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When The System Is Not Ready; To Arm The System And Stay Inside - Honeywell OMNI-408 User Manual

Fbii security system
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When the System is Not Ready

If the system is not ready to be armed, the READY LED is off and the
display indicates which zone or zones are not ready.
Determine which zone or zones are not ready, resolve the problem,
and arm the system normally. If the problem cannot be resolved, you
may bypass the zone that is not ready. Bypassing should only be done
if the problem on the zone cannot be resolved, OR if you intentionally
wish to leave the zone disarmed. For example, you would leave the
zone disarmed if you plan to keep the window open for ventilation.
Zones that are bypassed are not protected when the system is armed.
Refer to the paragraph entitled, "To Bypass a Zone" for a description
of the procedure.

To Arm the System and Stay Inside

To arm the perimeter portion of your burglar alarm and move around
freely inside the premises, use the STAY mode.
Check to make sure the system is ready. When it is ready, press:
When the system has been armed successfully, the ARMED LED is
on, and the following is displayed:
LCD Keypad:
REMEMBER: You must disarm the system if you want to open the
door or leave the premises after the exit time has passed.
followed by your user code.
Fixed-Word Keypad:
System Operation (cont'd)
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Table of Contents

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