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Using Your Cd-Rom Drive - HP A165890669 User Manual

4x speed cd–rom disk drive
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Table of Contents
Chapter 2
Using Your CD–ROM Drive
This chapter provides the following information on using your CD–ROM drive:
Your CD–ROM drive configuration
Controls and features of the CD–ROM drive
Using the CD–ROM drive
NOTICES: The CD–ROM drive is a read–only device. You may access files
stored on a CD–ROM disc, but you cannot write to a CD–ROM
All instructions in this chapter assume your CD–ROM drive SCSI
ID is set to 2 – the default ID set by the factory.
All SCSI devices can use the scsi device driver.
To verify HP–UX system operation, see your System's Owners Guide
For more information on checking or reconfiguring the kernel for a device driver or file,
see the System Administration Tasks Manual: HP 9000 Series 700 Computers.


Table of Contents

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