ground wire is wrapped around its
terminal stud and into the saddle washer. The nut
should be tightened securely.
B Set the Power Selector Screw (Fig. 5) on the desired
Fig. 5
B Attach the front cover and tighten the retaining
setting. If it is set to LO, only one heating element will
operate and the output will be half power. See the
Table 4 on page 7 for temperature rise at various flow
rates. If the element is set on HI, both heating
elements will operate and the output will be full
power. When setting the Power Selector Screw, it is
important that the screw be adjusted all the way to
the end of the slot and that it be well tightened.
Power selector screw
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Table of Contents

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