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How The Grind Affects Flavor - KitchenAid A-9 Instructions Manual

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How the Grind Affects Flavor

The flavor of coffee depends on a
variety of factors, including the
quality, freshness, and roast of the
beans, the purity of the brew water,
the cleanliness of the brewing
equipment, and the brewing
temperature. The fineness and
consistency of the grind is also critical.
Coffee that is ground too fine for a
particular brewing process – using too
fine of a grind in a drip coffee maker,
for example – will result in the brew
water over-extracting the oils and
aromatic compounds in the coffee,
yielding a brew that is extremely
pungent and bitter.
Conversely, coffee that is too
coarsely ground for a particular
process will result in the under-
extraction of the oils and essences,
resulting in a very thin and weak
The consistency of the grind is also
an important factor in the flavor of
coffee. If the grounds are uniform,
equal amounts of soluble compounds
will be extracted from each. If the
grounds vary in size, some will be
over-extracted and some will be
under-extracted, leading to extremely
poor quality.
The Model A-9
pair of stainless steel cutting burrs to
grind coffee with precision. This helps
ensure that your coffee is the best it
can be.
Coffee Mill uses a