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Reading The Busy Light - HP A165890669 User Manual

4x speed cd–rom disk drive
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Using Your CD–ROM Drive

Reading the Busy Light

The CD–ROM busy light shows the status of the drive during self test and during activity
with the host system.
The CD–ROM drive performs a self test when one of the following happens:
You insert a disc into the drive.
You turn on the drive with a disc already loaded.
For the self test, the busy light operates in the following sequence:
Light On – The busy light goes on when the disc loads into the drive.
Light Flashing – The light flashes 12 times while a read test is performed on the
Light Off – The light goes off when the self test is complete.
The busy light goes off when one of the following conditions exist:
Defective disc
Disc insertion error (for example, an upside–down disc)
No disc present
A CD–ROM drive power failure exists.
The drive is idle on the SCSI bus.
The busy light flashes at 3.2 second intervals when cleaning is required for either the disc
or optics.
The busy light flashes at 1.6 second intervals when playing an audio track.
The busy light stays on during normal activity with the system.


Table of Contents

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