Coffee Mill Tips - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCG100 Use & Care Manual

Pro line series burr coffee mill
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Select the correct grind for the brew process you are
using. 1 5 grind levels are available in half-step
increments from 1 to 8. Level 8 produces a very fine
grind perfect for espresso, 4_ to 6 are medium grinds
appropriate for automatic drip coffee makers, and
1 is a coarse grind suited to French Press brewing.
Experiment - your tastes may be better served by
using a slightly finer or coarser grind.
For standard drip-process coffee, a good starting
point is to use 1 ounce of coffee for every 4 cups
of brew water as measured with the carafe (a carafe
"cup" is about 4_ ounces). Finer grinds usually
less coffee,
but using too finea grind will
result in bitter flavor - see "How the Grind Affects
Flavor" on page 21.
If you prefer substantially weaker-than-average coffee,
it's best to brew using a normal amount of ground
coffee and then dilute the result with hot water. Doing
this will maximize flavor and minimize bitterness.

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