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Regulations - Bosch US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

Electric water heaters
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8 | Regulations

Any local
by-laws and regulations pertaining
installation and use of electric water heater appliances
must be observed. Please refer to the laws that should
be attended in your country.
• The electrical installation must conform to current
National Electrical Codes.
• To reduce the risk of electrical shock, connect this
terminal or connector to the grounding terminal of the
electrical service of supply panel with a continuous
copper wire in accordance with the Canadian
Electrical Code, Part I.
• This product shall be protected by a Class A ground
fault circuit interrupter.
• In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a licensed
plumber or electrician must perform the installation.
(Approval number: P1-09-25).
• In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a pressure
relief valve shall be installed on the cold water side by
a licensed plumber. (MGL 142 Section 19, Approval
number P1-09-25).
• The unit must be wired by a qualified electrician, in
accordance with the current version of the National
Electrical Code US) or Canadian Electric Code
• When the heater is not within sight of the electrical
circuit breakers, a circuit breaker lockout or
additional local means of disconnection for all non-
grounded conductors must be provided that is within
sight of the appliance. (Ref NEC 422.31.).
• The power cable size and the installation must be in
accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code,
California Proposition 65 lists chemical
substances known to the state to cause
cancer, birth defects, death, serious illness
or other reproductive harm. This product
may contain such substances, be their
origin from fuel combustion (gas, oil) or
components of the product itself.
6 720 647 005 (2011/09)


Table of Contents

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