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Care And Maintenance - KitchenAid A-9 Instructions Manual

Coffee mill
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• Make sure the Coffee Mill is switched
"Off" and unplugged before cleaning.
• Do not immerse motor housing
in water.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners or
scouring pads.
• Never immerse the cutting burrs,
burr-shaft assembly, or face-plate
assembly in water. Keep them dry
at all times.
Cleaning the Coffee Mill
1. Loosen and scrape leftover grinds
from the grinding spout with the
cleaning tool after each use.
2. Wipe the motor housing and cord
with a clean damp cloth.
3. Dry with a soft cloth.
4. Wash the bean hopper, lid, and
glass in hot soapy water.
5. Dry all parts thoroughly before
attaching them to the Coffee Mill.
NOTE: The bean hopper, bean hopper
lid, and measuring glass are dishwasher
safe, but repeated dishwasher cleaning
may cause the graduated markings on
the measuring glass to fade.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning the Cutting Burrs
If the mill is used frequently, the
cutting burrs need to be cleaned every
few weeks for best performance.
Cleaning enables the burrs to achieve
the most consistent grinds possible.
Without regular cleaning, the mill may
clog, which could cause damage to
the Coffee Mill.
Foreign objects – like pebbles or
twigs – sometimes find their way into
whole bean coffee. These objects may
cause the mill to jam. If this happens,
follow the burr-cleaning procedure to
remove the foreign material.
To clean the removable burrs:
1. Empty the bean hopper and
remove from the base.
2. Locate the removable-burr set screw
on the back of the Coffee Mill.
3. Using a Phillips-head screwdriver,
turn the set screw counter-
clockwise to loosen, and remove.



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