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User Codes; Adding/Changing A User Code; Deleting A User Code - Honeywell OMNI-408 User Manual

Fbii security system
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User Codes

Adding/Changing a User Code

Users can be added or changed directly at the keypad. Your system
can have up to 6 different User Codes.
To add or change a User Code, press the following:
User number 1 is a master user and can create or modify other
User number 6 can be a duress code that will transmit a special
duress code to the central station.

Deleting a User Code

To delete a user, press the CODE button followed by the 4-digit
Master User Code. Enter the user number, then press [∗] to delete.
For example, to delete user 3, do the following:
CODE 3 [∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ]
NOTE: User number 1, the master user, cannot be deleted, but it can
be changed using the procedure for adding or changing a User Code.
– 16 –
Master User Code
Master User Code
User ID (1-6)
New User Code
∗ to delete
User ID (1-6)



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