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Starting Up The Tronic 3000C Pro; Sink - Bosch TRONIC 3000C Pro US3 Installation Manual And Operating Instructions

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12 | Starting up the Tronic 3000C Pro

Fig. 8
Example of installation (front view)
[1] Hot water
[2] Cold water
4.5.2 Deciding the wiring route
You have a choice of whether to feed the electric cable through
the cover bottom or through the back of the unit,
▶ If it is going to be through the cover bottom, cut out the
plastic lug to expose the rubber sleeve (Fig. 9 ):
Fig. 9
Cover lug cut out
▶ If it is going through the back of the unit, cut through the
grommet on the backplate with a sharp knife. Make sure
that you do not remove the grommet from the backplate
(Fig. 10 ):
6 720 647 005 (2014/04)
Fig. 10
Back of unit
[1] Grommet
[2] Fixing holes
▶ Feed the cable through the grommet before you mount the
unit to the wall. If you are using an approved cable fitting,
remove the grommet.
4.5.3 Mounting on the wall
▶ Undo the retaining screws on the cover and take the cover
of the unit. Hold the backdate in position against the wall
while you mark the four mounting holes.
▶ Drill the holes and secure the unit to the wall using the four
no. 8 wood screws supplied.
▶ Do not install a non-return check valve
within 6 feet of the inlet.
Starting up the Tronic 3000C Pro
▶ Do not use the unit if you think it may be
frozen, as this could result in serious
damage to the unit. Wait until you are
sure it has completely thawed out
before you switch it on.


Before turning on power:
▶ Open cold water shutoff valve to the unit
and turn on all hot water taps supplied
by the unit. Flow water out the tap(s)
until all air has purged from the unit and
TRONIC 3000C Pro


Table of Contents

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