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KitchenAid A-9 Instructions Manual page 14

Coffee mill
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Replacing the Cutting Burrs
If the cutting burrs are damaged, or
have reached the end of their life
(usually after grinding 600-800 lbs. of
coffee), they can be easily replaced.
Contact KitchenAid at
1-800-541-6390 to order a set of
replacement burrs.
To replace the burrs:
1. Unplug Coffee Mill.
2. Remove the grind-adjustment ring
and burr-shaft assembly. For
instructions, see "Cleaning the
Cutting Burrs", pages 10-11,
steps 1-5.
3. With a Phillips-head screwdriver,
remove the burr from the burr-
shaft assembly by turning the two
burr-mounting screws counter-
clockwise until free.
4. Remove the burr from the grind-
adjustment ring by turning the
two burr mounting screws counter-
clockwise until free.
Care and Maintenance
4. Attach the replacement burrs to
the burr-shaft assembly and the
grind-adjustment ring with the
burr-mounting screws. Make
certain the cutting surfaces of the
burrs face outward (see the
illustration above), and the burr-
mounting screws are tight.
5. Insert the burr-shaft assembly into
the motor housing and attach the
grind-adjustment ring. For
instructions, see "To reassemble",
page 11, steps 1-3.



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