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Using Your Cd-Rom Drive - HP Model 705 - Workstation User Manual

Hp 12x speed cd-rom disk drive user's guide (a1658-90703)
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Table of Contents
Chapter 2

Using Your CD-ROM Drive

This chapter provides the following information on using your CD-ROM drive:
Your CD-ROM drive configuration
Controls and features of the CD-ROM drive
Using the CD-ROM drive
NOTICES: Be sure you read and understand the information on mounting and
unmounting CD–ROM discs before you begin using your CD–
ROM disc drive.
The CD-ROM drive is a read-only device. You may access files
stored on a CD-ROM disc, but you cannot write to a CD-ROM
Some procedures in this chapter require you to log in as root. If
you cannot log in as root, contact your system administrator.
To verify HP-UX system operation, see the System Owner's Guide.
For more information on checking or reconfiguring the kernel for a device driver or file,
see System Administration Tasks Manual: HP 9000 Series 700 Computers.


Table of Contents

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