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Coffee Grinding Tips - KitchenAid A-9 Instructions Manual

Coffee mill
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• Use the correct grind for the brew
process you are using. 16 grinds are
available from "Fine" to "Coarse."
"Fine" can be used for espresso,
"Medium" is appropriate for
automatic drip coffee makers, and
"Coarse" is suited to French Press
brewing. Experiment – your tastes
may be better served by using a
slightly finer or coarser grind.
• When adjusting to a finer grind, it
may be easier to turn the grind-
adjustment ring while the grinder is
• For drip coffee makers, a good
starting point is to grind 1 ounce of
coffee for every 4 cups of brew
water as measured with the carafe
(a carafe "cup" is about 4
Finer grinds require less coffee, but
too fine a grind could cause an
overflow in the brew basket of the
coffee maker.
• Ground coffee loses flavor and
aroma quickly. For best results, grind
only as much coffee as you intend
to use immediately.

Coffee Grinding Tips

• To preserve the freshness of coffee
beans, keep beans in an opaque,
airtight container and store them in
a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not
recommended, as condensation
tends to form on the beans
whenever the container is opened.
Freezing can help preserve beans
stored for an extended period, but it
will also impair the flavor.
NOTE: Grind frozen beans
immediately upon removal from the
freezer. If beans begin to thaw from a
frozen state, condensation will form
on the beans and the moisture may
clog both the grinds and the mill.
• Grinding flavored coffee beans is
not recommended – they will impart
an off-taste to any other coffee that
is ground in the mill, and may cause
the burrs to clog.
• Do not grind spices. The Coffee Mill
is intended for grinding whole
coffee beans only.



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