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Controlling Your Alarm System; Users; Groups - Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Programmable alarm control panel
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Controlling Your Alarm System


Each person who uses the system is described as a 'User' and can have their own unique
identity, in the form of a PIN code, prox tag or wireless keyfob, or a combination of all 3.
Different users can have a different level of access to the alarm system functions. All this can
be set up in the user programming section described later.
The control panel can be controlled in one of 3 ways:
By entering a PIN code at a keypad and pressing function buttons.
By presenting a Proximity (prox) tag to a prox reader.
By pressing a button on a special encrypted wireless keyfob.
Although all of the above methods of control will allow the user to set and unset the system
for day to day operation, the keypad is required to reset the system after an alarm or fault
condition. The keypad is also used to access the menu structure where additional functions
can be accessed such as:
Viewing the event log
Programming user codes
Temporarily omitting zones from the system


On larger systems, it is often necessary to split the system into separate areas or 'Groups' that
can be set and unset independently by different users. Group operation can only be set up by
an installer. The Galaxy 2-44 can be split into 3 separately controllable groups. If your system
has been set up with Group operation, look for the notes on Groups throughout this manual.


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