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Menu 31 - Walk Test; Menu 32 - Output Test; Menu 41 - Time/Date; Menu 42 - Editing Users - Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Programmable alarm control panel
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Menu 31 - Walk Test

This menu allows the zones to be manually tested. There are two sub-options to this function
as follows:
1 = Test all Zones
This puts all omittable zones into walk test immediately.
2 = Test Selected Zones
This allows the user to select specific zones to be put into test. On selecting the option, the
first zone is displayed with the zone number and description on the top row. On the bottom
row, the test status is displayed. If the # key is pressed that zone is selected for test and the
message in the lower corner displays as appropriate. Each zone can be toggled on or off by
pressing the # key. When all zones have been selected for test as required, press the ent key to
start the test, or the esc key to abort.
Once the test has been started, any activation of a detector on test will cause the internal
sounders to beep twice. The zone number and description will also display on the keypad.
When more than one zone is activated at the same time, the scroll keys can be used to view all
the active zones.
For wireless movement detectors, always ensure that the detectors on test are left
undisturbed for 3 minutes before activating the walk test. This is because the
wireless movement detectors will enter a sleep mode after being activated in order
to save battery life during repeated activations.
Press the esc key to end the walk test. All walk-tested zones will be recorded in the event log.

Menu 32 - Output Test

This menu option allows the external bell and strobe to be tested. There are two sub-options
that select between the bell and strobe. Select the appropriate device and press ent. This will
take the user to the status display to show the current condition of the device (on or off).
Pressing the ent key will toggle the status on or off to test the device. Press esc to end the test.

Menu 41 - Time/Date

This option allows the system time and date to be set. On entering this menu, there are two
sub options, A=Time and B=date. Pressing the A or B keys allows the time or date as appro-
priate to be set by directly entering the new value. Time is entered in 24 hour notation and the
date is entered in 6-digit notation, with two digits each for the day of the month, month and the

Menu 42 - Editing Users

The system can have up to 24 users (user 24 is the default master user). Each user can be
assigned a PIN code, a Wireless keyfob and/or a prox tag. They are also assigned an access
type, which dictates what the user can and can't do. Menu 42 allows users to alter their own
PIN code and allows Master users to add and remove users from the system, as well as manage
users access rights.
On entering menu 42, there is a sub-menu, 1=Users. On entering the sub-menu, the first user is
displayed on the screen (normal users can only see their own user programming).


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