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Troubleshooting - Frigidaire LI30MB Use & Care Manual

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Possible Causes
After installation,
1. The power line and the cable locking
the unit doesn't
connector is not connecting properly.
2. The wires from the switches are disconnected
or loose.
Light works,
1. The motor is defective, possible seized.
but motor is not
2. The thermally protected system detects if the
motor is too hot to operate and shuts the motor
4. The motor wire is not connected.
The unit is
1. The motor is not secure in place.
2. Damaged blower wheel.
3. The hood is not secured in place.
The motor is
1. Defective lamp.
working, but the
2. The halogen lamp is loose.
lights are not.
3. The wires on the light switch are loose.
The hood is
1. The hood might be hanging to high from the
not venting out
cook top.
2. The wind from the opened windows or opened
doors in the surrounding area are affecting the
ventilation of the hood.
3. Blockage in the duct opening or duct work.
4. The direction of duct opening is against the
5. Using the wrong size of ducting.
Metal filter is
1. Grease filter is loose.
2. Filter retainer does not freely move
1. Check the power connection with the unit is
connected properly.
2. Make sure the wires on the switches are
connected properly.
1. Change the motor.
2. The motor will function properly after the
thermally protected system cool down.
4. Make sure the motor wire is plugged into the
molex connector.
1. Tighten the motor in place.
2. Change the blower.
3. Check the installation of the hood.
1. Change the halogen lamp.
2. Tighten the halogen lamp.
3. Make sure the wires on light switch are
connected properly.
1. Adjust the distance between the cook top and
the bottom of the hood within 24" (61 cm) and
32" (76.2 cm) range.
2. Close all the windows and doors to eliminate
the outside wind flow.
3. Remove all the blocking from the duct work or
duct opening.
4. Adjust the duct opening direction.
5. Change the ducting to correct size.
1. Make sure filter retainer still works.
2. Replace grease filter.



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