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Electrostatic Discharge (Esd) Precautions - HP A165890669 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Safety and Regulatory Statements

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Precautions

Electrostatic charges can damage the integrated circuits on printed circuit boards. To pre-
vent such damage from occurring, observe the following precautions during board un-
packing and installation:
Stand on a static-free mat.
Wear a static strap to ensure that any accumulated electrostatic charge is dis-
charged from your body to ground.
Connect all equipment together, including the static-free mat, static strap, routing
nodes, and peripheral units.
Keep uninstalled printed circuit boards in their protective antistatic bags.
Handle printed circuit boards by their edges, once you have removed them from
their protective antistatic bags.


Table of Contents

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