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Testing The System; System Test; Battery Test - Honeywell OMNI-408 User Manual

Fbii security system
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Testing the System

System Test

We recommend that you test your system once a week using the
following procedure:
If your system is monitored, contact your central station before you perform this
1. Arm your security system.
2. Wait until your exit time is over and then activate the system by
opening a protected zone (for example, a window or door).
3. Confirm that the alarm sounding device (bell or siren) sounds. If
your system is connected to a central station, the keypad sounds
the ringback tone to confirm that the signal was received.
4. Disarm the security system.
5. Call the central station to tell them you are finished testing.

Battery Test

We recommend that you test your battery once a month. To test your
backup/standby battery, follow this procedure.
1. Remove main power from the system.
2. Observe that the AC indicator light on the keypad goes off.
3. Activate your alarm by performing the above SYSTEM TEST.
Remember to contact your central station if your system is
4. Restore main power to the security system.
If you have any further questions about the operation of your system,
please contact your alarm company.
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