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Explanation Of Symbols And Important Safety Instructions; Explanation Of Symbols; Important Safety Instructions - Bosch US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Electric water heaters
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Explanation of Symbols and Important Safety Instructions


Explanation of symbols

Warnings are indicated in the text by a
warning triangle and a gray background.
In case of danger due to electric shock, the
exclamation point on the warning triangle is
replaced with a lightning symbol.
Signal words at the beginning of a warning are used to
indicate the type and seriousness of the ensuing risk if
measures for minimizing damage are not taken.
• NOTE indicates that minor damage to property may
• CAUTION indicates possible minor to medium
personal injury.
• WARNING indicates possible severe personal injury.
• DANGER indicates that severe personal injury may
Important information
Important information that presents no risk
to people or property is indicated with this
symbol. It is separated by horizontal lines
above and below the text.
Additional symbols
Sequence of steps
Cross-reference to other points in this
document or to other documents
Listing/list entry
Listing/list entry (2nd level)
Table 1
Explanation of Symbols and Important Safety Instructions | 3

Important Safety Instructions

When using this electrical equipment, basic safety
precautions should always be followed, including the
B Read and follow all instructions.
B This appliance must be grounded.
B Disconnect this product from the electrical supply
before cleaning, servicing or removing the cover.
B To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is
necessary when the product is used near children or
elderly persons.
B Warning: Do not install the heater in a location where
it may be subject to freezing.
B Warning: Do not install a check valve or any other
types of back flow preventer within six feet of the cold
water inlet.
B The electrical installation must conform to current
National Electrical Codes.
B Warning: Do not switch the heater on if you suspect
that it may be frozen. Wait until you are sure that it
has completely thawed cut.
B The Tronic 3000C Pro is designed to heat potable cold
water for domestic purposes. Contact Bosch
Thermotechnology before specifying or installing the
appliance in any other application.
Additional Canadian Safety Instructions
• A green terminal (or wire connector marked "G", "GR",
"GROUND", or "GROUNDING") is provided within the
control box. To reduce the risk of electric shock,
connect this terminal or connector to the grounding
terminal of the electric service of supply panel with a
continuous copper wire in accordance with the
Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.
• This product shall be protected by a Class A ground
fault circuit interrupter.
Safe these instructions
B Keep this guide in a safe place once your Tronic
3000C Pro unit has been installed.
B You may need to refer to it for general instructions or
future maintenance.
6 720 647 005 (2011/09)


Table of Contents

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