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To Arm The System In Instant Mode; To Bypass A Zone - Honeywell OMNI-408 User Manual

Fbii security system
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To Arm the System In Instant Mode

In INSTANT mode, all alarm sensors, including doors that normally
have a delay to allow you to disarm the system, will immediately
report an alarm if activated. Check to make sure the system is ready.
When it is ready, press:
When the system has been armed successfully, the ARMED LED is
on, and the following is displayed:
LCD Keypad:

To Bypass a Zone

The Bypass function excludes a zone of protection from the security
system until it is unbypassed (either by using the unbypass procedure
or when you disarm the system). Bypassing can only be done while
the system is disarmed.
Press the BYPASS button. Then enter your User Code and the zone
number (1-8) to be bypassed, as follows:
If the Quick Bypass feature has been enabled by the installer, do not
enter the User Code when bypassing zones.
followed by your User Code.
Fixed-Word Keypad:
followed by your User Code
System Operation (cont'd)
and Zone No. (1-8)
– 13 –



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