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Burr Coffee Mill Tips - KitchenAid KPCG100ER - Pro Line Burr Coffee Grinder Instructions Manual

Pro line burr coffee mill
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(17 oz. [500 ml]) of brew water as measured with a carafe (a carafe "cup" is
about 4
oz. [125 mm]). Finer grinds usually require less coffee, but using too
fine a grind will result in bitter flavor – see "How the Grind Affects Flavor" on
page 12.
If you prefer substantially weaker-than-average coffee, it's best to brew using a
normal amount of ground coffee and then dilute the result with hot water. Doing
this will maximize flavor and minimize bitterness.
Ground coffee loses flavor and aroma very quickly. For the best results, grind only
as much as you intend to immediately use.
To retain freshness, coffee beans should be stored in an airtight container and
kept in a cool, dark place. It is not recommended that you store beans in the mill's
bean hopper for a prolonged period.
Clean the coffee bin and cutting burrs frequently.
Grinding flavored coffee beans will impart an off-taste to any other coffee that
is ground in the mill. If you enjoy flavored coffee, it's best to add flavored syrups
or creamers to your coffee after brewing or dedicate another mill for grinding
flavored beans only.
Note: The burrs will require more frequent cleaning when grinding flavored, or
very oily coffee beans. The Burr Coffee Mill is intended for grinding whole coffee
beans only. Do not grind other food items.
Select the correct grind for the brew process you are using.
Fifteen grind levels are available in half-step increments from
1 to 8. Level 8 produces a very fine grind perfect for
espresso, 4
to 6 are medium grinds appropriate for
automatic drip coffee makers, and 1 is a coarse grind suited
to French Press brewing. Experiment – your tastes may be
better served by using a slightly finer or coarser grind.
For standard drip-process coffee, a good starting point
is to use 1 oz. (28 g) of coffee for every 4 cups


Table of Contents

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